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Terrell Owens CUT From Seahawks, Baby Mamas Will Be PISSED

Terrell Owens just lost his way of paying his baby mamas the ridiculous amount of back child support he owes.  He's been cut from the Seattle Seahawks.  Deets inside...

So as the NFL continues their pre-season cuts and team building, Terrell Owens was on the receiving end of a pink slip instead of a football.

After the team reduced their roster from 90 to 75 yesterday, T.O. tweeted:

“I’m no longer a Seahawk. I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.”

It seemed his world was turning around on a more positive note, but this is yet another obstacle he's facing.

Previously, one of the mothers of T.O.'s kids filed papers saying that she wanted his child support payments to NOT be modified like they were, since now he had a job with the Seahawks.  Melanie Paige-Smith said that the courts changing his support to lower payments no longer needed to happen, esp. because he's mad over $29 Million in the last 5 years.  (Really?)

So now, it looks like Melanie & the other baby mamas are back at square one.  Good luck with that.


The Randomness:

1.  Speaking of firings, Cymphonique Miller's (Master P's daughter's) Nickelodeon show "How To Rock" has been canceled after just one season. STORY

2.  Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles took a loss this weekend.  She sold her Houston mansion for almost 3 mill.  Which is $500K less than the listed price.  She still has $3 mill in the bank, so the term "loss" is pretty relative. STORY





I don't understand how a man

I don't understand how a man of his caliber who's made wayyyyyy more than 29 million dollars in his entire career, including endorsements, tv shows, etc. Is damn near BROKE! Do these players not realize that a Professional sports career is not longevity. Then these ass holes have the nerve to have a ton of children by greedy baby mamas and wanna cry about it. I don't blame em get that money. As for TO and Chad Johnson maybe you should apply for positions on ESPN that'd probably be the longest job you guys could ever keep.
iainttheonetogossip's picture

Well, damn! He can't catch a

Well, damn! He can't catch a break. SMH!
Jernero94's picture

Well T.O., you can always

Well T.O., you can always sell oranges off the freeway ramp.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

This has not been a good year

This has not been a good year for the "Self-Hating Band of Brothers" Chad and Terell. T.O. it's time to hang up your cleats, you been at this football thing since '96, you should have bowed out gracefully YEARS ago, like back in 2009 before Jerry Jones released you from the Cowboys!! If them thirsty baby mamas are so pressed for an NFL check, I advise them to suit up and take their overweight a$$es on the field and make the team!!! I CAN'T stand T.O. but I also can't stand a money grubbing baby mama!!
tori's picture

Those "baby mamas" obviously

Those "baby mamas" obviously are living the good life off of the children's child support payments. I bet most of the money T.O. was paying in child support was being spent by these women on themselves and not on their children. No way it can be justified spending $20,000 a month on a kids needs, so where is the money being spent? On mom's new convertible mercedes and her mansion in a gated community.
jgraves58's picture

Self-Hating Band of

Self-Hating Band of Brothers...Dead!!!! LMBAO! I agree with you on the baby mamas too. Too many women trying to depend on a man in order to maintain. Get your OWN and you're straight whether that check comes in the mail or not.
DesignDiva's picture

I just hate to see women use

I just hate to see women use a child support check as a "new louboutin pumps/Herve Leger freak'em dress" check. I have seen women with their hair LAAAAYED, and shoe and bag game on point, but they got their child's hair looking a hot comb mess, with a snotty runny nose with a dirty onesie on and stank diaper! Priorities all f*cked up!
tori's picture

What can I say, shitty things

What can I say, shitty things happen to shitty people. Karma is a bitch and when he was on the top of his game he threw shit at a lot of people. You know what they say happens when you spit in the wind...
DesignDiva's picture

I don’t know maybe, but like

I don’t know maybe, but like you said, KARMA IS BITCH, COMES BACK TO YOU IN A CAT SUIT WITH RED LIPSTICK, “and will ask, “HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?
Cashing out's picture

It flies back to you….lol

It flies back to you….lol
Cashing out's picture

This may pull him and his

This may pull him and his friend, Chad since their going through similar shit at the same damn time. They could get their own reality show, focusing fumbles in the league...multiple children by multiple gold digging hoes (who ain't even cute gold diggers, btw) and money/lawsuit woes. I, for one, would like to hear the men's perspective on being on the other side of the wallet and credit cards as it relates to the gold diggers. They have their reality shows and their say, let's hear it from the Boys.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Great idea regarding reality

Great idea regarding reality reality show.
Burself's picture

I saw most of their children

I saw most of their children mothers and they all were decent to nice looking women. Btw, if they were looking like supermodels would it matter or change their circumstances? NO. They all still would be dealing with the same sh*t. How shallow and immature.
Keys's picture

This dumb clown is the

This dumb clown is the PERFECT EXAMPLE <---- that, Money doesn't make U SMART <---- too many knuckle-dragging baboons think MONEY all of a sudden makes them a GENIUS ....... Hahahahahhaha
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

One of the smartest comments

One of the smartest comments of the day, Thank you for saying that, even thou sometimes your comments makes you sound like you are nonsensical and thick-headed but this comment is right on point, when black people especially “black men” acquired a lump sum of money they don’t know what to do with it, and this a fact, black people are so stupid when it comes to managing financial wars, I don’t feel sorry not even one bit of any of these artist, entertains, who ever that was ones rich and started having all these kids flying around, buying houses they can’t afford, all these cars and jewelry knowing good and hell well one day you won’t be able to play because of age, sick, anything can happen. NOTHING LAST FOREVER. There shouldn’t be no reason what so ever why someone who was giving 29 million for 5years to be broke. Point… blank… period.
Cashing out's picture

His baby mamas should get a

His baby mamas should get a job and not look at him as a paycheck. that is the norm for hoodrats, jump offs, lack luster ebonic women. Instead of the state paying them welfare they go after these ballers but when will they free their slave mind
lola69's picture

All the broke niggas should

All the broke niggas should create an association with the aim of teaching others (new comers in the game), how not to fail and get broke!!! But i doubt they even know why and how they messed up everything in their lives!!
Let&#039;s get it poppin's picture

his career has 9 lives. at

his career has 9 lives. at the end of the day he's still richer than most of us will ever be and has had a lot more successes than failures. wishing him and his children all the best.
shuga's picture

Not for long he is. 75% of

Not for long he is. 75% of athletes are flat broke in 3 yrs after retirement or leaving the league.
Keys's picture

I don’t feel sorry for NOBODY

I don’t feel sorry for NOBODY especially all this artist and entertainers who made all this millions and now are broke, GTFOFH. Trying to keep up with the Jones is not worth shit if at the end of your career you can’t even pay your child support. 29 million combine in 5 years, that’s a lot of money, a white male would have been able to account and made better use of that money. speak for your self, if you will never make what he mad, say it, dont speak for everyone else
Cashing out's picture

The Nutty Knowles Family

The Nutty Knowles Family losses have JUST BEGUN (trust me).....Anyhoo...T.O. is gonna end up overdosing on pills <----- make out a Living Will first you dumbass idiot
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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