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Rihanna PERFORMS "Diamonds" & "Stay" On "SNL" AND Inside The "Unapologetic" Listening Party At 40/40


Last night, Rihanna stopped by "SNL" to perform two tracks off her Unapologetic disc.  Watch the performances inside and get deets on the listening party she held in NYC recently. 


Pop star Rihanna stopped by "SNL" (hosted by Anne Hathaway) last night to perform two tracks from her upcoming Unapologetic disc.

She first hit the stage for "Diamonds" wearing a camouflage style slip dress and Timberlands.  Performing in front of a green screen, she crooned the song while her band members appeared to float in the air and their bodies became a part of the artwork appearing on the screen. 


Watch RiRi perform "Diamonds" here:


Later in the show.....


She performed "Stay," a lush ballad off the new album that allowed her to show that her vocal cords do actually work.


And in case you missed it....


On the heels of her Facebook interview and after reaching out to the NY Daily News, Rihanna used her star power to collect donations for Hurricane Sandy survivors via her Unapologetic listening party. She told the NY Daily News“Now is the time for us to come together and do whatever we can to aid those in need.”  She also donated 1,000 sleeping bags to their relief effort.  


Held at the 40/40 club in Manhattan Friday night, Rihanna offered media the chance to listen to the cd and had everyone donate supplies to the Sandy relief effort (diapers and wipes, coats and blankets, cleaning supplies).

TheYBF.com was on the scene where Rih played her 15-track album in the lounge. Featuring guest appearances from Eminem, Future and Mikky Ekko, the disc addresses being vulnerable, independent and unconcerned about what others think of her personal life.

She kicks off the LP with party song "Fresh Out The Runway" which she performed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. On "Pour It Up" she talks about strippers, while "Jump" has her sampling Ginuwine's "Pony." She teams with Eminem on "Numb" for their own rendition of Kanye West's "Can't tell me Nothing" and "Stay" is a lush love ballad.

Another highlight is her duet with Chris Brown on "Nobodies Business" where they sing about always loving each other...forever.


Though she was all smiles, the singer was indeed unapologetic about her late arrival as she was whisked past fans and the media.  She rocked a ‘Birds of Paradise’ quilted jacket by Proenza Schouler, Timberland boots, a Chanel handbag, and a diamond necklace by Kentshire and spent the remainder of the evening in VIP (and on her phone).

But at least her adoring fans & some media got to hear the album for free (in stores Nov. 19th).


Photos via Splash/NY Daily News, FAME, and Wire




WOW Rihanna, Love the song

WOW Rihanna, Love the song "Stay" beautiful lyrics- I love her voice its really beautiful - she has worked at it and the voice and emotional connection make the song "feel". SHe worked it, I love it !
Shellychelle's picture

I have always loved her even

I have always loved her even though she pissed me off with the Chris incident....I am a loyal Team Breezy STAN that man is my LIFE I LOVE CHRIS BROWN....so if he is happy I am happy and it seems him and her are BOTH happy again so I am happy 4 both of them!! She is absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!! And my old saying- and atleast he is with a Black girl-Thank God!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

If you listen to her voice,

If you listen to her voice, she has the ability to sing really well. And you have to admit she has come a long way. Rih is my girl...flaws and all.
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Yess you better WERK Rih!

Yess you better WERK Rih!

“A girl should be like a

“A girl should be like a butterfly, pretty to see and hard to catch.” - Unknown
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I love RiRi, and can't wait

I love RiRi, and can't wait for the album to drop but she's definitely lip syncing..on Saturday Night LIVE. SMDH. Stop smoking and Get Your Life Girl!
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RHESTITUTION is still being

RHESTITUTION is still being EXTRA THEATRICAL with the stank faces on stage, WHEN SHE IS LIP-SYNCING..smh! And u STANS eat that sh!t up LMAO!
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@Tori....The stank face was

@Tori....The stank face was actually a reflex reaction to the stench coming from between your legs....Now shut both your money making traps......Dirty SpicHO
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I Am Anonymous's picture

I love it... she so honest in

I love it... she so honest in her music. It's refreshing!!!
RO's picture

I could see Willow Smith

I could see Willow Smith performing songs like this when she gets older. (Positive Comment)
C2C's picture

the diamond song sound better

the diamond song sound better without her singing it live (her voice was straining) The other performance was good. Her voice just can't hit high notes
sexybrownpyt's picture

I saw the show last night &

I saw the show last night & my opinion is that frankenstein head Rihanna needs to fire her hairdresser a.s.a.p.!
I_love_laughing's picture

Jeepers creepers that chileee

Jeepers creepers that chileee head is massive and the hairstyle does not help... However RiRi is hilarious with those faces as if she sound like Whitney singin herself!! Jajaja but who knew I actually liked the lyrics to "Stay"..!!
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(scratch generate, replace w

(scratch generate, replace w garner)
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Remember haters tend to be

Remember haters tend to be shy fans . lmao
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lmao@Kai & Anony, you're both

lmao@Kai & Anony, you're both going to hell on a scholarship. I have yet to understand why her and Beyonce generate so much hate aka envy, anyhoooo both her performances were great, wish she had done her 'Shy Ronnie' skit though.
Realist's picture

rihanna sounds like rihanna.

rihanna sounds like rihanna. ...that is all
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Listen wanna be go on

Listen wanna be go on Yaadflex with your brand of hate we already know where you rep. Bet if her name was Patra you would endorsed and support her. CB still aint gonna fawk wid you booboo. Loser.
Kai's picture

Loved both performances.

Loved both performances.
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I see she stopped by Dick's

I see she stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods on the way to her performance looking like she's about to go fishing and deer hunting in the wilderness and I guess she left her pants off so that Chris can get his convenient f--k. She tries too hard when it comes to style. smh.....
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Womp!!!!!!! Try again.

Womp!!!!!!! Try again. smdh.......
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She should apologize b/c she

She should apologize b/c she Lip-Sync'ed.......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She killed both songs, esp

She killed both songs, esp Diamonds.
@aggie_princess's picture

Where are the haters come on

Where are the haters come on dont disappoint the people.....@Tori come on get to hell outta ur crypt so you can get that daily dose of hate and jealousy on and popping.
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and don't forget Ms.rachet

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