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UP FOR SALE: A Peek Inside Diddy's $8.5 MILLION New York Penthouse!

Diddy put his swanky $8.5 million midtown Manhattan penthouse on the market last month.  And now, we get a peek into just how the next multi-millionaire owner will be living.


Check out the luxe simplicity inside...


With his late homie Biggie on the wall and typical bachelor necessities like huge screen tv's, a man cave & liquor galore, it's easy to see how the self proclaimed King of New York could own this.  And if you notice a feminine touch, that's because Diddy's girlfriend Cassie, who also happens to be on his Bad Boy label, is rumored to have called this place home for a while now.

With crazy views of Central Park and plenty of NYC landmarks, the three-bedroom, 2,300-square-foot condo is touched with a few interesting and expensive items & features.

The next owner will sip their Moet from the 66th floor, enter through their marble foyer, play on the clear piano, stare at specially designed Venetian plaster on the walls, and watch movies from the cushy media room.  Oh, and their neighbors will be Deeprak Chopra and Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

More pics: 

By the way, if these indeed are the digs of Cassie,  are the twosome moving in together soon?  They are very likely engaged afterall.  Time will tell...





it looks better than my

it looks better than my place, but it's still ugly. there i said it.... lol
La Fresca's picture

$8.5 million for that? NY

$8.5 million for that? NY real estate is ridiculous. You can take that same penthouse and put it in Buckhead and would cost about $1 million, if that.
MsKizzy's picture

Yea but then u would have to

Yea but then u would have to live in Atlanta. And who the f wants to do that??
Tiff's picture

Lol...NOT ME! I'd take CRAMP

tori's picture

Thats exactly how i feel! And

Thats exactly how i feel! And even Nene's ratchet a$$ got outta that boring place first chance she got! Only people that stay in Atlanta are "gossip site celebs" who are hanging on to relevant by a thread! And I know because I lived there for 5yrs but I had to go because I couldn't take anymore of the illiterate bafoonery! Yea u live in a nice house. But u pronounce street SKREET! Gtfoh
Tiff's picture


RO's picture

The body language or lack

The body language or lack thereof between Diddy and Cassis speaks volumes.
sweetpea1989's picture

That's a nice crib and thats

That's a nice crib and thats NO LIE!!!
BigJohn's picture

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tom100's picture

Diddly just makes himself

Diddly just makes himself look like Huge Heffner with young Cassie. She ages him. Not a good look at all for him.
TeaNicole's picture

He likes his women obedient &

He likes his women obedient & submissive looking. .....just look at Misa....straight up Geisha Girl......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Cassie might FINALLY be able

Cassie might FINALLY be able to call herself DOUCHÈ's "OFFICIAL GIRL!" NOTICE the LACK of WATERED DOWN VODKA (Better Known As CI-NÓT) at the bar!
tori's picture

I Saw A Show On MTV Where A

I Saw A Show On MTV Where A Interviewer Came To Cassie's Apt, And Interviewed Her, Checked Out Her Closet.. And Talked To Her About Music And Her Personal Style.. And It Was CERTAINLY Not That Lavish Abode.. It Was A Much More Modest Apt. So I Def Don't Think That's Cassies Spot. I'm Sure She Has Access To 80% Of His Spots.. But You Know How That Goes.

I love the views he has but

I love the views he has but the furniture is off...way off...like boardering tacky.
Denise2007's picture

Yeah like we haven't seen

Yeah like we haven't seen this before. Didn't making the band on mtv walk over a bridge to bring cheesecake to his house? New York homes no matter how expensive look so cramped to me. And you know they pay a fortune for that mess! COULDN'T BE ME! I'd rather have a spacious mansion not a penthouse, unless it's like Mariah's on mtv cribs, her penthouse was VERY NICE.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I think it's amusing. Scratch

I think it's amusing. Scratch that. I think it's HILARIOUS that u say "couldn't be me" as if u actually will ever have an option to even WALK THROUGH something like this never mind live in. Girl please! "couldn't be me". Yea probably the realist words u ever spoke
Tiff's picture


DAMN!!! I HAVE A LOT OF FANS! I FEEL SO LOVED!!!! AGAIN WHAT WAS THE BIG DEAL WITH WHAT I SAID? I THINK IT'S AMAZING THAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT MY LIFE ON A BLOG! How would you know if someone is rich or has the privilege to live large or not? LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF?!!! I GUESS YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME. NOW that shit is HILARIOUS!!! YOU and that other fool (for all I know ya'll are the same person) need to get off the computer in your hood's library and go enroll in school (that is if they'll take you). I'm sorry that I offended you by saying, "Couldn't be me," It was just SO DAMN OFFENSIVE! I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Don't worry it WON'T never be

Don't worry it WON'T never be you anyway..so you have no worries in the world Dead Ass Left Eye ;-)
MsMidwest's picture


LMAO!!! That COMMENT IS DEAD! DAMN THAT WAS TOO IGNORANT FOR WORDS! Why are you so angry because I said I wouldn't like to have a penthouse? Oh and I already have money boo. My family is wealthy but you wouldn't know that because OOPS... YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!! Even if they weren't I'm still going to school for law and will be making 6 figures. I don't live in the projects IN AN EFFICIENCY APARTMENT ON WELFARE WITH FIVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS LIKE YOU DO. Sorry about your situation tho. Vote for Obama because he's trying to work with POOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU. God bless = )
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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