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St. Lunatics' Rapper Ali POSTS Conversation With Nelly That One Of The Homies Brought "ECSTASY & WEED" On Tour Bus

Nelly's homie Ali from The St. Lunatics posted a conversation with Nelly where the rapper says he didn't know about drugs being brought on his tour bus in Texas. Find out what Nelly said inside.....

We told you previously about rapper Nelly being detained in Texas and one of his homies getting booked for bringing stashes of heroin, weed and a loaded gun on his tour. Now, Nelly's friend Ali has posted to his Facebook a conversation with Nelly which shows the rapper didn't know about the stash.  And the convo reveals ecstasy was involved.  It goes.....


It's good to know Nelly isn't mixed up in this mess.  We're told by a friend of Nelly's that the entourage member Big B, who was arrested, had the stash in a locked duffel bag. We're told the cops knew it was his because he was the one with the key.




Nelly GOTS PAPER...he doesnt

Nelly GOTS PAPER...he doesnt need to have stashes of drugs for ANY reason!! If you think that convo was fixed, you must be the one on heroin!! nelly is smart and wouldnt jeopardize his paper with some low-end bullshit like that!! he already saw what happened to lil waynre, so why would he do some dumb shit like that!! Use your heads people..THINK about it(like special ed!)
dunkin57's picture

bol this is complete foolery

bol this is complete foolery


diamond2012's picture

So You Think This Simulated

So You Think This Simulated Ass Conversation Is Real?!? OMG.. I Just FELL OUTTTT Laughing! Ya'll Are Even Dumber Than I Thought! I Can't.. The Drugs Were His..Nelly Ain't Foolin' Me!

You took the words right out

You took the words right out my mouth....
allnatural's picture

Nelly, I'm praying for you

Nelly, I'm praying for you homie... it sucks when it's your own so called "people" that do you dirty. Keep ya head Brah!!!
Candace's picture

That conversation sounds so

That conversation sounds so phony. Anyway, Don't nobody care.
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