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And finally--LeBron James nabbed a ring!  Tonight, the Miami Heat came out the gate swinging for Game 5.  And played an amazing game against OKC.  The Heat are the 2012 champs!

Final score: 121-106

Congrats are in order for the Miami Heat!  LeBron earned his first ring, Dwyane Wade earned his second, and Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and Shane Battier all copped their first ring as well.

While many were pulling for the youngins who some would call the underdogs OKC (including myself), it was the Miami Heat who came through winning Games 2-5 after OKC debuted in the Finals series winning Game 1. 

After the win tonight, LeBron told media that he learned how to humble himself this year both on and off the court saying:

"It means everything.  I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland.  But understood what my future was about.  And understood that coming to Miami and we had a bright future.  This is a dream come true for me.  I've been through a lot in the past 2 years."

This is the Heat's second NBA Championship Title in franchise history.


P.S.  Anybody else develop a a soft spot for Kevin Durant and the talented OKC during the playoffs?  I did. 

P.S.S.  This is veteran Juwan Howard's first ring (the only member of the Fab 5 to win a ring) after playing in the league for 18 seasons.  The 39-year-old played the last couple minutes of the game.






Anonymous's picture

I love myself some heats.

I love myself some heats. Lebron why don't you invite me and my grandsons to lunch.
Cynthia's picture

Kevin durant is SO classy!

Kevin durant is SO classy! Love that young man! I'm Happy for LeBron and Savannah. true King and Queen of the league (sit down LaLa). Can't wait for the wedding!
Anon's picture

Go Heat! Go Heat!

Go Heat! Go Heat!
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Anonymous's picture

Earth to Dan Gilbert, Come in

Earth to Dan Gilbert, Come in Dan Gilbert, We cant hear youuuuuu llh GO HEAT!!!!
Realist 's picture

about dam time

about dam time
Anonymous's picture

So Happy for Lebron he

So Happy for Lebron he DESERVES it! I hope he gets this ring fit for his middle finger.
Sunshine's picture

So True. Brotha worked his

So True. Brotha worked his ASS OFF this go round!! You Go Boy!! Put that Blinged up middle fingers and say HI HATERS!!!. ..to Dumb Duffus Charles Barkley and ask Wheres Yours HATER.?..LOL
King James Fan's picture

I admit to not being much of

I admit to not being much of a BBall fan but I am a fan of the city of Miami and of Lebron. He (and his teammates) put his hoodie up for Trayvon Martin. Nuff respect. I dig him, good dude in my eyes. Congrats to him and MIA!
WholeLife's picture

congrats to all of them....i

congrats to all of them....i enjoyed the game and its nice to see lebron make his wish come true....i am happy for all of them...
TW's picture

I really like Kevin Durant as

I really like Kevin Durant as a player.... I was cheering for OKC all the way with hopes that "the young team" would have defied the odds by winning the championship. Durant is seems to a humble individual and he loves his mom. Lebron deserves the ring guys, we have to give him accolades for his stellar performance in the finals! Congrats Miami!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to the Heat! Lebron

Congrats to the Heat! Lebron you truly deserve it w/ all you went through last year. How embarassing was that but VICTORY IS ALWAYS THE SWEETEST REVENGE! Forget about those people crazy Ohio fans they are Old Buss. We here in the Sunshine State Crown you as the New Micheal Jordon minus the Arrogant Attitude. Dwayne you too have been through a lot personally lately but you held it together. Chris Bosh and Mike you all made it happen. It is PURE PANDEMONIUM DOWN HERE in the SUNSHINE STATE! ALL HALE THE NEW KING THE ONE AND ONLY LEBRON JAMES! For those that are MAD about The Heat's Victory SHUT UP and BOW DOWN to the NEW KING and his CREW!
LovelyGirl's picture

Umm the Heat didn't get swept

Umm the Heat didn't get swept last year they were up 2-1 then lost the last 3 games to Dallas. The Lakers were swept last year...
Anonymous's picture

Thank Teacher but the next

Thank Teacher but the next time you want to correct me go back and read my corrections first. You are probably a sad Ohio fan.
LovelyGirl's picture

LOL the sad part is you mad

LOL the sad part is you mad b/c you were wrong the first time lol.
Anonymous's picture

