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Usher Celebrates With Girlfriend Grace Miguel, Her Daughter & Her Mother

Usher seems to be getting extra close with girlfriend Grace Miguel's fam.  He attended her mother's 60th birthday celebration this weekend.  And had some fun with Grace's daughter, too.  Pics inside...


Grace's daughter goes by the name, Leaf, and she posted plenty of pics of herself taking quirky pics with her future possible step-daddy Usher (above) and her mom and fam.

Usher snapped pics with the guests and fam.

Grace and her daughter (who honestly is probably only a few years younger than Ursh) (who is 15 and actually a bit of a wildchild) snapped some mommy-and-me pics.

And Grace's mom--in the middle in blue--seemed to be happy to have Mr. Raymond on hand.  Fine family fun...

Pics: Twitter




Usher loves those older

Usher loves those older women. I am starting to think that Usher may have been molested by a older woman at some point early on. Not his mom but someone else when he was much younger. This explains his obsession w/ these older women.
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I don't think color has a

I don't think color has a thing to do with his choice. Ursher is always looking for older women because as it was said, he has momma's boy issues. There is nothing remotely sexy, hot or even that cute about Grace. She is very blah to look at.
JJFad's picture

Who knew Usher was friends

Who knew Usher was friends with Chad Johnson, Jordin Sparks, and Swizz Beatz???
tori's picture

Damn the size of that girl's

Damn the size of that girl's mouth...wow I will just leave it at that...lol
star's picture

Leaf has a BIG mouth and long

Leaf has a BIG mouth and long throat. She's only like 15 or 16!??? Why is she always posing with her mouth open and tongue waggin'????? Go to her twitter Itsmeleaf. All the pics make this little girl look like Deep Throats rival. lmaoooo Usher will smash when has grandma gf is at aerobics. Is this Grace lady really Usher girlfriend???? I need receipts!! Grace is not too much to look at. She's very blah with terrible face features. Usher has a weird type? I guess pretty is not a requirement, though I thought Chilli, Iesha, and his wife were pretty women. This new "lady" (with elderly respect) just doesn't have any zing to her, no nice style, cute dimples, pale skin, I don't understand this one. She better watch Ush and that young, fast tail daughter of hers. Usher seems so lost.
Nelle's picture

Hahahahahahaha.... Usher is

Hahahahahahaha.... Usher is saying...... "No, I can fit a bigger dick in MY mouth.........."
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


star's picture

.....and she's like...." I

.....and she's like...." I can fit 2 Dicks in my mouth...but I want YOURS Usher"
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Let's not even make this dark

Let's not even make this dark vs light. Tameka is a pretty dark bird, this one Ush got now is that dry white meat. Sorry she has zero swag. Meka is still fresh to death.
TeaNicole's picture

Lmbooo at "dark bird"!!!! Yes

Lmbooo at "dark bird"!!!! Yes his girlfriend is dry white meat. She is swagless, i just posted this. Im glad someone sees this too. "No flavvv" *craig mack voice*. Its a light thang, can't ignore the pink elephant in the room. This is a case where light skin isn't better, the daughter is cute not the mom.
Nelle's picture

Lol..@these comments but ole

Lol..@these comments but ole Gurl daughter kinda reminds me of Jordan Sparks arse... And yes Usher looks so suspect in DAT 2nd n' 3rd pic...grinnin' like a dam Chess cat ready to play wit sum BALLS!! Smdhlol...
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Grace bettEric watch Usher

Grace bettEric watch Usher nasty self, he probably want to sleep with her daughter. Grace is not hardly cute, Tameka look way better than her. Usher better have fun while he can because he got a seat in hell with his name on it.
TeaNicole's picture

Where do I start with this

Where do I start with this post? Ushers girlfriend looks EXACTLY like Corbin Bleu (see High School Musical) someone pointed this out on Instagram. This chick is just not a good looking girl at all. She seems to have clammy, ratched skin. Her daughter is cute however and grace better watch out because knowing Usher he will be fingering her late nights. I read that she is only 15 but looks 19 already. Why so much make-up? I agree with the watch Usher comment. Grace is never as pretty as his ex-wife, so looks can't be why he's with her. Looks MUST not be a factor, he stays high with her and the orgie love helps im certain. Ayeee, if he likes it I love it. But she needs a makeover asaptually because shes lacking in the looks department. She his manager too I hear, wow Ush- sucka move in totality. She'll end up with ALL of his loot, what a slow dude??!! He's hell bent yeap.
Birdfood's picture

Don't know how old Grace is

Don't know how old Grace is but she does not look as old as people are making her out to be. Usher has birthdays to he's getting older also. Maybe he just want a mature woman a lot of these young girls are just so immature and childish. The young ones have as many kids as the older woman and be acting a hot mess.
Ms Nay's picture

Nah, she looks old, I mean

Nah, she looks old, I mean not 60 old, but 47 old. She just isnt hot. Why would he go from a decent looking wife plus family to a sub-par older lady, she's not dazzling one bit. Homely even, Maybe he likes homely now. I just don't get it. Mature she better be at darn near 50. His momma looks her age and is better looking. No bueno Ursh. Turned off ex stan here. Good luck with that.
Birdfood's picture

She's 44 to his 34, & I

She's 44 to his 34, & I thought he always liked older women bc of his Mommy issues anyway - Chili was 7 years older too...., so...., THERAPY ANYONE?

