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FLY! Rihanna Goes Parasailing Above Cannes!

After docking her yacht in Cannes yesterday, pop star Rihanna is staying high as a kite...parasailing that is.  Pics inside of her fun adventure today....


It's week 2 of Rihanna's Mediterranean & French Riviera vacay.  And chick is showing no signs of slowing down.  She and her girls hopped a boat that would take them parasailing today in Cannes.  And the "Where Have You Been" singer looks like she was having the time of her life.

Back on the boat, Rih showed off her cute white one-piece swimsuit and snapped some sexy pis we're sure will end up in her vacay  pile of pics for her Facebook page:

Fun times!

Rihanna will appear on "Oprah's Next Chapter" August 19th.  And her new UK fashion reality show "Styled To Rock" also airing in August.

Pics: INF



This Chica stay posing!! Lol

This Chica stay posing!! Lol funny... Just live ya life RiRi!
Like Really's picture

She is young rich and works

She is young rich and works hard for hers....Enjoy girl you only live once.....She has no kids she can travel and enjoy the finer things in life.....
not having it's picture

Nothing wrong with enjoying

Nothing wrong with enjoying life! Haters are going to hate no matter what you do. So if you got it enjoy it because at the end of the day haters are still going to hate!!
BigJohn's picture

I have really grown to like

I have really grown to like rhianna. She is genuine. But her friends always look kinda trashy or like they are reaping the benefits. Can't she give malissa a makeover that girl is ooogly. And they are all too old for her but anywho at least they make her happy, I guess.
doll's picture

looks like fun! rihanna

looks like fun! rihanna probably has the best legs and body in the entire world lol shes the only one who can rock a onsie and make it look fabulous
litebrite's picture

her legs look nice, i like

her legs look nice, i like the white bathingsuit, she look nice in a 1 piece. i would have been too scared to do parasailing

i LOVE parasailing!!! can't

i LOVE parasailing!!! can't wait to do it again!!
diamond2012's picture

Not feeling that 1 piece

Not feeling that 1 piece granny suit ~ however, after all that is said and done ~ one thing you Can't say about Rih Rih ~ is that she doesn't know How to Live. Fun times ~ Luvs it!!
GetUrLife's picture

thatis so much fun i would go

thatis so much fun i would go parasailing again
Simple's picture

I would be screaming/crying

I would be screaming/crying from the beginning to the end. I'm the biggest wimp. :-(
Happy Lady's picture

If only she coulda kept going

If only she coulda kept going up further and further the sun could have burned her to a crisp. She was probably spying on Chris and KantLetUGo up there.
tori's picture

Spit my coffee out

Spit my coffee out laughing......!!!!!!....Girl stop!....I love Rihanna. Don't say that. But the play on Kachoochie's name is funny!
JewelryLover's picture


LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

U really are a fawkin trip, u

U really are a fawkin trip, u hate Rihanna so much but is the first one to jump on her post and talk smack. You must really hate life in your Barrio living in your dingy basement apartment with ur mama, step daddy, uncle Jesus who is also your boyfriend, Manuel your crack addicted half brother , your abuela and her pimp boyfriend. You Dominicans are disgusting. Keep hating on Princess Ri , look at the 53 million dollar a year baby enjoying her life on a yacht in the Mediterranean while you collect food stamps . Tori just suck on a fat empanada and choke. Dumb ugly spic ho.
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@Tori, Bitch you need to give

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We're addicted to perms??

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I don't know where you live,

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JewelryLover's picture

@Jewelry Lover : Brap Brap

@Jewelry Lover : Brap Brap Barp........Shots dun fire.......gwaan mi girl tell this bitch whas really up. She too damn outta order , always sitting up on this motherfucker talking ish bout black folk. Acting like Rhihanna fawk her ho spic azz and forgot to pay.
Kai's picture

this was funny except the

this was funny except the part about the dominicans, that commentator doesnt represent all dominicans-all the ones i know of are so kind. (im not dominican)

Is there no incurable disease

Is there no incurable disease your dumb unfunny ass can contract and die. I absolutely hate ur spic illiterate azz.
Kai's picture

I'm illiterate witb a college

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Lastt time I checked black

Lastt time I checked black females accounted for the majority of people infected with AIDS, and Africa was where all those damn Feed The Commercials were filmed with kids walking around naked with flies stuck on their face lmao. Womp womp.
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Bitch , U must be the only ho

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Kai's picture

i cant lie, kai u are

i cant lie, kai u are hilarious

That was mean, but funny -

That was mean, but funny - lol.
Happy Lady's picture

Looks likes she is having a

Looks likes she is having a blast & is making me reconsider my vacation boycott for the year. Sidenote: I never could understand how my friends or people in general are able to snap pictures on vacation. I am too busy enjoying myself to worry with photos. I guess memories are all I will ever have or some crowded SD card that will never make it's way online.
marylou's picture

That looks like so much fun.

That looks like so much fun. I keep clicking my heels and, yet, at this desk I still sit.
MrsCPA's picture

lol...ya know! say what you

lol...ya know! say what you want but Rihanna knows how to have fun. I cant believe ppl were in here at 3 in the morning arguing about it tho.....lol
shuga's picture

looks like a hella good time

looks like a hella good time
Klashing's picture

that is more fun than it even

that is more fun than it even looks. it's 100% quiet & feels like you're floating............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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