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Estelle, Tracee Ellis Ross, Beverly Bond & More ROCK OUT At The "Shot Caller's Dinner" For Black Girls Rock!


Last night, Beverly Bond, the CEO and Founder of BLACK GIRLS ROCK! teamed with CHEVY to host the "CHEVY Shot Caller's Dinner" at Espace NYC.  Find out more about the fab event inside and see pics of Tracee Ellis Ross, Estelle, and Luke James.....

R&B group SWV, Salt and singer Estelle were amongst the movers and shavers spotted at CHEVY's Shot Caller's Dinner in NYC last night.  The event was a part of BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, which tapes tonight, and welcomed influential individuals who are making an impact on their communities.  

During a touching moment, representatives from CHEVY (shown above) presented a $25,000 check to BGR and Beverly Bond was overcome with emotion.  She shared an inspirational story about BGR saying that it began in 2006 as a t-shirt and everything it has become is a product of her thoughts and dreams.   She also shared that Tracee (who's hosting BGR this year) was also the host of the first BGR.



And BET CEO Debra Lee posed with Grammy Award-winning music legend Dionne Warwick who'll receive the BGR Living Legend Award Saturday night.

BET's TJ Holmes (who hosts "Don't Sleep") was spotted with Estelle, Marvet Britto, and Alexis Welch. Alexis (Amar'e Stoudemire's fiancee) looked gorge in a white Chanel dress which she paired with an Alexander McQueen belt, Louis Vuitton shoes, and an Hermes clutch.

Estelle tweeted some fun photos of herself with Coko and Tracee.

Meanwhile, Tracee used fun LuLu Frost jewelry to add color to her black ensemble.


Singer Luke James posed with artist Sofi Green and MTV & Shade 45 personality Sway.  The blue-green-haired Sofi just landed a hosting gig on MTV's “The Week in Jams” where she'll work with Sway.

We see both Alice Smith and Michaela Angela Davis like funky frames!

Bethann Hardison shared a hug with recording artist Alice Smith.  Later on, Alice blew the audience away with a performance at dinner.

Dr. Michelle Callahan posed with VH1's Janelle Snowden.

And the pink themed dinner was fab times for all.

Photos via Brad Barket/Getty Images North America/TheYBF.com




Estelle is too cute.

Estelle is too cute.
JN's picture

Love Estelle's hair.

Love Estelle's hair.

That's singer Luke

That's singer Luke James. He's not an actor, but was in Beyonce & Melonie Fiona's videos. He's the TRUTH!

Does Tracey have a bump? And

Does Tracey have a bump? And Estelle is one fly heifer. Always dressed to impress. Bethann looks great, taj hair is pretty. And I like that lady from BET hair.
TeaNicole's picture

How come you never see Bey at

How come you never see Bey at these award shows? It seems like she would love this opportunity to uplift and empower young black girls that want to be like her.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Her and JayZ have distanced

Her and JayZ have distanced themselves from the heart of their community. They will do things like show up at the BET Awards and act really "down" for show, but for the most part they seem to really be about money, fame and looking less "black". If you read back in the day, most of our black celebrities( Lena Horne, Nia Simone, Eartha Kitt, Ray Charles, etc) were very community-minded fighting issues such as racism/civil rights, womens rights, etc. Nowadays these coons are too scared to lose anything or even remind the public they are "black", so they keep their mouths shut about everything or distance themselves until it affects their pockets and careers. Then they come limping back "home" for us to open arms accept them back.
JJFad's picture

I totally agree they seem to

I totally agree they seem to be VERY "Out of Touch"... And just to reiterate on pockets being disturbed and coming back HOME... I guarantee u this new album will reconstruct Bey's Glory Dayz... The RnB' Music that essentially made her big success rise to the forefront!!
Like Really's picture

I LOOOOVE my girl Bey BUT I

I LOOOOVE my girl Bey BUT I CANNOT see her at a "BLACK Girls Rock" event with her BLONDE WEAVE, RED LIPS, OVER-THE-TOP GOWN, accompanied by her BFF GWYENTHTH PALTROW! She is more of the type to "DONATE" (tax deduction) $1 MILLION & have her PR team spend $2 MILLION to let the, WORLD know it!
tori's picture

They probably couldn't come

They probably couldn't come up with enough money to pay her. Anyway, Beyonce goes around popping her cooch in lingerie with a blonde weave, plus she's a thief and a liar who suffers from a severe case of narcissism. She doesn't deserve to be there.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


EXACTLY.. I GUESS she WAAY too GOOD for REAL Black gurls to ROCK...smhdlol!
Like Really's picture

......and because her ENDLESS

......and because her ENDLESS Motorcade of security causes too much of a scene (they HAVE to check the building for bombs and explosives before Cray Bey will enter)..........smh..........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Ethel Mertz's picture

Love Tracee!! I love Black

Love Tracee!! I love Black Girls Rock. So positive!
Iridescent One's picture

i see Tracee's eyeball is

i see Tracee's eyeball is getting better O_+ She must be wearing that Pirate's EyePatch that I recommended (good job girl!)................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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