He seems much happier than he

He seems much happier than he did with Tameka.
Ms Nay's picture

Usher is lookin ULTRA SUSPECT

Usher is lookin ULTRA SUSPECT with them ZESTY MEN & OLDER LADIES! What's up with the dude with the DREADS and NAPPY TACO MEAT (chest hairs)??
tori's picture

She has good genes..>Comment

She has good genes..>Comment on my blog marshaymodels.blogspot.com... Tell me "Who you are voting for?" This Year
MarshayH's picture

the women he chooses.....i

the women he chooses.....i just don't see any reason why??? Makes no damn sense whatsoever *scratches head and ass then folds arms*...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

to me his ex- woman wasn't

to me his ex- woman wasn't ugly. She was dark brown but people called her ugly because of that not her actual looks. She looks a far cry betta than this new lady and that mop bucket hair tho??
Birdfood's picture

It's funny you mentioned that

It's funny you mentioned that because Tameka used that same lame excuse, "People don't want to see us together because I'm dark skinned." NOT! People didn't want to see them together because she was way older and ugly as hell! Chilli may be mixed but she was also dark skinned and gorgeous at that! There are plenty of women that are beautiful and that people notice are beautiful and not just because of their skin tone. Naomi Campbell, Kenya Moore, Tangi Miller, Iman, etc. Grace doesn't look any better or any worse than Tameka because they are both unattractive women IMO.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I'd like to think "dark

I'd like to think "dark brown" has nothing to do with it. Didnt she cut his hair....and thats how they met?? He seems to like to "save" or "rescue" women from their lower middle class status or situation in life (which is actually a psychological personality flaw that he has.....so once he rescues them, he gets bored with them and needs to move on to another person in order to feed his ego) ..........Now THATS the TRUTH.........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

What is with him and these

What is with him and these old ass ugly women he likes to date? I don't get it. I think it's a cover up, because a young woman would be on to him. A old woman is just so happy that he's with them that she doesn't even notice that he's creepin with men.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

He's a Momma's boy that grew

He's a Momma's boy that grew up with no Father figure. Typical Oedipus complex.
PacificGirl's picture

Usher and his Zesty

Usher and his Zesty boys....like the cliche goes..."birds of a feather flock together."......BOOM!
star's picture

Usher and Chilli need to get

Usher and Chilli need to get back together. This couple just doesn't work.
PacificGirl's picture

No they DON'T...Chilli does

No they DON'T...Chilli does NOT want his sugary, vindictive, mean, greedy, cheating, dick loving Azz!
star's picture

HELL NAW! Chilli needs a REAL

HELL NAW! Chilli needs a REAL MAN, not this lil boy! I never fully understood besides him cheating why they broke up, because they seemed so happy. But seeing how things played out with Tameka I completely get it!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Grace... Usher fuck'd the

Grace... Usher fuck'd the bridesmaid with no remorse so watch out cuz he'll be fuck'n your daughter. #toodamnfriendly
RO's picture

BINGO!!! Mouth open and super

BINGO!!! Mouth open and super comfortable?? Who fucks their wifes friends & bridesmaids? Ursh is a douche-bag for that. Grace is justhappy to be nappy, shes never rockin' the boat. Leaf will take it for tha team. SMH
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Damn...Just HOW MANY kids

Damn...Just HOW MANY kids does this Grace have?! Grace isn't all that impressive in the looks department, but her folk sure do have some damn good genes. They all look so young and fresh faced, especially her MAMA. Go 'head, mama! I ain't trying to start nothing, but if Usher admitted to sleeping with Tameka's bridesmaid right before their wedding, y'all already KNOW he's gonna' hit LEAF (if he hasn't already). I'm just saying. Grace must have some real good, everlasting na-na for her old cooch to be able to hold down a young buck like Usher, even after having pushed out ALL THEM DAMN OVERGROWN KIDS. I ain't mad, Grace. Do you, Boo. I just hope I can pop it and drop it like that way past 40 with a young dude. Umph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Happy happy happy...family

Happy happy happy...family fun...everybody deserves some
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