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WILL THIS WORK?: "The Game" Casting New Couple To Replace "Derwin & Melanie" Storyline

*Slight Spoiler Alert*  "The Game" has made a decision about how to replace their focal storyline characters Derwin & Melanie.  Check out what's going down next season inside...


Now that Tia Mowry & Pooch Hall are officially OUT for season 6 of "The Game," the finale episode centered around the twosome heading off to Baltimore so that Melanie could pursue her residency at Johns Hopkins. 

What does that mean for next season of the show?  According to reports, instead of just filling in 2 new actors to the Melanie/Derwin roles, the writers are pulling a "Single Ladies" and casting two new actors--one male and one female--to play different roles that will run parallel to the Melanie/Derwin storyline.

With Tia Mowry leaving the show, producers are looking for a new female actress to join the cast in the regular role of Kiera, a 20-year-old former child star who has been in the spotlight since she was five years old and starring on a "Cosby" style sitcom. According to the casting call, she's bright and charming, but struggling into transitioning into a grown-up career.

Kiera isn't the only newbie in town! Another series regular will be hired to play Bryce "The Blueprint" Westbook - a #1, Ivy League draft pick running back who breaks every "dumb athlete" stereotype. He's not only got a Heisman Trophy, but he's usually the smartest guy in the room -- which sets his new teammates on edge.

So the Ivy League athlete and the former child star wil likely hookup (or already come in as a couple) for a new main storyline.  Who can you see playing 'Kiera' & 'Bryce'?  We have a few folks in mind....





Anonymous's picture

I think Melanie and Derwins

I think Melanie and Derwins story was over any way. What we all seemed to love about them was how they fought and made up. How no matter who or what came into their lives, they made it back together. With Jenae gone, who was coming between them? I personally saw no more for them. They finally got married. They were getting older. I see their storyline ending. As much as I love to see them (hopefully they will do some guest spots), I will still support the show. Black shows are scarce! Hopefully the Akils bring it next season!
ImSooCHI's picture

I'd also like to see how this

I'd also like to see how this Jason, Chardonnay, Kelly story line is going to go down. Hopefully next season they get it all the way back together! Malik is back to being Malik. So... I hope it gets way better. Bring Jovan back! Something! lol
ImSooCHI's picture

First..NO ONE from a House of

First..NO ONE from a House of Pain or Meet the Browns..if your going to continue with the show, get some fresh new faces..some unknowns
rant's picture

cancel this shit

cancel this shit
BITCH STOP!'s picture

Get Letoya Luckett and

Get Letoya Luckett and Tristan Wilds.
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Anonymous's picture

people! this might be

people! this might be interesting bc i think BET and the writers didn't know how far to carry Melaine and Derwin storyline so why not add two fresh new characters to refresh the series but i do also still think they should have just got rid of everyone but Tia and Pooch and had them move to BMore and cast new costars around them like he signed with a team in Maryland and Melaine is now a doctor there! But BET also said Tia and Pooch will make "several" guess appearances so their not gone for GOOD!
Anonymous's picture

No thank you. I'm done with

No thank you. I'm done with the show now thanks to what BET has done to it. I did like how they ended Derwin and Mel on a good note but Game Over for me.
Anonymous's picture

Jason and Chardonnay's

Jason and Chardonnay's storyline kept me watching. They're relationship really grew on me. Tasha has really become too much, since the move to BET. I can't take that character anymore. They need to tone her back down. I was watching old episodes of the show thinking that she was so much more tolerable make then. Also, while I'll miss seeing Tia and Pooch on the show, I got really tired of the constant fighting between them. I ended up really disliking their storyline.
Anonymous's picture

I was just thinking last

I was just thinking last night as I watched this week's episode on DVR that I might could watch if the Jason and Chardonnay stay together. In the beginning I found this Jason's behavior disgusting but now I find the two of them to be cute together. When I heard about Melanie/ Derwin both leaving I figured "oh well, no reason to watch anymore" but now it may be still something left to the show. If they could just bring back the old Malik when he was an as$hole, continue to calm Tasha down and have her act her age, with some tweaking, the new couple might not ruin the show.
coco's picture


I FU&%ING HATE BET! What a dumb ass network!!! They FINALLY had a decent show which people actually enjoyed watching (even though the show was better on CW). Because they are so damn cheap they don't want to increase the actors pay. The cast already took a huge pay cut to be on that FU&%ED UP network and they still have not received a pay raise. The Game is the number one show on the network.There has NEVER been a show on the network that has had as many views as The Game. Shame on YOU BET! The fans worked so hard to get it on that sorry ass network... now this BS! I'm not watching another episode of the game or anymore shows on this waste of space of a network. This is ridiculous! Good Riddance! #selfdistruction!
Anonymous's picture

