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PARTY FAB: Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Jamie Foxx, Cassie & More Get RED HOT For The 2012 GQ Men of the Year Party


Rihanna was the belle of the ball as she stepped out in LA last night for the 2012 GQ Men Of The Year party.  See flicks of RiRi, Diddy, Cassie, Frank Ocean and more partying it up inside......



With her nude GQ magazine cover flying off magazine racks, Rihanna stepped out in a Calvin Klein red mini dress for the publication's 2012 "GQ Men Of The Year" party last night.



The big bash was held at the Chateau Marmont where the "Diamonds" singer partied it up with her celeb friends.



Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx chatted it up with the pop star.


She posed with the hilarious "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet. 


GQ publisher Chris Mitchell also posed with RiRi.



Frank Ocean sipped a few cocktails with the bad girl in his Yves Saint Laurent Razorblade Sweater.



Singer Cassie Ventura wore a sexy black gown with a revealing slit.  Maybe it's just the pose but looks like some double sided tape would have done wonders for this look.  Gorgeous look still.


Cassie was there with Diddy who looked very stylish in a navy blue shirt and black slacks.


"Empire Girls" star Adrienne Bailon donned a leather dress.


Actress Jessica Szohr wore a cute blouse with a little "peacock" flair and mini shorts to show off her hot gams.


Stylish rapper Common walked the black carpet in a blazer and dark trousers.


Kid Cudi flashed his pearly whites.  Great suit for him.


"Let Me Love You" singer Ne-Yo rocked a button-down shirt giving off a lil sexy.


He posed with "X Factor" judge LA Reid.


Meanwhile, Big Sean stepped out in a printed Katie Eary shirt with red Adidas Original sneakers.  This shirt is PURE comedy.  Sorry.


Stylish trio Kid Cudi, GQ senior editor Will Welch and Miami Heat baller Chris Bosh enjoyed the party atmosphere.


And Jaime Foxx had to stand on a chair to pose with Chris Bosh and he still wasn't eye-level!


Project X star Miles Teller posed with Frank and Kid Cudi.








Rihanna posted a special "Miss You" message to a certain someone on Twitter yesterday. While rocking a graphic t-shirt, scarf print joggers and covering her face with a vintage Chanel purse, RiRi gave off a suggestive pose. We don't know who the message is to but we would assume it's for Chris Brown. I mean, just sayin'....

Photos via Instargram/Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America




I agree Rihanna looks too

I agree Rihanna looks too skinny. Her dress is a bit plain, but she looks nice though. I agree with what someone else said, I'm not a big fan of the shaved side. I think the first time I saw it was on Cassie in Chris Brown's crawl video and I never thought it would catch on, but sadly it did. What does it look like when it grows in? Anyways, Cassie's dress looked pretty terrible. She tried too hard to look unique and just ended up looking a mess. Big Sean...Lawd!! Frank Ocean looks so gone in every pic lol! I don't think he even remembers that party tbh.
commonsense's picture

I really like Cassie's dress

I really like Cassie's dress AND her sandals. I like Cassie's nails too. Frankenstein head Rihanna's dress & sandals are sexy; I'm so glad her bangs are partially covering that grapefruit sized forehead. Neo & LA Reid both look very nice. Big Sean's shirt is a monstrosity. LOL @ that pic of Jaime Foxx standing on a chair to pose with Chris Bosh! I LOVE those gold Nike high-tops Rihanna is rocking.
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hooklookping's picture

Rihanna , Cassie and Jessica

Rihanna , Cassie and Jessica look gorgeous but why was Bailon there?
Zanya's picture

I don't know why half of

I don't know why half of these people are even invited to such events! I'm not gonna say any names, but they are obviously plus ones! Because no body is checking for them or even know who they are or what they do.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

OMGGGG i hate when neyo

OMGGGG i hate when neyo squints his eyes like that he looks so silly. i love rihanna's skin complexion it's so clear and creamy but i hate that hairstyle the short hair will always be her best look. i think cassie looks stunning as usual i like the dress it works for her. wow kid cudi looks super sexy!
litebrite's picture

Rihanna is looking Too thin

Rihanna is looking Too thin these days..She looks better with more Lbs.
star's picture

....Which makes those

....Which makes those sneakers look like a size 12!!!! BaHa...
Like Really's picture

Rihanna is gorgeous, she has

Rihanna is gorgeous, she has me feeling the same way she feels about Bey, a damn blow to the ego...Common, I swear....and Kid Cudi...lawd, we need music!!!!

