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SPORTS: Terrell Owens LANDS 1-YEAR Contact With Seattle Seahawks + President O. HOSTING Fundraiser With Basketball Greats Michael Jordan & More

Terrell Owens is officially a "baller" again after signing a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks.  Get the deets inside and find out about President Obama throwing a fundraiser featuring some of the most decorated athletes of all time.



Terrell Owens has another opportunity to have a career in the NFL...and to pay off his ridiculous debt thanks to back child support...as he's just signed with the Seattle Seahawks for a one-year contract reportedly worth $1 million.

On Monday night he tweeted: “God is good. Thankful. Grateful. To ALL my new teammates & the "12th Man"... Let's Do This!!”

His tryout went great.  But not everyone is happy for T.O.  The Seattle Times’ Jerry Brewer said:

“It's like the Seahawks are determined to test the sturdiness of what they've built before the renovations are complete. It's like they want their three-man quarterback competition to be as stressful as possible. Still, you have to wonder if any of Owens' five former teams have exited the T.O. Experience feeling like his talent was worth the sideshow.”

We'll have to see T.O. prove the critics wrong this season.  But we know a few of those baby mamas are jumping for joy...


Also in sports.............


On August 22nd, President Obama will host a campaign fundraiser featuing basketball greats Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Sheryl Swoopes, Alonzo Mourning, and Patrick Ewing, just to name a few.

Campaign contributors will automatically be entered into a drawing to decide which lucky supporerts will get to go to the event, shoot some hoops, and watch the Obama Classic.

Visit President Obama's campaign site to enter the drawing.  Mr. President is bringing out the big dogs this re-electon season....




I am glad something good is

I am glad something good is happen for him. We all fall short were God is concerned, So people with that being said lets stop judging him so hard, we all make mistakes. after all God is the only one to judge us all. Good luck T.O. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

Only One Year? Chile Please!

Only One Year? Chile Please! Child Support Gonna Eat That Up.
Keyths'Girl's picture

T.O is about to spazz out and

T.O is about to spazz out and pop off at the mouth as soon as the season starts back, he is such a diva
Naomi's picture

Good luck to you Terrell!

Good luck to you Terrell! Don't forget to pay your child support.Good luck to you Terrell!
SweetDivaT's picture

Well I'm glad T.O. is

Well I'm glad T.O. is EMPLOYED again so he can handle his outstanding debt. I say after taxes and behind child supoort payments, he will have enough for a FIAT, and maybe a new pair of Air Yeezy's. Something tells me by the end of the season he will have a new baby mama smh. Obama reminds me of that cool uncle at the family reunion that always has a young girl on his arm. #superswag
tori's picture

T.O. is a self-hating

T.O. is a self-hating arrogant nut. All of this that happened to him he deserved. He was a complete unapologetic jacka** to many. Seattle was a fool to mess up the chemistry of their team by adding this cancer.
JJFad's picture

Thank God for this

Thank God for this opportunity T.O. Now show these people that you are grateful and humble!!! Let's play ball!!

T.O. is a walking basket

T.O. is a walking basket case......and Mike Jordan has been a big meany since he retired (i think he hates people)........ *dancing & sucking on glow-sticks*
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

maybe he can catch up on his

maybe he can catch up on his child support now.
lola69's picture

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