I was not happy with the show

I was not happy with the show once BET got hold of it - they ruined it point blank period! They need to hire all new writers or it will be a wrap for sure. Expand TT's role give him a restaurant or something, focus on Jason and Chardonnay (hate that name).
Beyonce Fan's picture

jason and brandy were my two

jason and brandy were my two favs this season too. so i really don't care who they bring in i'm still watching. medschool and rookie's story line this season was atrocious so i could care less if they ever came back. looking forward to next season. don't cancel it. and if you are give it a damn finale cause I AM STILL pissed about how they ended girlfriends.
Booked's picture

debra lee sucks im all about

debra lee sucks im all about seeing black women in power but BET has been pure garbage since she has taken over
Anonymous's picture

i don't care what ya'll say.

i don't care what ya'll say. the chardonay a jason plot line is what kept me tuned in. she showed me that a "quality" breath of fresh air could benifit the show. they should bring back robin givens (she was great in her role), and expound on the kron kirland (think thats his name) character. tia and pooch should definitely keep guest starring, and kelly should guest spot as well. I just wish mara brok akil would show her baby some attention instead of doing this show like girtlfriends and sub contracting overseeing the writers to someone else once it seems like the show has us hooked. the show has jump the shark....but her writing could salvage it. i have no doubt there are bet writers and white writers handling the scripts now, who have no clue about the power of seeing this characters as breathing real people with realistic story lines and subtlety. mara save this show please......
Anonymous's picture

I agree with you. i think BET

I agree with you. i think BET should just set up a website and ask the fans how THEY think the storyline should pan out. I believe the fans would come up with better story lines and scripts than the writers they have now
Feline's picture

it's a wrap.. I took "the

it's a wrap.. I took "the game" off my u-verse series list 3 weeks ago. BET always finds a way to mess something up!! The just had to go and make the show a big sterotype. They say the writers didn't change, but I don't believe it. Why would Tasha all of a sudden start smoking weed, Malik really became an a**hole, and Melaine a trophy wife. The only character who actually stayed the same is Jason. I mean really, TT a chicken wing truck?? Why couldn't he have a restaurant?? They are officially done.
lee lee's picture

I was a fan of the show from

I was a fan of the show from the beginning, but I stopped watching and canceled it from my DVR during the middle of the recent season. Sometimes you need to let dead dogs lie. It seems like BET took all of the comedy, light-heartedness, and relatable story lines from the show and replaced them with a glossy set and horrible writing. BET needs to do a complete overhaul of the show's writing starting with Tasha Mack's character. Give Tasha a love-interest and bring back the caring, no BS Tasha Mack that we all knew. The entire time this show has been at BET, not one good thing has happened to any of the characters.(Honestly, I don't know anyone that watches the show anymore.) And who thought that Tasha as a surrogate was a good plot-line? That was just ridiculous. The show is a complete wash...After the success of all of these black movies showing that our people are not one-dimensional, ignorant folks, you would think BET would get a clue...
Letitgo's picture

Maybe you should have kept

Maybe you should have kept watching because Tasha Mack ended this season with being in love and happy. They were building it up.
Anonymous's picture

Keisha Knight-Pulliam and

Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Lance Gross(they need some chocolate)....oh they're already on House of Payne huh?
Agreed's picture

It's GAME OVER! They need to

It's GAME OVER! They need to hang it up ugh! BET has nothing, they need to come out with a variety of new shows....Reed Between the Lines and bring back Comic View!
Flaca's picture

It don't matter becuz I WILL

It don't matter becuz I WILL NOT be tuning in!!!!
Happy's picture

I hopeTia will go on to

I hopeTia will go on to Bigger and Better things. The show is pure trash. Just take the mess off the air. Adding and deleting folks. Tia is really the only reason I initially tuned in back when they were on WB any way!
LovelyGirl's picture

Nope. But I am happy that

Nope. But I am happy that they closed out Melanie and Derwin on a good note and not them fighting as always. The show has run it's course.
Anonymous's picture

It's not the same "The Game"

It's not the same "The Game" without Melanie and Derwin...just cancel it!
Anonymous's picture

like this entire show since i

like this entire show since i heard it was going to BET sounds like a disaster
Anonymous's picture

Not interested. The show went

Not interested. The show went downhill when it moved to BET, it's gonna be in the pits of hell without Pooch and Tia. That season finale episode was wack. I won't be watching next season.
Anonymous's picture

They might as well cancel it.

They might as well cancel it. Nobody's going to watch it without Tia and Pooch. The show has become dry as hell anyway.
Jernero's picture

how about canceling the show.

how about canceling the show. its so bad.
Shell's picture

I agree. It's garbage. Bad

I agree. It's garbage. Bad story lines, bad acting, and ugly ass Brandy has no place on that show amongst good looking people, with her ghetto ass!!
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