Look at Rih looking Gorgeous

Look at Rih looking Gorgeous makeup is flawless,you said it @The Real Thing her makeup is never drag-queenish and she is the Bell of the Ball like always. Even the James Bond star said she would make a better bond girl then Bey because she's more interesting. Rih has style, beauty and personality and that UNIVERSAL appeal. Just look how everyone flocks to her and want to be phographed w/ her. It's not her voice that has got her so far it's her style,personality, her songs she picks, by the way have anyone heard her new song "Stay"? Who wrote that song? Who helps her pick out which songs to record? This is why she makes it so well w/ that unique European Flair she has. Like her or Not this is why she is still very very relevent
Shay's picture

RiRi looking good as usual. I

RiRi looking good as usual. I love Cassie but not that dress. I don't think the shaved sides on either of them is played out. I'm currently rocking a shaved side and I love it.
GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

It looks like it was a really

It looks like it was a really fun event. Rih looked amazing as usual. Cassie's dress appears to be sliding down and is just very unattractive on her. It looks like they may not have gotten the memo on the dress code. Kid Cudi is looking all kinds of sexy.
Bird's picture

Ladies: look at Rihanna's

Ladies: look at Rihanna's face in the second photo for an example of how to wear make-up. Flawless!!!!!! Her make up artist "beat face" as they say. Too many of celebs and wanna be real housewives basketball women make-up their faces like they are drag queens and total trannies. They wear way too much foundation, eye shadow, and ridiculous looking fakes lashes. Rihanna's make-up shows the beauty in good technique and restraint. It is perfection! Her dress is simple and flawless as well. Love her style. Cassie's hair and make-up are gorgeous too, but she does not have enough personality or self-assuredness to pull off that dress. It is too much for her.
The Real Thing's picture

Riri dress is cute but a

Riri dress is cute but a prayer shawl around the shoulders wudnt hurt either...I didn't know Kid Cudi was attractive until now he's kinda handsome here...and Neyo shud be Tyra's boy toy replacement he'd make a great judge!!
Like Really's picture


RHIOVER & that "SNATCHED PATCH" she continues to rock is comical! I'm hopin Kid Cudi has put the YAYO down becuz he is too FIONE for all that! I hope he's workin a new album. Big Sean & RHITARD must have gotten their clothes from the sam store...TAGIC! Frank Ocean looks like he had 1 too many!
tori's picture

Slori......actually she pick

Slori......actually she pick up the dress at the same " Bodega" that your broke ,spic ass shops at. Target , honey that the signature store of you wetbacks Spics. Go Suck A dick
Kai's picture

Have a question...Lol we all

Have a question...Lol we all know you can't stand Rhianna, but can you honestly say you don't think she's a very attractive woman??
Girl's picture

I can HONESTLY say I have

I can HONESTLY say I have NEVER nor will I EVER find RHIBOUND "attractive"(Just like I can HONESTLY say I have a PSYCHO MONKEY STALKER swinging from my COMMENT COTTAILS)! Back to Rhi, her 6-head is so RHIDICULOUS & her body is ok, it's not anything special..she looks like a REFUGEE! I just DO NOT find her pretty! To each it's own:/ WOMP!
tori's picture


srenitamoore's picture

Big Sean's shirt is giving me

Big Sean's shirt is giving me Theo Huxtable's Gordon Gartrell shirt tease.
Chile Boo's picture

Kid Cudi is hot, perfect

Kid Cudi is hot, perfect suit. Cassie, I know you dont know who Bob Mackie is, but he wants this dress back - gurrrlllaa no, lol
Shellychelle's picture

