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COUPLED UP: Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict Hit The Food Truck + Akon & His Woman At The Grove

Tia Mowry Hardrict was spotted hitting the L.A. streets with her hubby Cory Hardrict this weekend.  Pics of the casual and cute mom making a food truck stop, plus Akon & his lady boo'd up at The Grove inside...

In a long semi-sheer multi-colored tunic, mom of one Tia Mowry Hardrict is spending her days with her hubby.  Now that she's free from "The Game," the fab twin is all over L.A. having some fun times:

And by fun times, we mean indulging in some yummy french fries. 

And cute babies.  The twosome also hit the Farmer's Market to pick up some organic yummies.  The actress is set to premiere season 2 of her and her sis' reality show, "Tia & Tamera," tonight on STYLE channel at 8/7c.  Can't wait!

Oh, if you're wondering if she could be hiding a possible baby bump in this oversized maxi tunic, we're not counting it out just yet as she recently told ABC radio that having another child in addition their baby boy Cree would be beautiful:

"To bring in another child into this world, I would love it.  It is so beautiful just knowing that you are creating life, and what is more powerful and meaningful than bringing life into this world?"


Elsewhere in L.A. yesterday, music exec & artist Akon was spotted shopping at The Grove with his woman--who may or may not be one of his wives or fiancees.

UPDATE: The mystery woman has been identified as former E! "Candy Girls" star Danielle Crawley.  The video vixen madame has been close to Akon for years, even appearing in his videos.  But we haven't confirmed whether the two are dating. (Shout out to Freshalina for the tip!)

And she's clearly flashing that ring for us all to see.  We can't keep up with his many wives.  So, yeah....

Pics via SPLASH





And probably the reason why

And probably the reason why you DON'T have a man which is why you're here talking about someone else's! Who says "very lacking?" Please do not attempt to consider yourself as too cool for school...SMH...
BlackFolksAintShit's picture

I hope you feel better trying

I hope you feel better trying to degrade others. Such a nasty response. Typical. And WOW at the stab at an innocent baby...you are truly an abhorable individual...just a disgusting scum-bag for a comment like that about a baby.
Anonymous's picture

Anonymous 11:22 am I'm being

Anonymous 11:22 am I'm being REAL. All babies are not attractive. And Tia's baby is on of those babies that is not attractive at all. There is nothing abhorrent about saying a baby is not cute anymore than saying a baby is cute. You don't have to lie and say all babies are attractive because that is simply not the case. So you need to get used to the notion that everyone does not have the same views. Diversity of view point makes the world a much better place. I don't adhere to the "Group Think" mentality.
Furious_Digitari™®'s picture

Ummm...I never said nor do I

Ummm...I never said nor do I believe that ALL babies are cute, I never said their baby was cute either nor did I ever say that everyone SHOULD believe or say that all babies are cute, I am also a firm believer that everyone has different point of views, that's what make this world a wonderful place but your statement was a low blow and it went a hell of alot further than just stating that you didn't think the baby was not cute, what you said was deplorable, lacked class and tact. Please tell me what points of mine you are addressing because your idiotic response didn't even address anything I stated in my comment. Epic fail!
Anonymous's picture


RandomJazz's picture

Degrading someone again I

Degrading someone again I see. You just insulted her husband and child!!! So much for marrying someone for love and how they treat you. I guess it doesn't matter if your man hurts you in any way, as long as he looks good. smfh. You prove everytime you post on here how pathetic you are.
It's Never OKAY!'s picture

Tia definitely looks

Tia definitely looks pregnant. That's a nice round bump.
Here We Go...'s picture

I don't know why I thought

I don't know why I thought Akon would be with a much more gorgeous woman. But likely she's one that will stand just about any BS he gives her.
Anonymous's picture

Tia looks like that chick

Tia looks like that chick that slapped Jennifer on BBW!
Anonymous's picture

LOL ... I was thinking the

LOL ... I was thinking the same thing
Anonymous's picture

Skin only has ONE wife. The

Skin only has ONE wife. The rest are irrelevant hoes.
Anonymous's picture

Damn phone. Akon...not skin.

Damn phone. Akon...not skin.
Anonymous's picture

LOL! I actually thought that

LOL! I actually thought that was some nickname for him. :)
Anonymous's picture

Me too!!! LOL

Me too!!! LOL
Anonymous's picture

Who is that lady thats always

Who is that lady thats always with them? anyways i love them to together !
Anonymous's picture

I think it's her cousin. I

I think it's her cousin. I remember her on the episode when Tamera got married.
Anonymous's picture

yep she looks pregs... she

yep she looks pregs... she was smaller right when the game started back up...i guess thats why she left the show
Anonymous's picture

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