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DAMN HOMIE: IRS COLLECTS $53K At Young Buck's AUCTION, Rapper Begins PRISION Sentence Next MONTH!

The IRS hosted an auction of Young Buck's possessions recently where $53K was raised to pay off his debts. Get the deets inside on the auction and his upcoming prison stint....


We told you earlier about rapper Young Buck owing over $300K to the IRS for unpaid taxes, and an auction of his things was recently held to clear it up. At the auction in Nashville, which was on of the IRS's largest in the area, $53K was collected towards the debt.

Items for sale included televisions, fur coats, recording equipment and jewelry.  The highest selling item was a diamond and ruby-encrusted gold chain going for $12K.  Also, one gentleman bought a $3K hard drive (hoping it contained unreleased music from the rapper).  Sadly, he later found out the IRS had already wiped it clean.  Womp!

And if you think watching your prized possessions sold off is embarassing...Young Buck took it in stride tweeting, 


So....apparently he bought the gold chain back, but he added, I never knew #Material shit was so important to y'all. Smh!!

And next month, the rapper is set to begin an 18-month prision stint for having weapons in his home.   I hope he knows he's not taking that chain with him.


Watch video of the auction here,





Damn homie

Damn homie
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

Dude fell off big time. Damn!

Dude fell off big time. Damn! That's embarrassing AF!
Jernero94's picture

Buck could've kept that

Buck could've kept that comment to himself.
Happy Lady's picture

If it wasn't important, why

If it wasn't important, why the *&^& did u have it?!! Buy some damn books and educate yourself...sounding like a str8 idiot...

This shit is hilarious. So

This shit is hilarious. So someone bought his hard drive thinking unreleased music was on it lmao, as if ianyone wants to hear it smh how tragic. And why is he bragging about buying back a $12k chain??? Rappers nowadays are walking around with mortgages around their neck. I bet YB was probably hoping 50 was there to buy back his stuff lol. 50 could have at least sent Marquise there with a blank check to help Buck out like "My dad said to give this to you!" Good luck Buck, keep your booty hole tight!!
tori's picture

No worries....Nashville will

No worries....Nashville will always rep and hold Buck down. With or without those material things, his hometown still cares...#notshallowdownSouth
lj's picture

I like Young Buck, too, but I

I like Young Buck, too, but I sure wish he'd taken the silent route on this one.
MrsCPA's picture

I wouldn't have even tweeted

I wouldn't have even tweeted if this was my $**t they was sellin..lmao
RobGlossy's picture

how embarrassing.

how embarrassing.
shuga's picture

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