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"Sparkle" Grabs 5th Place At The Box Office With $12M!


After receiving mixed reviews, the film Sparkle grossed $12M at the box office over the weekend.  Get the deets on what place it finished in the top ten inside.....


Sparkle, the Whitney Houston & TD Jakes-produced remake of the 1976 classic bowed into the box over in 5th place this weekend with $12M in ticket sales.

Though the flick was out-grossed by films like The Expendables 2 and The Bourne Legacy, SONY only spent $14M to make it.  So the film should make the company's money back and then some.  By the way, Sparkle was shown in close to 1500 LESS theaters than many of the movies in the top 5.

Movie insiders added that the film's audience was skewed toward an older female demo, but it reportedly met box office performance expectations.

Singer Jason Derulo tweeted his girlfriend, star Jordin Sparks, about the film saying,

DAMN!! Just watched "SPARKLE" in the movie theatre again! Oscar's get ready! @jordinsparks BABY-CAKES get ready! #Tearjerker


Here's how the top 10 shaped up:  

1. "The Expendables 2" (Lionsgate/Millennium): Opened to $28.8 million.

2. "The Bourne Legacy" (Universal/Relativity): $17 million on its second weekend, down 55%. Domestic total: $69.6 million. $18.2 million overseas in 18 foreign markets. International total: $28.1 million.

3. "ParaNorman" (Focus/Laika): Opened to $14 million. $2 million overseas in nine foreign markets. International total: $7.6 million.

4. "The Campaign" (Warner Bros.): $13.4 million on its second weekend, down 50%. Domestic total: $51.7 million.

5. "Sparkle" (Sony): Opened to $12 million.

6. "The Dark Knight Rises" (Warner Bros./Legendary): $11.1 million on its fifth weekend, down 41%. Domestic total: $409.9 million.

7. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" (Disney): Opened to $10.9 million on its first weekend, $15.2 million since its Wednesday debut.

8. "Hope Springs" (Sony/MGM/Mandate): $9.1 million on its second weekend, down 38%. Domestic total: $35.1 million.

9. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days" (Fox): $3.9 million on its third weekend, down 52%. Domestic total: $38.8 million. $866,815 overseas in five foreign markets. International total: $8.8 million.

10. "Total Recall" (Sony): $3.5 million on its third weekend, down 56%. Domestic total: $51.8 million. $19 million overseas in 53 foreign markets. International total: $58.2 million.]




Considering it took $14M to

Considering it took $14M to make, $12M is not so bad. I'll try to see it over the weekend.
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Kcny's picture

I truly enjoyed this remake

I truly enjoyed this remake of Sparkle. I never thought the original was anything to write home about and I thought this version did it justice. I think its sad that all of "us" will run out and see the bafoonery that is a Tyle Perry movie, but we'll in this case "wait to see it on bootleg." It's sad that it only grossed $12 Million. It's definitely worth going to see and we have to try to go out and support our films because we'll be the first to complain when they stop making. However, I'm sure there will always be TP's movies to see because that is what they think of us anyway and studio will always support that mess.
Nicole Sebree's picture

It suffered from a lack of

It suffered from a lack of promo. Overall, I thought it was better than Think Like a Man, but it was only pretty good. I also found it rather pathetic that two of the leading actresses were so fair-skinned (they're both biracial). Maybe people recognized that and didn't appreciate it either. I did cry at one scene though. SN: I find it SO annoying how people label Jordin Sparks "boring" simply because they don't know what's going on in her bedroom. These are the same folks obsessed with shows like Love & Hip Hop- reprimanding the cast members but glued to their shows every damn week, nonetheless. Get it together.
LisaNiños's picture

The Original Sparkle is

The Original Sparkle is playing on Bum Entertainment ~ you may know it as BET. While I do like the actors in the remake and RIP Whitney ~ I will not be watching. Some things should be left the hell alone. LUV the original featuring ~ Irene Cara, Lonette McGee, Philip Michael Thomas to name a few.
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tom008's picture

They need to leave original

They need to leave original movies alone. What's wrong with Hollywood. Is creativity dead that they have to keep remaking old stuff. Also, I don't think it was smart of them to target older women because they are more familiar with and connected to the original and had no interest in seeing it updated.
MsKizzy's picture

I totally agree. How many

I totally agree. How many Motown movies are we going to make and then remake? I liked the movie (Jordin SANG), but left still asking myself, "Why Sparkle though?"
LisaNiños's picture

Look stop trying to make

Look stop trying to make excuses for this movie. It's not a great movie. Period. It's not even half good. The only reason they even made that box-office 12million is simply because of Whitney. Most of those who saw it, went to see the last project Whitney was featured in before she died. My friend went to see it, and she didn't even sit through its entirety. So i'm not going to be worrying myself wasting my money on it either.

