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FAMILY MOVIE TIME: Kim & Kanye's Date With Kourtney, Mason & Scott

Kim & Kanye are taking full advantage of Mr. West being in L.A. this weekend.  The twsome went to the movies with Kim's family--sister Kourtney, nephew Mason and Kourtney's man Scott Disick.


Pics of the big happy family inside....

Kim is making sure her family is Team Kanye--unlike how they were with her estranged husband (who she still isn't divorced from) Kris Humphries.  So they all spent a little QT during a family outing at the movies yesterday.  With he couple decked out in their usual head to toe neutrals:

Seems like Kourtney's been preggers for an eternity.

And after the family movie date, Kanye and his crew hit up Westfield Mall for a little shopping:

In the black Lambo Kim reportedly bought him for his birthday last month.

We wouldn't be surprised if both Kim & Kanye hit up tonight's BET Awards, especially now that Beyonce & Jay-Z have reportedly been confirmed to attend in some fashion.  It would be a tragedy if they missed more red carpets, flashing lights, fan worship and photo ops.

Pics: Bauer Griffin




Lmao @ her scrawny, chicken

Lmao @ her scrawny, chicken legs!
sianna1's picture

I like team Kimye but its

I like team Kimye but its gotta suck to be Kris Humphries and watch your wife parade around with the next man. she was never this supportive of him or his career. oh well, you live and you learn.
shuga's picture

Kanye is so On the "DownLow"

Kanye is so On the "DownLow" .. Kim "Boo" you are Flip Flopin everywhere you need a Bra On... other then that Mason is so Adorable!
REd™'s picture

well well well... look at

well well well... look at this big ole happy FAMILY....hehe finally a perfect tool so Kanye at this point...u fit right in!! Kudos...oh and good-luck with that!!
Like Really's picture

Hurry up n knock her up, Ye.

Hurry up n knock her up, Ye.
lolo's picture

That's a weird couple. Who

That's a weird couple. Who dresses this way to go to theatre
Ashley's picture

I think Kanye has that Lamar

I think Kanye has that Lamar Odom complex, where he doesn't have much of any immediate family so he is in love with being around such a large family, especially one that is in love with fashion and attention as much as he does.
tori's picture

I think it has more to do

I think it has more to do with the fashion and attention part.
CheyPie's picture

i agree!!!

i agree!!!
nikasosmo0th's picture

I love these two together,

I love these two together, Kim is good for Kanye, she has softened him up and he is good for her because she needs someone strong who can deal with the spot light, they both look happy. Natasha why the shade honey? She admitted to Oprah that she DID purchase the car for Kanye, and Kanye was scheduled to appear at the BET awards with G.O.O.D music way before Beyonce and Jay confirmed that they would, so don't make it seem as if they are going because Bey and Jay are, you should really stop this hatred that you have for Kim, it's actually pathetic.
lsmith1023's picture

Khloe and the rest of the

Khloe and the rest of the KLAN, know dayum well they could not get away with treating Kanye the way they treated Kris Humphries, ain't happenin, LMFAO. Secondly, Kanye is cheapening his brand, appearing on reality tv now with the Kardashians like all the rest of the Kardashian boys, Scott, Lamar, Kris, Reggie, Miles.................
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Yeah, I doubt Kanye would

Yeah, I doubt Kanye would take the bull that Bruce and Scott put up with. I don't think Kanye is cheapening his brand at all when you think about it. As much as white folk like to rag on the Kardashians they are still loved by them and being that most white folk haven't forgot what Ye did to their sweetheart Taylor Swift, seeing Kanye on tv being a sweet guy and behaving normally will win him brownie points, and companies would actually want him to be their spokesman. Kanye may have the rap game on lock but every artist know that endorsements is where the real money is, not collecting pennies on each album they sell.
tori's picture

So very true!

So very true!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

KanYe looking like Frank

KanYe looking like Frank Ocean. I'm glad he dropped that all black everything for a minute. He looks G.O.O.D.
Yas's picture

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