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HOT MAMA! Mel B. Flaunts Her Sexy Bikini Body On A Yacht


Mel B just keeps giving folks reason to get green with envy.  The mom of three was spotted aboard a yacht with her husband and a friend.  And it's her sexy bikini body that has us in awe.

Pics inside...

We're no fans of nasty ciggies, but Mel B. is a fab chick.  The Spice Girl turned "X Factor Australia" judge put her Jenny Craig diet plan on display yesterday as she and Stephen chilled out aboard a boat. 

Mel rocked a colorful bikini with her hair in braids as she downed a few glasses of wine on board for some down time.  As for that curvy body of hers and glowing skin:

Photobucket Photobucket 

Not even mad.


Mel admitted recently she uses tan airbrush in a can to achieve that perfect bronze glow.  Hot pics.

Pics: INF




Go head on Mel B! She looks

Go head on Mel B! She looks great!
I_love_laughing's picture

She is well toned.

She is well toned.
DominicanQueen's picture

Is she smoking a joint?? She

Is she smoking a joint?? She is totally smoking a joint. I knew I liked her ;)
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hooklookping's picture

Man I need to find a trainer

Man I need to find a trainer asap!

The only thing that is

The only thing that is factual is that she works hard for that body and she looks Absolutely great. PS: I don't think those are ordinary cigarettes lol
SadieJade's picture

Well Damn! Putting chicks

Well Damn! Putting chicks with No kids to shame!! ♀♀♀♀
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fgfhfdgdfg's picture

...And she's had THREE

...And she's had THREE babies, and STILL looks this good?! It oughtta' be against the law! I'm hanging this pic up in front of my treadmill for motivation, Mel B & Rhianna ain't gon' "out sexy" me...dammit! Ol' sexy ass mofo's...dammit. lol...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

It don't make no damn sense

It don't make no damn sense how sexy aaand well defined Mel B is, her and Rhianna...and Evelyn are a tie.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

She & RiRi have the same

She & RiRi have the same formula for staying thin. .....Booze & Cigs
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


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Eddy Murphy's money!

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tom103's picture

I like her hairstyle.

I like her hairstyle.
star's picture

That suit is barely hanging

That suit is barely hanging on but her body is on fyah.
Realist's picture

That woman must have the

That woman must have the CRAZY energy of 10 Bey-Z's
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Her body is incredible. She

Her body is incredible. She looks so strong and healthy!!! The cigs gotta go tho.
sianna1's picture


C2C's picture

Im so glad to see all the

Im so glad to see all the comments against cigarettes. Thats one nasty ass habit that Im happy to see go way out of style. aint nuthin cute about that tobacco funk.
shuga's picture

Mel's body is the TRUTH! I

Mel's body is the TRUTH! I would LOVE to see her workout routine! It seems like the HOTTER she gets the UGLIER stuffy Stephen gets! He looks like the AFTER result if Vince Herbert lost weight!
tori's picture

Slori......seeing that boat

Slori......seeing that boat must bring back sweet memories of U escaping the barrios of Santo Domingo, only thing yours was def not a luxury boat....... but a lil tug boat cram with 150 of your closest famalia. Did you sit on Tio Jesus's lap as usual pretending that he was Santa Claus..... That shit would've been cute if you were 5 years old but come on playing dat game at 16 years old is just nasty.....
Kai's picture

I'm sorry that's YOUR TRUTH,

I'm sorry that's YOUR TRUTH, I hope you get help!
tori's picture

I can't cosign on

I can't cosign on cigarettes--for ANYONE! It always seems like such a waste of hard-core fitness efforts to break a sweat, work it out--then light up a cancer stick. Quit smoking Mel--you're too fab for that!

nice! cant even say its a

nice! cant even say its a result of surgery because her belly button is still in tact. the results of eating right, working hard and having discipline are the bomb!
shuga's picture

Mel your body is smoking but

Mel your body is smoking but you shouldn't...put the cancer sticks down.
Lola's picture

Why not match the inside of

Why not match the inside of your body to the outside, by giving those cigarettes the boot.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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