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Tameka Raymond's Custody Re-Trial Request DENIED + Halle Berry & Olivier COZY UP Amidst Custody Battle For Nahla

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that Tameka Raymond has been denied a re-trial in her custody battle with Usher. The good news is that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez seem to be in great spirits as Halle's battle rages on. Get more inside....

Unfortunately for Tameka Raymond, things just won't go her way in her battle for primary custody of her two sons with ex-husband Usher.  First, she lost primary custody and now, she's been denied a retrial.

Though Tameka claimed that Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane was biased since Usher's lawyer had donated to her 2008 campaign, the judge countered that this was PUBLIC knowledge and Tameka sould have known about this BEFORE the trial.  Womp.

But always the fighter....Tameka is pressing on and plans to appeal. 


Meanwhile, in other custody news.....

Halle Berry is still engaged in a nasty battle with ex Gabriel Aubry over her request to move to Paris with fiancee Olivier Martinez and to take daughter, Nahla, with her. 


Despite the turmoil, Halle and her beau looked fresh and fab as they took a stroll through Malibu, CA for a little shopping and lunch at Taverna Tony.

Halle rocked a comfy white dress with large cut-outs revealing a blue bikini.

The couple then shared a laugh over something on Halle's phone as she sipped champagne. 


Photos via Splash News/FAME




Halle? girl please...no need

Halle? girl please...no need for you to pick up and move all the way to France...knowing this relationship with Oliver won't last..just get better security and stay in America...you know I'm right..lol.
Lola's picture

I feel bad for both of them.

I feel bad for both of them. Being a parent is hard enough without all of the legal drama.
shuga's picture

Tameka looks so hard and old

Tameka looks so hard and old and she wears her scarf a little tight the line is still there. LOL. Seriously she looks tired!

Her son is dead and her 2

Her son is dead and her 2 younger children just got taken away. How the fuck would you look. Black bitches are SO judgemental!
mamamc's picture

Tameka is one ugly broad

Tameka is one ugly broad inside and out. she is vendicitive and left her husband for Usher money. She sucks. She needs to move on. Didn't this hoe almost died getting plastic surgery to keep Usher.
lola69's picture

I hope Tameka finds peace and

I hope Tameka finds peace and healing...I'm not a fan, but I can imagine she's hurting real deep. Get out of the limelight, find a healing camp and meditate yourself to sanity. Life has given us the gift of time and change and what seems horrific and devastating right now can transform into something healthy and rewarding later...just be quiet and stop fighting...
Reign's picture

i agree

i agree
diamond2012's picture

Let us pray for Tameka.

Let us pray for Tameka. Halle & her boo look sah!
Realist's picture

Tameka looks like the type

Tameka looks like the type that would throw ACID on Usher's face, screamng "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW...LET IT BURN B*TCH, GOTTA LET IT BURN!" Then drive off listening to "Mercy" mumbling "Swerve, swerve!"
tori's picture

where do you get this ish lol

where do you get this ish lol
lookwhatchumademedo's picture

LOL...who knows???

LOL...who knows???
tori's picture

yes i hope halle's case be

yes i hope halle's case be turn down. she is just a crazy bitch and a few years he will be x hubby number 3. she can't keep a man.
stepup2's picture

Damn Ok.....LOL

Damn Ok.....LOL
star's picture

Frankie Lons looks better

Frankie Lons looks better than Tameka. Halle and her guy look great! *Does the Frankie Leg*......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Halle looks great and I hope

Halle looks great and I hope everything works out for her regarding custody of Nahla.

Halle looks fab! They could

Halle looks fab! They could live ANYWHERE, so why Paris ? I don't care if it is her soon to be hubby's homeland...
Laia's picture

Ms. Berry still got

Ms. Berry still got it!! DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

Hopefully Halle's request

Hopefully Halle's request gets denied too.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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