I'm not surprised by the

I'm not surprised by the numbers or reviews for Sparkle. The previews of the movie looked boring in my opionion and the cast lineup was a bunch of D-list actors (minus Derek Luke). I'm waiting for Mona Scott and Tyler Perry to link up and make a film that sets our country back 400 yrs!!
tori's picture

@Tori, I agree with you. We

@Tori, I agree with you. We were talking about it on Saturday. I'm sure the casting director probably reached out to a couple, but they were to expensive, but here was our Sparkle dream cast............. Sparkle = Jordan Sparks Dorene = Tika Sister = Paul Patten or Alicia Keys Stix = Michael Ealy Levi = Edris Satin = Tyrese
My Moniker Is...'s picture

movie was fantastic!!! saw it

movie was fantastic!!! saw it twice... better than the first one!!!
RO's picture

Loved the original. Have no

Loved the original. Have no interest in seeing this version...sorry
star's picture

My friend and I are serious

My friend and I are serious Sparkle fans and she actually went to see it...she said it was good but the original was better...so it just depends on what you like. If you have never seen the original you may enjoy it more. I think they could have hit it out the park by making an original movie not a remake...
Chica-Chica's picture

In my opinion, the original

In my opinion, the original was better! Irene Cara was great! Too bad she's not in the new film, not even a cameo. She's still making great music though! http://www.irenecara.com/musicstore.html
jasminejhavingfun@gmail.com's picture

I think many of the people

I think many of the people who disliked the movie intended to dislike the movie from its very inception. There are some over-the-top die hard Sparkle fans who didn't want to see this movie remade and couldn't give it a chance. I loved the original Sparkle and was extremely doubtful that it could be redone properly but I still wanted to see the movie. I was almost shocked at how great the fresher storylines were and how great the casting was. Tikta, Jordan and Carmen were PERFECT picks for the sisters. This movie actually went deep like the first movie and then went deeper...really exploring things that I felt weren't addressed or were left out in the first movie. The acting was amazingly good and I truly enjoyed the spin on Whitney's character and her upbringing of the girls. All four of us who went agreed that it was hands down better than the first movie. That's no coincidence that 4 loyal Sparkle fans had to admit the new version was better. I genuinely believe Oscars are on the way. Aaaand I teared up several times and all out cried once...lol unheard of!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Jordan Sparks being the lead

Jordan Sparks being the lead made it a no go for me to begin with. She just seem so boring.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

People don't want to see a

People don't want to see a breathing, talking, walking Whitney on screen so soon after her death they should have waited to release the movie next year.
Zanya's picture

I think it’s great that

I think it’s great that Sparkle ‘placed’ in the top 5, but it was beaten by movies that had already been out weeks before. I had planned on seeing the movie myself, in fact I was looking forward to it. On Saturday a friend who was also looking forward to the movie, saw it on Friday. She said you could tell they had a very small budget. Said that it didn’t even look like Sparkle and Stix really kissed and when they were riding on the motorcycle it didn’t look real, like the motorcycle wasn’t really moving, they were just being filmed on it. She said the costumes were beautiful. None of the characters resembled any of the original characters and there were a few twists and turns from original. After seeing several different trailers for the movie and hearing different reviews from friends, I’m going to wait until it comes out on DVD.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I haven't seen this movie and

I haven't seen this movie and was on the fence about seeing it. Not knocking, but the original Sparkle movie had some serious ish going on it and I cannot see Jordin Sparks nor Bishop T.D. Jakes have her act out such a gritty role....I honestly thought it should have been left alone but now after I heard reviews confirming what I originally thought...I'll wait for on DVD just to see Whitney in last acting role...
Anonymously Speaking's picture

Kinda disappointing keep

Kinda disappointing keep hearing bad things about the movie...I have not seen it yet - but I was wishing it would come out on top...
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Niggers won't see nothing but Madea, going to jail, family reunion, take hostages, escaping the Po Po. Quality is something that is not heard of in the hoods and minds of Coloreds
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star's picture

People should be running out

People should be running out to see it just like they run out to see Tyler Perry Baffonary. Black folks always set themselves back by supporting garbage. You will never control your own image. Over the top is what Niggers like
lola69's picture

glad they are making plenty

glad they are making plenty of money to support themselves and their endeavors. unfortunately i keep hearing bad reviews but in all fairness remakes are hard to do. best to them but i wont be going to see it.
leesh's picture

Black movies don't open huge,

Black movies don't open huge, so 12 million in August is respectable especially when you consider it wasn't in as many theaters as the other movies. Plus it will break even shortly. All in all they should be proud. I remember reading somewhere that the average successful move marketed to black audiences will gross somewhere between 30 million on the low end and $100 million on the very high end when all is said and done.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

Tyler Perry would argue with

Tyler Perry would argue with that. His baffonary always does well.
lola69's picture

Good Deeds opened about $15

Good Deeds opened about $15 million, The last Madea movie opened about $25 or so in more theaters. Both grossed within the range I posted. My point stands. Great for this move would have been anything around $20 million, but this is respectable.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

gonna have to hop in my sled

gonna have to hop in my sled and pick up a bootleg copy in da hood (support the local peeps) and get my whip detailed for $20 bucks (coconut spray air freshener too)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I went and saw it Friday and

I went and saw it Friday and I liked it. 5th is respectable. I think people are crazy to believe that a movie about "us" is going to knock down Hollywood action thrillers like The Expendables and Bourne Legacy. And considering the movie only cost $14 million to make, the studio will make a nice profit and be willing to do more movies about "us" in the future.
DesignDiva's picture

Not trying to be negative,

Not trying to be negative, but thats not good...5th? I think the movie was promoted to where I got tired of seeing and hearing the advertisements and it didn't make me excited about the movie
DW's picture

Some people on this blog have

Some people on this blog have said that Tika Sumpter and Derek Luke look like brother and sister. I wonder if the two of them feel that way. I haven't seen Sparkle yet, nor have I seen the original version. I would like to know if the movie was good.
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