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RAP CHICKS: Azealia Banks Rocks Alexander Wang's Fall 2012 Promo Vid + Iggy Azalea Preps To Walk In NY Fashion Week

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea are making moves.  Check out the Harlem rapper's new fashion promo with Alexander Wang and the Aussie rapper's new model moves inside....


Azealia Banks has taken her professional relationship with designer Alexander Wang one step further. The raw Harlem chick is now starring in a new promo vid for the clothing company's Fall 2012 campaign.  Azealia, who was Alexander's date to the Met Gala this year, also provided the music for his Spring 2012 campaign starring Liya Kibede.

The track she's rocking in this new promo is "Van Vogue" off her 1991 EP.  About working with Ms. Banks, Alexander Wang said:

“She exudes a certain rawness that makes her a very unique talent. I loved working with her on this video for T Fall 2012, and think the collaboration captures a collision of energies.”

Check out A's promo vid above.




As for the other rapstress with a similar name, Iggy Azalea, she's putting her modelicious looks--which we feel are superior to her rap skills TBH--to good use.  The newly signed Wilhelmina model announced she's now prepping her walking skills for New York Fall Fashion Week.  She tweeted:

Learning to walk in nyc next month in prep for fashion week and im actually nervous about it. lol. yikes! #DontTrip...Maybe they'll teach me to vogue too.... just joking! lol.

Can't lie, that "Murda Bizness" vid is good ish though.  Grandhustle's Iggy also just dropped her "Flash" track ft. Mike Posner off her new Glory EP.  And now she's focused on her upcoming mixtape TRAPGOLD.



I can care less about Iggy.

I can care less about Iggy.
Happy Lady's picture

azelia is kelly rowland

azelia is kelly rowland pretty..lol i mean just google kelsnetwork and see what happens..
reane's picture

i like dem both

i like dem both

Azelia Banks is making major

Azelia Banks is making major moves in the fashion industry. She's had the backing of Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang. Next thing you know she'll be in Nike commercials, Target commercials, etc. The chick is making her moves and money. Why would anyone be mad at her? I can't understand sending love to Iggy and dissing Azelia? Black people, not all/ not even the majority, are ghetto. I don't see Azelia doing anything, personality wise, different from what you all worship Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Foxxy, Amelia, Nas, Jadakiss, Biggie, Tupac for. They are all hood rappers with hood lyrics.
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I like Iggy so I'm excited to

I like Iggy so I'm excited to see her during Fashion week. www.onlyforyouboutique.com

these new female rappers are

these new female rappers are stepping their game up... i mean google Kelsnetwork and see
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bwaaa...... Azealia B killing

bwaaa...... Azealia B killing it in that video, she's so pretty and all the designers love her!! #blackbeauty
naira's picture

double yuck

double yuck

Both of their names bug the

Both of their names bug the crap out of me. Mr. Wang, is "rawness" a nice way of saying ghetto????? I think Azealia Banks is trashy and I'm not a fan of hers at all!! Iggy on the other hand has some prety sick songs out so I dig her. Did she get signed to anyone?? I know Interscope dropped her like a hot potato. She will make a great model because she is uber tall and pretty.
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