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BROKE OR SOMETHING?: Bow Wow OWES Creditors $283K For Leased '05 Ferrari!

Hopefully Bow Wow's "106 & Park" checks will start coming in soon as it's just been uncovered that the rapper owes his creditors $283K for his 2005 Ferrari. Get the deets inside....


While Bow Wow's baby momma was chasing him for child support (based on his claimed $4,000 a month salary) a collection agency was after him for not paying for his 2005 Ferrari F430. 

Bow Wow leased the car in 2008 and quickly defaulted on the bill.  The company sued him and won a judgment for $216,084 in 2009.  And now that the interest has grown, he owes $283,785 for the vehicle.  

And since he told his custody judge that he only has $1,500 in the bank, which is now seeming more true, it seems like he'll be spending most of his new salary climbing out of debt.  Or at least we hope he will.



 Bow Wow's mom posted this pic of his daughter Shai looking cute in her glasses.  She said, "Shai rocking my sunglasses. @missjoie I miss her already"




Cute baby...too bad she's

Cute baby...too bad she's gonna be a tiny girl/woman.
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Natasha takes too much

Natasha takes too much pleasure in people having financial problems. Karma, karma, karma...
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BOW WOW...this sh* t is

BOW WOW...this sh* t is getting flat out EMBARRASSING! Maybe you can get a LOAN from Angela Simmons, to clear up your debts!
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Hopefully all his real assets

Hopefully all his real assets are in his mothers name.

i feel so bad for this nigga

i feel so bad for this nigga
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All that money for a 7 yr old

All that money for a 7 yr old ride? that midget is just careless.
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We all know he has emotional

We all know he has emotional problems...i hope these things dont push him over the edge.
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