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Christina Milian LAUNCHES A Halloween Cocktail For HPNOTIQ Liqueur

Christina Milian launched a new Halloween cocktail for Hpnotiq yesterday in Hollywood.  See the photos inside....


Christina Milian dressed in teal and pink yesterday to launch her new Halloween cocktail Hpnotiq Harmonie.

Her Rainbow Bright-styled costume turned heads for its vibrant colors.

Christina has been busy in the studio working on her debut for Lil' Wayne's Young Money label. 

Christina also posted on Facebook a pic of she and Violet in their "monster" costumes. She said, Halloween in full swing. My daughter already has her pose DOWN!

 Photos via Apega/WENN.com




The first costume looks

The first costume looks ri-dic, the second with Violet is a little cuter nice she and baby themed it together.
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Cute Mommy & Me pic ~

Cute Mommy & Me pic ~
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Ok, move over Pebble and

Ok, move over Pebble and “Wilma Flintstone” because we now have Christina, and Violet sporting the Latest Buffalo’s Gear! … Yep, cute!
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SMH...Chrissy is the reason

SMH...Chrissy is the reason WEEZY suffered them "SEIZURE-LIKE" symptoms, he had a bottle of that HOOCH & listened to her "new songs!"
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I cannot support a booze

I cannot support a booze company that spells its name the Ebonics way......smh....I like Chrissy's.. Glinda The Good Witch outfit though....she's a true YBF'er
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Christina M. must have a

Christina M. must have a contract with YBF to be posted on here at least twice a week. She does absolutely NOTHING but is a permanent fixture on this page. Natasha apparently is not interested in posting the F in YBF.
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Her daughter looks adorable.

Her daughter looks adorable.
Realist's picture

I bet it did turn heads thats

I bet it did turn heads thats pretty terrifying Costume dressed as nicki m... Great job christy but I doubt anyone will be buying wte the hell u selling!
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I didn't know they still made

I didn't know they still made Hpnotiq! Girl BYE!
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