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Anthony Mackie COVERS UPTOWN Magazine's June/July 2012 Issue, Dishes About FAME And His FIRST LOVE

In UPTOWN's June/July issue, cover guy Anthony Mackie rocks a few pre-fall looks and reveals he's just an "average guy."  The Hurt Locker actor is one of Hollywood's newest IT Guys....and you already know we've got nothing but love for the New Orleans native.  Deets inside.....


32-year-old actor Anthony Mackie graces the cover of UPTOWN Mag's June/July Home & Food issue where he's looking dapper in a pre-fall fashion spread. In addition to revealing some of his favorite foods, the Brooklyn restaurant owner (talk about diversifying assets) who portrayed Tupac in the Notorious film, opened up about fame, loving theater and being recognized by his peers.  

When asked to describe himself,  The Adjustment Bureau actor said, "Average guy. If your car breaks down, I’m your guy. If you need a heartthrob, I’m not your guy. I’m dead serious.”

Here are the highlights:

On fame:

“There’s a difference between being a working actor and being a celebrity … If you’re in this field you have to ask yourself that in the beginning and be honest with yourself. If you want to be a celebrity go after that 100 percent. If you want to be a working actor, it may mean doing a play that no one sees, but you love the craft.”

On buying the hype:

“Everybody was like ‘This is it, dog, you’re blowing up. I bought into it thinking that my ‘Denzel time’ had come. I was left there with egg on my face.”

On being recognized for his craft:

“Sometimes recognition and accolades and possessions aren’t exactly the gravy on the mash potatoes. Sometimes that’s the stuff that comes when it comes. If it doesn’t come, I’m not upset about it because that’s not what I’m looking for.”

On his first love, theater:

“It’s instant gratification. I know now that in certain aspects of my life, I’m a whore for attention. I love to be on stage … and I love to say something and hear the audience respond. It’s a drug.”

On catching the acting bug:

“I was reading and doing stuff that nobody else in school was. I’m in ninth grade reading Chekhov, Ibsen, and Shakespeare. I was doing plays downtown. It was fun.”

On his legacy:

“I love where I am right now. If I grow up to be Don Cheadle, I’m very happy with that.”


Watch Anthony reveal some of his favorite meals and restaurants in New Orleans, NYC, and Miami here:


And here's his spread........

We're loving the retro feel.





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He owns a Bar on Nostrand Ave

He owns a Bar on Nostrand Ave In Brooklyn, Not a restaurant
Stushy Delancy's picture

I was wondering is he out of

I was wondering is he out of the CLOSET!!!!! I've seen him on LOGO channel playin in a GAY movie in a relationship and looking comfortable!!!!! HE IS GAY!!!! He's following the same career goals as Will Smith,Eddie Murphy, etc; I've give him 5 yrs.!!!!!
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So by your logic all the gay

So by your logic all the gay actors playing straight rolls are secretly straight? I don't know how Neil Patrick Harris's husband will feel about this revelation. * * You may want to let go of some of that blind ignorance...
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Lmao..tha difference between brakes n breaks..*sighs*
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Lmao..tha difference between

Lmao..tha difference between brakes n breaks..*sighs*
JCThaFinest1's picture

Oh so he's gay.... We needed

Oh so he's gay.... We needed an article for that?
Anonymous's picture

Get Your Life! It's not

Get Your Life! It's not called Gay. It's called a real MAN! It's a shame that people can't tell a REAL man anymore. They see a man who carries himself well, dresses like an adult, speaks eloquently, respects himself and others and he has to be gay. Yeah okay. But little do you know that some of these man who are tatted up, portray themselves to have these females and still dresses and act like they are in high school are on the low down.
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My kind of man, I love a man

My kind of man, I love a man who can fix things. My friend and I argue about this all the time. She prefers "educated" men who can't do a damn thing except for pay, hell won't even take out the trash. I prefer a man who may not have the college degree but is a hard skilled worker and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Who the hell wants to wait for AAA if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere because your man can't fix a flat?
Anonymous's picture

He's my ideal type... -bosom

He's my ideal type... -bosom sigh-
Slight Work's picture

Hehas a lot of Junk in that

Hehas a lot of Junk in that Trunk of his....I wonder does a Man tap it or what?.....ummmmm
Star 's picture

I met him before when he was

I met him before when he was shooting an independent movie on my block years ago. He wasn’t famous then but was super cool and was chatting with everyone. I was shocked to see him again filming She Hate Me by Coney Island, and he actually remembered who I was. I am his fan for life.
Furious your padded room is ready!'s picture

how's like your genuine,

how's like your genuine, round the way guy. Stay humble...that's the way to be in that business. Humble and honest about what it is you're after.
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LOL @ brakes and breaks

LOL @ brakes and breaks
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Talented, handsome, and

Talented, handsome, and sexy... Thumbs all the way up
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he looks like that detective

he looks like that detective with the half missing face on the first 48.
shuga's picture

nice guy and hot

nice guy and hot too............yep this is my dream guy!
Becki's picture

The last pic is my fav. I

The last pic is my fav. I fell inlove with Mackie when I saw him in 'She Hate Me' with Kerry Washington.
Realist 's picture

Ever since Papa Doc on 8

Ever since Papa Doc on 8 mile, I been on this Mackie dude, he's hot....in every sense of the word!
GetYoLyfe's picture

He is so handsome and a great

He is so handsome and a great actor...
Anonymous's picture

he's a real good actor, i

he's a real good actor, i like him! (:
BlackBerry's picture

yup...he's handsome...i'd

yup...he's handsome...i'd date him...and who doesnt want someome who can fix the car when it brakes down lol
Candace's picture

i think he would want someone

i think he would want someone who knew the difference between brakes and breaks!!!
Anonymous's picture

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