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DO WE LOVE IT? Teyana Taylor RECREATES Janet Jackson's Iconic ROLLING STONE Cover

Teyana Taylor was recently snapped posing as Janet Jackson did for her iconic ROLLING STONE cover in the 90s. See the pic inside and find out the sexy actor who took it.

Singer/rapper Teyana Taylor recently posed for the camera invoking Janet Jackson's legendary ROLLING STONE cover and janet. cover art.  

She was snapped by sexy actor Lance Gross who tweeted, I turned my camera on @teyanataylor #theremake.

Here's the original to refresh your memory.







I Never liked Teyana Taylor!

I Never liked Teyana Taylor! She is a suck up UGLY lil GREMLIN! and hell NO i hate IT!
REd™'s picture

I love Lance Gross, but,

I love Lance Gross, but, PLEASE get some originality. Teyana looks uncomfortable & she is no Janet Jackson.... sorry. FAIL!!!

I just wish that the model

I just wish that the model holding Teyanna's breast would have had the decency to cover the scars from her breast implants.

I think that those are

I think that those are tattoos on her breast to cover up her implant scars.
tori's picture

I think those are tattoos.

I think those are tattoos. But it does look like scars.
Penabutta's picture

Hell no! girl bye!

Hell no! girl bye!
stepup2's picture


Yas's picture

Teyana looks very

Teyana looks very uncomfortable, she looks like someone was in front of her with a gun forcing her to pose---don't like it. Janet looks very comfortable and secure with herself.
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lynne's picture

Teyana seem like a cool

Teyana seem like a cool chick, but do I love it? No! SORRY.
oneandonly's picture

Blasphemy!!!!!! She has the

Blasphemy!!!!!! She has the face of a Gargoyle *(Michael Jackson voice) Shamone.....Hee Hee*...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMMFAO.....go stand in the

LMMFAO.....go stand in the corner.
IAMVANICA's picture

K........... (won't be the

K........... (won't be the last time)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Wow. I dunno... It's hard to

Wow. I dunno... It's hard to say. I think I'm still partial to the original. www.blackhairgenius.com
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