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GRANDPA TERRENCE HOWARD: 18-Year-Old Daughter Aubrey Gets Married & Pregnant

43-year-old Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard will be a grandfather really soon.  His daughter Aubrey, who recently got married, has revealed her pregnancy. Get the deets inside.......

Aubrey Howard, daughter of actor Terrence Howard, jumped the broom with her hubby Billy Gayle on July 21.  He tweeted a pic of the ring above.

But Aubrey's wedding wasn't the only thing for Terrence to celebrate.  She's also pregnant!  The Howard University student (who's taking time off to have the baby) shared that she's in her final trimester.

Aubrey said that she favors the traditional stay-at-home mom as she tweeted,

"I can't stand when people tell me or my husband I should be working. If we decide that I'm going to stay home and raise our children then that shouldn't be up for discussion.  I grew up with my mom in the house always there for us and I wouldn't have it any other way for my children"

Congrats to Aubrey, Billy and Grandpa Terrence!



The Randomness:

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Photos via Aubrey's Twitter



She is ruining the best years

She is ruining the best years of her life she is far too young for marriage and motherhood but I wish them the best.
Zanya's picture

She very pretty and cute

She very pretty and cute couple. I hope pregnancy looks good on me like her someday.
oneandonly's picture

Beautiful young woman! As the

Beautiful young woman! As the daughter of an actor with an estimated net worth of more than $20 MILLION (Google it!), I am certain that their child will be VERY well taken care of. Yes, she became pregnant while in college and may have decided to marry young, but how many young, pregnant females her age has even set foot to visit a college campus, much less enrolled? How many of them are currently with the father of their unborn child and are actual WIVES and not "jump-offs" or "baby-mommas"? If she chooses to be a stay-at-home mom it will ultimately be her and her husband's decision to make, as she has stated, and she will do so because she can AFFORD TO.
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Regardless of the fact that

Regardless of the fact that she was pregnant when she got married, he did the right thing by her and made her his wife. How many BABYMOMMAS on here hatin on her tho? LOL I do agree that she needs to keep her butt in school and get that degree in case being a housewife doesn't pan out for her. Getting married so young doesn't normally last chile!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

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I agree with LisaRaye's

I agree with LisaRaye's Conscience - You have got to be an idiot to get pregnant in 2012 with all the forms of birth control available. 18 and pregnant? What a damn cliche! Wearing white with a big old belly too? Lawd have mercy, I hope the marriage last, one mistake in a life time is enough!
Marek's Wifey's picture

Kickin' it on that Booty Wall

Kickin' it on that Booty Wall in front of the Quad, sneaking in and out of Drew Hall......it'll get you every time! Every time, I tell ya!
VagabondSpirit's picture

you have to be a retarded

you have to be a retarded hillbilly to allow yourself to get knocked-up "accidentally". stupid people...smh......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Are we paying her bills,? If

Are we paying her bills,? If she wants to stay at home then so be it. Congrats!!! The girl is in school, she'll be fine.
Cynthia Cole's picture

i know right! if i could

i know right! if i could afford to stay at home i would do it too.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

no duh, she's 18 and doesn't

no duh, she's 18 and doesn't want to work, surprise surprise...girl, you're 18 years old in 2012, we don't live in the dark ages anymore where women NEED to stay at home...get off ya a$$ and go to work. You were in college because clearly you expected to do something with ya life, sooo do something with ya life!! And yes i concur that the whole lets get married cause i'm pregnant thing is stupid. Boo, you was already sinnin, don't front like all of a sudden marriage is gonna make it alright!! These teen moms/brides annoy the hell out me!! So naive!!
Nena23's picture



I wonder what the Brothers at

I wonder what the Brothers at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses had 2 say about that???!!!! Cuz I am sure she was baking that bread in her oven on her wedding day!!! No Shade!!! But I must say if you gonna get disfellowshipped or kicked out of the Kingdon Hall do it for a nigga that LQQKS like this dude cuz he is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! #lightskinbrothas are HOTTTTTTTTT!!! She picked a GOOD1!!!!!! I would have let him knock me up too!!!
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Wear that Hair's picture

Oh and speaking of Aubrey her

Oh and speaking of Aubrey her husband resembles Drake slightly.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I doubt she planned this

I doubt she planned this because she's still in school. No disrespect to her but I don't understand why others feel the need to rush and get married before the baby is born. Technically the child was still conceived out of wedlock. I also think it's weird and a waste of money when women go to college only to be a stay at home mom, but hey that's their prerogative. Anyways, congrats to her, her husband and Terrence.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Aubrey's husband kind of

Aubrey's husband kind of resembles Terrence lol. I'm happy that there are still females out there who beleve in MARRIAGE BEFORE KIDS (even if the marriage is prompted by pregnancy)! Kudus to her for attending HOWARD (how ironic)!!!!
tori's picture

*If considering age...most

*If considering age...most wish the best..at not waking up to the Solonge and hubby experience...hehe! Anyh00...kudos 2 them!
Like Really's picture

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jouli1989's picture

She's pulling a Solange.

She's pulling a Solange.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Congrats to the beautiful

Congrats to the beautiful couple!
Mrs_B_35's picture


NOW THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! A Black woman MARRIED , not to a clown, not to some thug nigga, not having a bunch of kids out of wedlock, but to a good brotha!!!But hey this girl mite be BI RACIAL, WHICH EXPLAINS WHY SHE'S MARRIED FIRST and didn't fuck with a thug... JUST the beauty of having a father around, but if it is a shotgun wedding like one of these black women on here said then BIG UP'S TO TERRENCE HOWARD . The beauty of having the black man in his daughters and sons lives WE DO THE RIGHT THINGS. Don't make any excuses saying she too young, it aint gone work, FUCK THAT if you wanna fuck BE MARRIED FIRST IIGHT!!
LetsGetIt's picture

How do you know he's not a

How do you know he's not a clown or a thug?
blynne23's picture

the pick in ur sig say's it

the pick in ur sig say's it all.

What's that spose to mean???

What's that spose to mean???
LetsGetIt's picture

Blah blah blah...like really

Blah blah blah...like really really... U do know that baby came before marriage?.. Oh okay...nite nite Letsnotgetit! Hehe.. Now like I said kudos to them!!
Like Really's picture

I have no problem with a

I have no problem with a woman being pregnant, AS LONG AS SHE MARRIED BEFORE THAT CHILD is born!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture



Ok Kool... Ur words not

Ok Kool... Ur words not mine...*dont Fuck before u get married!! Heheha....*muah!!!
Like Really's picture

Well well well... Whatta

Well well well... Whatta pretty shotgun wedding this will be!! ... Kudos 2 them both!!! Smhlol
Like Really's picture

pretty much was...she was

pretty much was...she was nice and round in her wedding dress, but whatever floats your boat
Chica-Chica's picture

Lolol... I spotted the

Lolol... I spotted the wedding pics... But the title's post gave me exactly what I thought it was!! Hehehe...
Like Really's picture

Fine grandpa...oooh

Fine grandpa...oooh
Chica-Chica's picture

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