Big Sean looks stupid with

Big Sean looks stupid with his non-rappin a$$. Rihanna looks delectable. Ooohh lala.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Cassie, what the hell do you

Cassie, what the hell do you have on? You're trying to hard. I think Neyo's zesty ass is trying to smize.(I hate that word) Dude from Modern Family is looking like," I wanna chain this black hoe up, and make her my bitch", and can someone please tell me how and why Adrienne pops up at practically every event? Is she somebody's plus one or something. She's thirsty as hell.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Big Sean & Common need to

Big Sean & Common need to exchange outfits with Frank Ocean. I'm just saying . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Rihanna's look is RED HOT, I

Rihanna's look is RED HOT, I don't care if you think she's a ho, played out, or jus plain dumb... She looks amazing... Everyone looks nice overall, except for Big Sean... Common can get an honorable mention #thatisall

Common (allbeit that outfit's

Common (allbeit that outfit's a lil snug), Neyo & Chris Bosh look nice. Jaime Foxx just looks like he'd be a jerk to anyone who's not famous. FAIL. Rihanna's makeup is nice but she could use a BRA. Not tape--BRA. Cassie looks like a science-fiction-action-figure to me...Adrienne Bailon's foundation is too light but her dress is cute. Big Sean looks CRAY!!

Zzzzzz!!! to another party,

Zzzzzz!!! to another party, Adrienne has not met a party she did not like, she is at all parties no matter where it is east coast or west coast.
sweetpea1989's picture

NO HE DIDNT & LLH@Common's

NO HE DIDNT & LLH@Common's glittered bustier with tshirt and jacket. Dude that screams zesty as hell. STOP IT!!
Realist's picture


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LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You are an idiot..the trial

You are an idiot..the trial hasn't even started yet..you must have no life...poor tink tink
DW's picture

What??? You have got to be

What??? You have got to be shittin me.....see why you be lyin?
Ethel Mertz's picture

somebody on Twitter said

somebody on Twitter said that....so I'm officially reporting it as BREAKING NEWS
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

oh ok.

oh ok.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Sassy Cassie is

Sassy Cassie is GORGEOUS.....and a true YBF'er <---- Nice CROTCH SHOT RiRi (i guess we've all seen it anyway...a million times) ...........
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


WOW! Rih~rih COMPLETELY Dressed!!!! THIS WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY................. Is Cassie jacking her style???HMMMMMMM!

Hellooooooo Kid Cudi! Very

Hellooooooo Kid Cudi! Very nice!!!
DarLai's picture

Rihanna can really do no

Rihanna can really do no wrong for me. LOVE her. Killing them in nightgown lol. Loving those the second look. Kinda obsessed about Big sean's shirt.. just not on him. I think he's too short for it. Jessica's top is a definite go. Cudi actually looks pretty dapper. Nice.
Sincerely WF's picture

hold the phone!! I know good

hold the phone!! I know good and well Common isnt wearing a glitter bustier under that jacket. o_O lawd a mercy
shuga's picture

LOL! I'm guessing it's the

LOL! I'm guessing it's the top of a heart... but that's hilarious!
DarLai's picture

lmao I think that's a

lmao I think that's a sequined heart... which is still isn't so bad.. I love his shoes. And why is Jamie Foxx's hairline so mad he decided to ditch the party?
Sincerely WF's picture

with the way he is

with the way he is posing.....chile....thats a sparkly tube tob....lol. dude got on a push up bandeau.
shuga's picture

lmao like he got em propped

lmao like he got em propped up and shoved out haha.. he pretty much comes off as a bitch ass negro from any woman who's ever worked with him so it wouldn't surprise me if he was cross-dressing
Sincerely WF's picture

Common aint been right since

Common aint been right since Erykah Badu put roots on him.....lol. hell, even Andre 3000 was rocking a green wig!!
shuga's picture

Everyone looks nice. except

Everyone looks nice. except for Common and Big Sean. They look a hot ASS MESS!!
Iridescent One's picture

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