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Bow WOW: Rapper's $4K/Month Salary & Lack Of Finances OUTED, Ordered To Pay Child Support!

If you were just as baffled as we were as to why Bow Wow took the job as one of the new hosts of "106 & Park", we may just have some insight.  Check out why the "Shorty Like Mine" rapper was just ordered to pay child support yesterday...plus what he told the judge is in his bank account!


Rapper Bow Wow found himself in court yesterday negotiating a deal with his video vixen baby mama Joie on child support.  And, apparently, the accusations Joie's sister made a while back about Bow Wow not giving money or quality time to his 1-year-old daughter Shai, are true.

Bow Wow--Shad Moses--volunteered to pay $3K a month in child support after going back and forth in court.  Bow Wow told the judge, though, that he only has $1500 in his bank account.  We can only wonder if he stashed some other money elsewhere because for him to be claiming everywhere that he's balling so far out of control....we beg to differ. 

Oh, there's more.  Paperwork also revealed that Bow gets a salary of $4,000 a month from Cash Money records, and his Jeep is leased. 

So how can he afford $3K a month child support on $4K a month salary and a rented Jeep?  Monday evening, after court, Bow Wow made his surprise debut as the newest co-host of "106 & Park."  TMZ reports he kept this a secret from Joie and the judge.  The judge also ordered him to pay $11,000 in back child support.  Which means he hasn't been paying properly since Shai was born.

This $3K/month support could increase when the judge makes a more permanent decision in December.

Wow.  Interesting the lengths certain men can go to just to avoid financially supporting their child.  Perhaps there are some secret accounts where the rest of his money is being held so he can give directly to his child instead.  But who knows...




Byronnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Pay

Byronnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Pay up!

These men are stupid,

These men are stupid, childish and assholes, he has no problem tricking on pole hoes all day and peeling paper on them tho.
TeaNicole's picture

Bow Wow is smarter than we'd

Bow Wow is smarter than we'd like to think he is. This young man has had virtually everything he owns in his Mama's name! As a young child growing up in the industry, his mother has managed not only his career, but also his finances...and his personal life...to the 'T'! Anyone who really believes he only has $1500 to his name deserves to be fooled. Dame shame that a judge has to order him (or any man, for that matter) to support the child they helped to produce!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

If I were a guy, I would put

If I were a guy, I would put myself on child support and I would fight for joint custody immediately, especially if I had a baby with a video hoe! Let the courts see that you want your child and that your main concern is the child. MEN HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!! Don't do what you want, hiding funds and baby clothes because you don't want the mother to spend the money how she wants... There are laws in place to make sure that children are being taken care of. See, if he would have willing did for the child, get that baby some health insurance, kept his receipts for clothing, diapers, fomula & etc. and kept a record of his visits, the courts would be in his favor right now... Foolish men... All he had to prove is that he was doing for his child and spending time with his child.

i dont believe he's that

i dont believe he's that broke!
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I hope JUSTIN BEIBER is taking notes! Though I'm sure he has a staff full of JEWS, that will NEVER let something like this happen to him. I bet it's going to be MIGHTY AWKWARD when Romeo hits "106 & Keep Going!" but I'm sure Bow Whack WON'T show up! LMAO...to think him and Ci-ERROR, actually had some CLOUT as a COUPLE...smh!
tori's picture

I usually side with the

I usually side with the baby's mother, but not in this case because both parties need to take responsibility for their child. Yes Bow Wow has a baby, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out he is not balling like that. He is not a mogul, he is a rapper/actor and I think women need to be more careful of who they are having babies with. While he does need to own up to his responsibility his ex should have thought twice about putting herself and her child in this situation.
BlessedandLoved's picture

The baby is soooo cute! He

The baby is soooo cute! He should be proud to support his child...he is such a silly little man....which every way this turns out - if he has stashed money and the courts find out about it - he will be liable for perjury which means his little ass will go to jail....all this over some chick - he really got caught out there...
lifeisgood's picture

Wasnt he raised by a single

Wasnt he raised by a single mom? You would think he would want to reverse the cycle, silly midget.
Realist's picture

Am I the only one that is

Am I the only one that is totally annoyed with the thousands of ads and pop ups on this site????
allnatural's picture

NO! you are not, between the

NO! you are not, between the ads and the spam...good grief.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

it's gotten totally out of

it's gotten totally out of hand. Natasha is doing a full-on cash grab.....Beyonce' style.......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Note to men: Stop shelling

Note to men: Stop shelling out loads of cash off the record. Do what's right & legal by your children and get a CHILD support order in place. It not only provides for your children but it protects you from foolishness and unwarrented embarassment. Mothers train your daughters to stop giving up their treasure to everyone with a diamond encrusted shevel...Men train your sons that being a pipe laying fool & mass duplication isnot the mark of a real man.... I pray all works out for all in involved in this matter.that is all...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

On her way home, she probably

On her way home, she probably stopped at the newsstand and bought every fashion book that's out, went home and made a collage of the shit she's gonna buy. SMH.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

she looks just like him

she looks just like him
diamond2012's picture

this is pure comedy. and his

this is pure comedy. and his momma is a Mall Rat so if he let her hold any cash.....it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

his money probably in his

his money probably in his mama bank account. lol but seriously i'm not mad at him because these chicks be having babies thinking they bout to be balling.
keish's picture

Doesn't/ didn't he also own a

Doesn't/ didn't he also own a McDonald's? I don't believe he's ballin like he always claim to be, but I believe he lives off of more than $4,000/month.
MsKizzy's picture

the saddest thing is that the

the saddest thing is that the baby's mother probably has even less than that. trifling.
shuga's picture

What a dumb negro, like they

What a dumb negro, like they weren't going to find out about his 106 gig and modify his child support payments***** ROLLING EYES*****. These idiots need to realize, you can get rid of many things, but CHILD SUPPORT, STUDENT LOANS ain't going no where. They will stay on that credit report, fo LIFE, unless they are PAID, no way around it.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I'm really not surprised at

I'm really not surprised at all. Many of these entertainers that you see out there are frontin'. Walking around in Loubous, iced out with Audemars and Birkins and Bentleys but are broke as hell! And then they have the audacity to think they are better than you because they are famous. Side-eye. I may not be on the cover of Vogue but HER house and whip are PAID for, SHE has a 401k and investment portfolio, and her bank account has NEVER only had $1500 dollars in it. Folks need to stop going broke trying to imitate these fools because apparently even THEY can't afford to be themselves!
DesignDiva's picture

snap snap snap!!!! When will

snap snap snap!!!! When will these young, especially black celebrities learn that you will get SO much further when you stop trying to impress others who dont mean you no good?!? It's disgusting how much garbage and stupid material things are bought but they can even pay a bill on time! Im like you girl, I like to pay my bills and I put away for my future EVERY CHANCE I GET! It's not a game out here! I would never want to be a Bow Wow, Chris Brown, hell even Rihanna. So much talent but dead on the inside!

I'm sure he has money

I'm sure he has money somewhere else. He has done acting gigs and he probably gets some kind of royalty or residual checks from somewhere. He prolly has made himself look impoverished so that the child support amount remains low. Iono....Im not an expert on these types of things....I'm curious to hear what other posters have to say.
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