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ENGAGED! NFL Baller Devin Thomas & Longtime Girlfriend Porshia Pryor!

Superbowl Champ Devin Thomas has confirmed he popped the question to his long time girlfriend Porshia Pryor.  We've got the deets and Devin's own words about it inside...

Sexy NFLer Devin Thomas, who played for the NY Giants last season during their Superbowl championship season, is officially off the market.

After debuted his girlfriend Portia back in February at his celebration party, apparently things took off at an accelerated speed because he indeed laced chick with a ring this week.  Engagements amongst athletes seem to be on one thousand these days.

Devin's rep confirmed to TheYBF.com that the hottie indeed popped the question.  Devin said in a statement:

“I’ve been truly blessed this past year and will continue to devote my focus on football and building a family and future with my fiancé Porshia," Devin said in a statement to TheYBF.  "We have a long shared history together and this is an extremely joyous occasion for us. God is amazing!”

Well isn't that special. Devin & Porshia are high school sweethearts and share a 4 year old son, Devin Jr. The pair have known each since they were teenagers growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Devin Instagram'd the above pic of Porshia rocking her new ring saying, “I got a ring! She got one too! Forever my Lady.”

The twosome plan to tie the knot early next year. Devin recently signed a one year deal with the Chicago Bears for an undisclosed amount.  Congrats all around!




This is an amazing new trend.

This is an amazing new trend. Black ballers dating and marrying black women. I love it.
Anonymous's picture

What new trend? Black ballers

What new trend? Black ballers have been marrying black women cut the crap.
Anonymous's picture

contrary to many bw beliefs,

contrary to many bw beliefs, 95% of blackmen who are married are married to blackwomen. See the problem is you guys see a few select and high profile guys with non-black women and think it's the norm. Just do some research and stop believing the constant "Woe is me" song that many women on this site and other promulgate.
anonymous's picture

THIS! 95% So true

THIS! 95% So true
Anon's picture

Why do some black people jump

Why do some black people jump for joy when they see a black couple? Am i missing something here? I see more black couples on average than interracial couples. It's nothing but phony propaganda and while some black women do believe that bullsh*t there are others who believe it too. And as for some of the other comments about these men marrying their women after the birth of their child well at-least he's marrying her. I don't see anyone bitching and complaining about kourtney kardashian popping out kids before marriage.
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We don't care what white

We don't care what white folks do in their spare time...
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LOL. I love it too!!

LOL. I love it too!!
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God bless you Devin... A real

God bless you Devin... A real man step up today.... Yeah baby!!!
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DAMN...DAMN...DAMN!!! Saddened by this news but happy for them! Congrats Devin
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she looks so innocent and

she looks so innocent and pure. Like he's the only one she's ever been with
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why dont u get a life nobody

why dont u get a life nobody is visiting that tired blog!
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