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Rihanna FINISHES "Unapologetic" And TWEETS New Bikini Pic + Ciara SAYS Ex-Boyfriend 50 Cent Is "Afraid Of Love"


Rihanna has completed her Unapologetic album and posted a bikini photo to celebrate.  Also, pop singer Ciara appeared on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" recently where she talked about past boyfriends Bow Wow and 50 Cent. Listen to the interview inside and see Rihanna's photo.

We've seen her heading in and out of studios a lot for the past few weeks and now Rihanna happily reports that she has completed her Unapologetic album.  The singer tweeted, "We havin a celebration.... WE HAVE AN ALBUM!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC."

She accompanied the tweet with a shot of herself in an nude-like sexy strapless bikini while in a swimming pool.  The album will be released on November 19.


In other music news....


During a recent interview with "The Ricky Smiley Morning Show", "Sorry" singer Ciaragave up the goods (well, some) about some of the famous men shes's dated, like Bow Wow and 50 Cent. 

She revealed that she remains friends with Bow Wow (though they haven't spoken in a long time) and is very close to his mother.  And when it comes to 50 Cent (whom she called Boo Boo) she says he only likes to get involved with things he could contol (like business opportunites).  She thinks when he is not in control, he gets afraid.

She said, "The one thing he is afriad of is love. And in that sense, he's afraid of me."  

Hmmm.....Well if 50 Cent is still interested, all has has to do is say "Sorry" or some ish.


Listen Ciara's interview here:



And in other news about 50 Cent.....


We told you that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather had been feuding and it seemed like the bromance was over...but now we're not so sure. In a series of tweets, the rapper revealed that it was all a publicity stunt (created by Floyd) where he was asked to tweet about the boxer because no one had been paying him much attention since he was released from prison for domestic violence.  Sounds like 50 is being his usual passive agressive self again.



One thing's for sure...it did put both of them back in the headlines since no one seems to be checking for 50 Cent's music OR Floyd's boxing.




Ci-Ci=Thirst she should get

Ci-Ci=Thirst she should get the medal in my pic
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Tehe... F-DAT Bromance...

Tehe... F-DAT Bromance... chit has come to light as what it alwayz was...a full blown Mr. Nasty time love affair!! Poor Dum Dum.. I mean CiCi...Smdhlol!!!!!
Like Really's picture

No Fifty like's

No Fifty like's Dick....especially that of Floyd"s..
star's picture

Ci-ci get a clue! He's not

Ci-ci get a clue! He's not afraid of love. He just doesn't want it from a woman. Just like Floyd was stuck on extreme stupid when he was with Chili. THEY WANT MEN. 50 and Floyd are classic cases of undercover homos who can't relate to women other then to screw them, use them, and abuse them.
MsKizzy's picture

Ciara please stop. Who are

Ciara please stop. Who are her people? They should all be fired. If all you have to speak about is a relationship that was 3-4 years ago you are no longer RELEVANT! Why are you still talking about 50 after he clowned you to Chelsea Handler? AARGH I can't stand a dumb and thirsty chick!
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tom008's picture

I hope Rihanna chills with

I hope Rihanna chills with the tats. Enough already. Ciara looks nice & when u consider how 50 tried to start beef with her and stray-cat-looking Chelsea Handler, if I were her I wouldn't even mention his name. If anything, 50 is scared to keep QUIET.

SO lemme get this

SO lemme get this straight..C-error thinks she can try to steal Bey's blonde lace front and change from dressing urban and everyone is supposed to forget she CAN'T SING?! lmao..I'm not a Bey fan but Beyonce has raised the bar so high for what an artist should do..now you can't just be a dancer and that's it..(Janet, c-error)..and you can't just be a singer (Monica, Brandy)..you have to bring the singing and the dancing..the WHOLE package..c-error I think you just lucked up on your first album and Missy took a liking to you...time to have a baby by a baller
BEEMA's picture

Yeah I knew that little feud

Yeah I knew that little feud was a publicity stunt.....but why admit to it?
Ethel Mertz's picture

Rihanna's tat on her ribcage

Rihanna's tat on her ribcage is so unsightly it ruins her bikini pics now, she si going over board with the tats, Stop it!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Rihanna, don't nobody wanna

Rihanna, don't nobody wanna see you or that deceased ass bird that you have tatted on you and you should really reconsider your album title and perhaps change it to I Apoloize For My Lack Of Talent.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

RHIBOUND is EVERY mother's

RHIBOUND is EVERY mother's WORST NIGHTMARE! Ci-ERROR would be HISTORY if she couldn't dance smh! 50 isn't "SCARED of LOVE" he's scared of "FEMALES" taller than him, that have BIGGER hands & feet than he does!
tori's picture

lmao...not history!

lmao...not history!
BEEMA's picture

Calm down folks--they just

Calm down folks--they just had a lovers quarrel...back to your regularly scheduled program. LLS!
BooLuv's picture

a lot of women never say that

a lot of women never say that a man just lost or never had real interest in them. they always say he is scared of them or scared of a real woman or scared of a strong black woman. believe it or not ladies, sometimes a man just isnt checking for you like that and thats ok.
shuga's picture

The 2 Ladies look great. The

The 2 Ladies look great. The 2 guys look like 5 year old boys having a sleep-over (it's cute but very fruity) ......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

rihanna tattoo looks stupid

rihanna tattoo looks stupid with that bikini. Ciara looks hot. 50 cent and Floyd, no comment
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

50 cent is so cute to me.

50 cent is so cute to me. Never knew he was officially considered as Ciara's boyfriend, but ok.
shuga's picture

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