No you are the one MAD! Even

No you are the one MAD! Even though she may have been wrong you showed your True Colors when you did not mention any Congrats to The Heat. Stay Mad! Her Team Won and yours did not. BITTERONE!
Anonymous's picture

I guess Dwade ex and Bosh

I guess Dwade ex and Bosh babymama are stewing in their pot because of these guys success. Congrats guys well deserve title. Ring for the King. Looks like lebron got the last laugh after all curtesy Dan "cheap ass" Gilbert!!!!
Uncle Tom Jr...'s picture

I've always loved Kevin

I've always loved Kevin Durant, he is definitely on his way to making history. He broke my heart last night. I couldn't even watch.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah I felt bad for him as

Yeah I felt bad for him as well. I did like seeing how LeBron and some of the team went over to Durant and OKC to congratulate them on their efforts before going wild with the celebration. It was a class act and show of sportsmanship all around on the court (by both teams).
Anonymous's picture

All Lebron wanted was a

All Lebron wanted was a ring...doesn't respect the game, his team, or the fans. You are trying to hard to be the best player of all time, and it's not going to happen! He doesn't have the heart of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. I was sad to see OKC not take it this year, they just didn't have the urgency. I'm not a Bulls fan but I say Derrick Rose with a ring next year?
Anonymous's picture

As a Magic fan, I must say

As a Magic fan, I must say that your post wreaks with hate. 1. He has heart, it's just that yours is so full of hate that you can't see it 2. He doesn't respect the game? Many people was frustrated with his constant effort to always bring EVERYONE ELSE into the game instead of making all of the plays...you can't be a teamplayer and selfish 3. All three greats you mentioned wanted a ring. Anyone playing one their level wants finish their career with at least one ring and not justthe paper. All he wanted was a ring...you sound foolish at best.
Anonymous's picture

u sound like a full out

u sound like a full out hater. who u no that works hard for nothing. the ultimate pay off is the ring. he has respect for the sport ,fans and self .what more do u want from him blood.durant is such this great player 5 mins in the $th quarter u sit with a towel over your head. he needed to be on the floor willing his team to chase the score . but heart is heart congrats lebron
Anonymous's picture

Heart? Are you kidding?????

Heart? Are you kidding????? Michael Jordan ws a friccking cheater! Magic has is issues, no need for me to point them out and Larry Bird rejected his own daughter for years. Need I go on??????? Yall kill me with that shyt! Putting some athletes on a pedesdal then tearing other ones down. Kiss MY Azz. LeBron is no different from the rest of them. Give him is props and quit tripping!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I'm officially done with the

I'm officially done with the NBA for forcing that ring to Miami. You cannot convince me that was not the plan from the start of this series. With that said...KD has 6 rings ahead of him to join the ranks of Kobe and Jordan.
Anonymous's picture

Good riddance. Once less

Good riddance. Once less IDIOT to comment next year! BYE!
Anonymous's picture

means nothing because he won

means nothing because he won with already two other exceptional players helping him...had he won a ring for Cleveland then i could say he's the wonder boy but he's just another player on this team.....he's still wacked in my book
tanyamichelle's picture

This shows either 2 things

This shows either 2 things (1) you know little to nothing about bball pre 2010 or (2) you love haterade on the rocks. No great player - including MJ - can win a championship without exceptional help. Magic had Worthy (one-time MVP), Abdul-Jabbar, Greene, Cooper & Rambis; Bird had McHale, Johnson, and Parrish; MJ had Pippen, Rodman, Horry, Grant, Oakley, Kerr, and others I am sure I'm forgetting. Although these greats are known for lifting their teams to greatness, they did not have to carry 4 players on their backs. Cleveland fans wanted LeBron to walk on water and carry a whole team and questionable coaching to a championship. He's the best player in the game but he is not Jesus. So he took a page from the books from the past great and teamed up with other exceptional players to get the job done. Besides, this team did not get here by sweeping a bunch of weak teams in the Easyern Conference - they worked hard. So put down that tall glass of haterade, turn Skip Bayless off, and give credit where credit is due.
Anonymous's picture

