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Nelly Speaks On Ashanti Relationship, Says They're "Pretty Cool" & Debunks Cocaine & Money Rumors

Rapper Nelly hit up Baltimore's 92Q radio station this week to have a chit chat about rumors.  Apparently Nelly has been pegged as a coke head...and even though he's been spotted around his home town of St. Louis with Ashanti, he's rumored to have fallen out with her over money.


Check out his answers inside...

Nelly cleared up a few rumors yesterday during his interview on Baltimore's 92Q on "The KO Show."

About those rumors he's heavily into cocaine and heavy drug use, he denied it saying he's "bad drug free."  Alrighty.  Even if he was taking sniffs....would he really admit it?

And about his 10+ year relationship with Ashanti that he still refuses to outright claim, he kept up the coyness.  After the radio host brought up the fact that we saw pics of the twosome chillin' around St. Louis as recent as a few weeks ago, Nelly responded, "We're pretty cool."

Well isn't that romantic...

There were also some rumors about Nelly  Ashanti "breaking up" due to Nelly owing her $500,000.  Aside from the fact that sounds totally foolish (we know somebody's about to ask if Ashanti had half a million to lend to him in the first place), it's pretty clear this rumor is false.  Nelly laughed...hard...about it.  And said him owing Ashanti money is indeed false.

Check out the interview in full HERE.

The Randomness:

1.  Pastor Juanita Bynum exposes her "abusive past" and says she slept with women.  STORY

2.  Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a cardiac arrest last week.  He is now on a respirator and doctors are reportedly optimistic about his improvements.  STORY



I feel whatever they are

I feel whatever they are doing works for them. I see them as not just being cool but as two people who dont really want everyone in the middle of there relationship, they have obviously been scene with only each other for the past 10 years. You have never heard of Nelly dating anyone else or parading them around any events that he attends in public, whatever it is that they are doing I think its Great because they are never two people names you see much running thru the headlines or gossip in negative way. If being private is what works for them then godbless em....
mslee11's picture

maybe they are just cool.

maybe they are just cool. Cool could mean different things to people. Just cause they date, and have sex( just and examp.) doesnt mean they are boyfriend and girlfriend
landieluv's picture

Ashanti is playing it off

Ashanti is playing it off like Gloria Govan and making it seem like they are cool with the status quo and would rather have it that way. If women invest the time, best believe we love you dirty draws. If men invest the time, they are just trying to have their cake and eat it too for as looooooooog as possible. It's up to us to make them piss or get off the pot.
Honey BOOM's picture

People STAY projecting THEIR

People STAY projecting THEIR wants, requirements & whatnots on everyone else, wtf? Maybe......just maybe... whatEVER they have going on...works.....for.......THEM. Why does SHE have to be ...stupid..or dumb or whatever...maybe he does for her what SHE needs to have done for her...gives her what SHE needs. Whatever the case they seem to be cool with it so...why can't folks just ACCEPT that THEY ARE COOL with it and keep it movin'? People move to their own beat....not to yours...nor mine....let them live.
Mocha1's picture

shes pretty but shes

shes pretty but shes dumb...only jay and beyonce could get away with that secret relationship thing in the past because they are both bosses. who is ashanti now? nelly....? lol this man still aint claiming u....move on. whats the big deal in sayin "yes, we are dating"? its because hes still messing with other women thats pretty obvious
Anonymoustoo's picture

LMAO at the concern about

LMAO at the concern about their relationship status...its been 10 years...like get over it. He's still f'n mass chicks and having fun...takin vacays with his main chick (not Ashanti)... he isn't going to settle down until he finds a chick he really loves, she demands respect & monogomy, and he WANTS to give her that. That's why he's not with babymomma cuz she refused to deal with the bullshyt. If you ain't down with being one of many, Nelly ain't messin' with. Poor Ashanti either believes he will change his mind at some point and choose her or she doesn't give a f*$k. Either way, they're grown.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

damn its been long enough

damn its been long enough proclaim your love for her or something! lol

you can't tell me that Nelly

you can't tell me that Nelly isn't the splitting image of a Sleestak from "Land of the Lost" .............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ashitty has so self-worth. A

Ashitty has so self-worth. A man still fails to claim you after 10 years. SMH.
Elle's picture

So, she doesn't claim him

So, she doesn't claim him either, what does that make him. I believe this is a mutual agreement, so I am sure her self-worth is just fine and she doesn't need you to validate it. Do you need a man to determine your self worth?
srenitamoore's picture

1. I think Nelly and Ashanti

1. I think Nelly and Ashanti will get married one day. They make a nice couple. 2. Of course Juanita Bynum slept with women....all these ministers and their first ladies are just as corrupt as anyone else in the world. 3. I am so glad to hear about Michael Clarke Duncan. I bet he'll put a ring on it after she saved his life.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

" Pastor Juanita Bynum

" Pastor Juanita Bynum exposes her "abusive past" and says she slept with women." Hum..... Every week there is someone getting out of the closet. Is it a new trend??????
Let's get it poppin's picture

I kno right. Soon..it will be

I kno right. Soon..it will be the default sexual orientation.
Gia Lo's picture

First of all we don't know if

First of all we don't know if she has a ring or not, hell they couldve been gotten married but just doesnt want the public in their business. As soon as they confirm it everybody and their grandmother will have a bunch of negative shit to say... who feels like dealing with that? If it was like back in the day sure but nowadays theirs facebook, twitter, instagram... nobody wants to deal with that bullshit. So if they are together great for them I hope they keep it out of the public's eye forever.
Keya Taylor's picture

People already talk

People already talk negatively about their relationship because neither of them will confirm the obvious. Its not like they are seen around town with other people so what's the big deal. Hell, both their careers are chillin on ice, their relationship is the only thing that keeps them remotely relavent, a wedding and reality show will do them good.
tori's picture

Ashanti boo you can do

Ashanti boo you can do better. I understand keeping your private life, private, but when a man has a hard time calling you his girl after 10 years, its time to walk away. You guys aren't married, and don't have kids so moving on should be an effortless transition. You in your early 30's so you can probably pull a baller, juzt don't ask to sing the National Anthem at a game, major turnoff.
tori's picture

LOL @ don't ask to sing the

LOL @ don't ask to sing the National Anthem, hilarious!
Mrs_B_35's picture

Uhm neither one of them

Uhm neither one of them confirmed their relationship... BOTH of them always say the same thing, "We're cool"
Keya Taylor's picture

After reading all that, Nelly

After reading all that, Nelly acts & treats her just like a Pimp (smh)..... (laugh hysterically at THAT Ashanti since everything is so hilarious & bananas to you) .................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ten years and no ring? I

Ten years and no ring? I couldn't do it so hats off to Ashanti for sticking with him.
Happy Lady's picture

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