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Rihanna VISITS Grandmother In BK, Will INTERVIEW With Oprah In AUGUST


Over the weekend, Rihanna visited her Grandmother in Brooklyn, who has been released from the hospital. See the pics inside and get the deets on Rihanna's big Oprah interview........



We told you earlier that Rihanna's grandmother was battling Cancer, so during her stay in NYC, RiRi made a trip to BK for a visit.

She tweeted, My heart smiled and cried all at once.

They were very playful too.  She put a hat on her and said, #grangrandolly Truk your girl

She added, She still has the most beautiful hands.


In other Rihanna news......

Oprah Winfrey confirmed on Twitter that she will interview Rihanna for "Oprah's Next Chapter" in August.  

And on a sidenote, it's all fine and good that Oprah wants to seem approachable, but should she (or her little helpers) retweet folks with names like "StayDaFuckMad?"  That's ain't good for the soul.....




She did interview her, what

She did interview her, what are you talking about? and all networks are opportunist, she is runnign a business people!! this is why some of you will never have anything your minds are too limited and small.
Anonymous's picture

Umm- ya'll need to check

Umm- ya'll need to check Oprah's past shows - she's always done "pop culture" interviews. Even if her show was still syndicated on ABC, she probably would've interviewed these peeps. Oh, and by the way ALL networks are opportunistic in scheduling guests & topics to ensure that we, the people will watch & talk about the interviews. SMH @ the blind hatred towards Oprah & stupid comments from the ignorant.
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lmao @ Natasha I peeped that

lmao @ Natasha I peeped that name too.. Lawd has she fallen hard..
JaneDoe's picture

Oprah is interviewing

Oprah is interviewing everybody under the sun now that her network is flopping......smh good luch with that
Anonymous's picture

Hmm.. Oprah's losing that

Hmm.. Oprah's losing that "thing" for me.. it was the Kardashian interview that did it... what happened to class.. and real journalism..
Trini2DeBone's picture

Wow!! well if her

Wow!! well if her interviewing the Kardashians, who are Pop Culture royalty right now makes you lose respect for Oprah, that says a lot about you and your small mind. So sad that black people are so backwards.
Anonymous's picture

Thirsty old Orca is back to

Thirsty old Orca is back to her old ways (for the Almighty Dollar) smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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