LeBron is a consumate

LeBron is a consumate PROFESSIONAL. Congrats to the entire franchise. The situation with Gilbert got out of hand because Gilbert went rogue. We all know James deserves this ring. Stop judging him for making a "personal" decision to move on and realizing his DREAM.
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to LeBron and the

Congrats to LeBron and the Heat. Now the haters can go lay down!
$ir Lawrence's picture

This was the first time I can

This was the first time I can remember being torn between two teams in the championship. I really wanted Lebron to get that first ring.....but I agree with Natasha that the kid Durant really won me over. He is a class act, humble, mature and all that good stuff. But overall, I feel the same about Lebron and I am happy for the heat.
Ethel Mae Rae's picture

Congrats to Lebron!!! Love

Congrats to Lebron!!! Love him as a player. I was sad to see him leave the Cavs but understand you have to do what is best for you. He is a talented player and has worked very hard since he came in the NBA. Congrats!!!!! OKC had a wonderful season. They are young and we will see them for years to come. They will only get better. Kevin Durant seems very humble. I love his relationship with his mom and with his faith in God. Big things to come KD and OKC!!!!! Right now is Lebron's time though....hard work pays off:)!
loveladywi's picture


TIPPIE's picture

I have to say that I am happy

I have to say that I am happy for BRON BRON, at first I didnt agree with the way he announced his move to MIAMI, but who are we judge someone chasing a Dream?? Congrats to him and Dwayne ( who has been through a lot since his last ring) I hope Bron is happy and I wish him and Savannah a happy future.
Anonymous's picture

I LOVE Kevin Durant! Such a

I LOVE Kevin Durant! Such a humble, class act. I hope he or Derrick Rose get a ring next year. But I really want Kobe to get his 6th ring! Woot, woot!
Elle's picture


Anonymous's picture

Too bad Lebron aka Benjamin

Too bad Lebron aka Benjamin Button can't purchase a new hairline with that ring. Lebum have you all fooled and many of you are bandwagon fans. We'ren't you going for Cleveland just two years ago? And now you're Miami fans. Pathetic.
Elle's picture

You need a nap.

You need a nap.
Anonymous's picture

You need a life. Freedom of

You need a life. Freedom of speech, you imbecile!
Elle's picture

Yo Mama. Since we playin

Yo Mama. Since we playin dozens. LOL
Anonymous's picture


WholeLife's picture

Hmmm....actaully honey...his

Hmmm....actaully honey...his hairline is back and in tact!!
Anonymous's picture

Simply means I am a Lebron

Simply means I am a Lebron fan and not a certain team's fan. Not a bandwagon fan. A fan of his whether he wins or lose.
??????????'s picture

FIANLLY - someone I can

FIANLLY - someone I can relate to. I can't be a team fan riding for whatever...being at the mercy of management. What if management builds a garbage roster or trades my favorite player? But to each their own.
Anonymous's picture

Cleveland fans have to have

Cleveland fans have to have something to do. LOL It's obvious their team can't entertain them. Who cares what they say. Poor spots lose every time. Instead of wishing him well, they took the low road and wanted him to stay FOREVER! Can't blame LeBron. Last night proved he did the right thing.
Anonymous's picture

For you Dan Gilbert. The

For you Dan Gilbert. The definition of (Karma). Karma is a word meaning the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions. It is an important part of many religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.
Anonymous's picture

Now it seems like it will be

Now it seems like it will be more pressure on The Heat because people are going to expect them to keep getting rings.
Anonymous's picture

I don't think so. OKC is no

I don't think so. OKC is no joke and they looked like that they had a good game plan after the first 3 games...I think the heat has less pressure now that have solidified themselves as one of best with winning the NBA
freddie's picture

The Heat team worked hard for

The Heat team worked hard for that win. All these "fans" didn't do shit and wasn't with them shooting in the gym. I'm happy Lebron finally got his ring because they sportcasters talk about him like dog shit so now he can tell them to kiss his ass. I wanted OKC to win but they need a little more experience and it's theirs for sure. Durant tears last night were not in vain. Keeping working hard, continue to be a good sport lil brotha, you'll get that ring
neidra's picture

Let's all try to Reframe from

Let's all try to Reframe from using the word Hater! Try a new saying like: Stay Mad or You Mad, help me out folks but please stay away from Hater. It's just not w/ it anymore.
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