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Rihanna's "Styled To Rock" Show FLOPS IN The UK? + Dawn Richard ANNOUNCES "GoldenHeart" Release Date

Rihanna's UK-based reality show "Styled To Rock" has been a flop in the ratings and may not return for a second season. Get the deets inside and find out the release date of Dawn Richard's GoldenHeart.

Previously we told you about Rihanna (shown above heading to dinner at L.A. eatery Scarpetta last night) producing a reality show in the UK called "Styled To Rock," but don't expect it to make it across the pond anytime soon.  It's been on the air for over a month, and folks still aren't watching.

Unfortunately for RiRi, her midas touch in the music field didn't translate into television ratings for the Sky Living network.  One TV insider told the Daily Mail UK, 'There are no plans to bring it back. Commissioners lost confidence in the project.'

Ratings revealed that only 95,000 viewers tuned in to watch the first episode of the fashion design show. But there may be a glimmer of hope for the "Diamonds" singer as a Sky Living source said: 'It is far too early to make a decision." 

Will a publicity stunt ensue to boost the viewership?


In other music news....

Singer Dawn Richard has announced a new release date for her upcoming full-length debut album GoldenHeart.  The disc will hit stores worldwide on January 15, 2013, thanks to a distribution deal Dawn recently signed with Altavoz Distribution.

Dawn, whose previous Armor On EP was only available digitally, spoke about the new deal saying,

“It’s a movement, we are starting here. After all our hard work, we finally are expanding our art into stores. We wanted to make GoldenHeart available to all [Hearts], not just digitally. The project is too amazing to be limited to one portal of access. It’s time to get excited. This is a big deal for us!”


Watch Dawn's special announcement about GoldenHeart here:

Loves her.

Photos via PacificCoastNews




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tom100's picture

Natasha you seem so stoked to

Natasha you seem so stoked to announce Rihanna's failure, wow you are really piece of work aren't you. You act like the girl took your last burger or something...... Why don't you report that Beyonce House of Dereon is a colossal flop worn by hoochie mamas and hood rats. Just remember when you wish bad on others you will come back ...Karma is real....
Kai's picture


Yas's picture

I will be LOL just as loud at

I will be LOL just as loud at Brandy's flop CD and trust it will. Her best before date has long gone like a carton of 2%milk.
Kai's picture

Rih is spreading herself too

Rih is spreading herself too thin. This is classic Oprah Winfrey Syndrome. You can't just put your name on these projects (like Oprah first did with OWN). You have to actually be involved and nurture them. You can't be involved if you're throwing up in clubs at 4am every night and getting dicked down in bathroom stalls. Get it together girl!
DesignDiva's picture

she should have brought it to

she should have brought it to the u.s.
Classic87's picture

I wonder if RHIBOT is SALTY

I wonder if RHIBOT is SALTY in the face because she saw the NEW PICS of FISTOpher & KUTAMATATA having a BLAST riding ATV's this past WEEKEND...pick ya FACE UP HO & "TAKE A BOW!"
tori's picture

Girl, I can't!!!! You got me

Girl, I can't!!!! You got me straight up crying laughing!!!!!!!
DesignDiva's picture

Lol! I honestly think FURIOUS

Lol! I honestly think FURIOUS FISTY is trying to get back AT ROBOCOP, and NOT back WITH her! I think he just wants to HUMILIATE her but taking a different approach then he did LAST TIME! Him and KOLLATERAL-DAMAGE have been PLANNING this whole "BREAK UP" scandal for MONTHS!
tori's picture

Yes honey, the whole thing

Yes honey, the whole thing seems real suspect. And I don't get this mess about how they both agreed to share Breezy. Haven't they been sharing him the whole damn time?
DesignDiva's picture

cant win em all.

cant win em all.
shuga's picture

Overexposure is not good

Overexposure is not good sometimes, do not bother to bring it over to the US either we have enough crappy reality shows already!!
sweetpea1989's picture

The GoldenHeart album was

The GoldenHeart album was supposed to be released today. That's a whole 2 month push back. I was looking forward to listening to both her and Brandy today.
MasterClass's picture

I'm glad that Dawn is

I'm glad that Dawn is enthusiastic about this album....but is it some $hit? That's the question.
Ethel Mertz's picture

RiRi appears to be missing:

RiRi appears to be missing: Booze, Weed & Dick
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Rih looks sad here...the fact

Rih looks sad here...the fact that her ratings didn't do well in Europe shows that the following isn't as strong as in the US, and perhaps, other countries. that's ok...on to the next project!!
diamond2012's picture

they dont love you like we

they dont love you like we love you, Rhi. shoulda done the show over here. i was actually waiting to see it!
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