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And finally--LeBron James nabbed a ring!  Tonight, the Miami Heat came out the gate swinging for Game 5.  And played an amazing game against OKC.  The Heat are the 2012 champs!

Final score: 121-106

Congrats are in order for the Miami Heat!  LeBron earned his first ring, Dwyane Wade earned his second, and Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and Shane Battier all copped their first ring as well.

While many were pulling for the youngins who some would call the underdogs OKC (including myself), it was the Miami Heat who came through winning Games 2-5 after OKC debuted in the Finals series winning Game 1. 

After the win tonight, LeBron told media that he learned how to humble himself this year both on and off the court saying:

"It means everything.  I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland.  But understood what my future was about.  And understood that coming to Miami and we had a bright future.  This is a dream come true for me.  I've been through a lot in the past 2 years."

This is the Heat's second NBA Championship Title in franchise history.


P.S.  Anybody else develop a a soft spot for Kevin Durant and the talented OKC during the playoffs?  I did. 

P.S.S.  This is veteran Juwan Howard's first ring (the only member of the Fab 5 to win a ring) after playing in the league for 18 seasons.  The 39-year-old played the last couple minutes of the game.





Good Job !!!!

Good Job !!!!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to Lebron and the

Congrats to Lebron and the Heat! God uses your enemies as your footstool Haters brushing their shoulders
TH's picture

I'm happy for MIAMI. I like

I'm happy for MIAMI. I like the team's chemistry and they gel well together. They appeared to want it more than OKC ... but Durant, being a DMV local, I rooted for him ... and he and Westbrook were phenomenal. They are young and talented so they have time ... two great teams ... so glad the LAKERS weren't contenders. Now...as other people have stated, LEAVE LEBRON ALONE!!!
Anonymous's picture

Well said!!!!

Well said!!!!
Phoenix's picture

Finally. now leave Lebron

Finally. now leave Lebron alone. He still needs three for me to crown him the best to ever do it.
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Man oh man I cried for Kevin

Man oh man I cried for Kevin D, but his time will come...congrats to Miami!!!'nm
Island gal's picture

OKC don't worry you guys are

OKC don't worry you guys are young and talented your chance will come one year....
T.O's picture

Im so happy Bron finally got

Im so happy Bron finally got his ring!!! #heatsnation all day!!! Congrats to Wade, Bron & All the Heats players! & thank gosshhh... for Mike Miller tonite!
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What NBA team is The Heats

What NBA team is The Heats -_-
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Let's go heats....I LOVE

Let's go heats....I LOVE MIAMI
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Miami you did it again.

Miami you did it again. Lebron regardless what people say you deserve the ring, you just shut up Cleveland and all your haters. Miami congrats wish I was there this weekend to take in some of the crazy parties that are about to go down.
M.I.A's picture

Congrats to Miami especially

Congrats to Miami especially Lebron. OKC did great too!
binks's picture

Plz leave LeBron alone!!!

Plz leave LeBron alone!!! He's an awesome player!! Go Heat Go!!!!!! Congrats!!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats Heat!!! Miami 305

Congrats Heat!!! Miami 305 all day!!
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WHAT NOW CLEVELAND HATERS.. Lebron has finally done what you guys wouldn't be able to.. Enjoy that ring MIAMI.. Sidenote not to happy that Chris Bosh got a ring (he's over-rated)
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Congratulations to Lebron and

Congratulations to Lebron and the entire Miami Heat team, they played hard and deserved to win! All the Lebron "no ring" jokes can finally come to an end. Please keep the Lebron haters, the basketball fans of Cleveland, as well as Dan Gilbert in your prayers as they are currently on SUICIDE WATCH!!!
Phattygyrl's picture

OMG! I died laughing so hard

OMG! I died laughing so hard after reading your comment....I was just saying that to someone else...Priceless!
doesntmatter's picture

Lebron has bragging rights

Lebron has bragging rights now........
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The showed no mercy! Congrats

The showed no mercy! Congrats to the HEAT! Now, please leave Lebron alone.
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