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Kim & Kanye's Homes BOTH Up For Sale...So They Can RENT One TOGETHER?

And so it continues.  Kim Kardashian has reportedly just put her $4.8 mill California home on the market.  And--surprise--Kanye West just put his home on the market as well.  And word has it the two, who have been dating for a whopping 2 months, are prepping to rent a home together so they can move in, decorate it and play house.  Deets inside...

"We're Movin' In Together!"  We can see the "end scene" on an upcoming episode of "Keeping up With the Kardashians" now. 

TMZ reports not only has Kim, who's still finalizing her divorce from Kris Humphries, given a "pocket listing" to a realtor (which means it won't appear in official real estate docs), but Kanye has given a realtor a pocket listing too for his L.A. home.

Life & Style reported yesterday (before today's reports that the twosome actually went through with putting their homes 'on the market'): 

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Kim and her new beau, Kanye West, who have been linked since early April, are ready to take the next step. “They are preparing to move in together, it’s moving that quick,” an insider tells the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. Kim is even giving up her beloved bachelorette pad, as she has quietly put her LA home on the market.

Although Kanye already has a house in LA and an apartment in NYC, the insider shares, "if things continue at the speed they’re going, Kim and Kanye will rent a new house together. They wouldn't buy yet.”

This way, the couple would have a generic place that they could decorate cohesively. Because Kim and Kanye have such strong individual styles, the insider confirms, “Kim would be putting a lot of her stuff in storage. Her bathmat is KK-embroidered and that's not changing. She's OCD-immaculate and so is Kanye, so to have both of their items would create problems.”

This new pad will be Kim’s permanent home base in LA, “the only place she has in LA — and she always has her mom’s,” adds the insider.

Although Kanye would still keep his LA pad, the couple’s new home would be a common place, “so that they can live together without being fully domestic until they’re ready to have a family,” says the source.

But it looks like Kanye is selling his L.A. pad, and probably keeping his Soho, NYC penthouse.

And if you're wondering if all this house listing & move-in talk was conveniently caught on camera to add to the "Keeping up With The Kardashians" storyline--that's a yes.  Even though the season has already begun airing, Kim tweeted this morning:

Still filming. Call time was 6am... Exhaustion has officially set in.

Could be the reason for the rush....




@Simply FURIOUS™® 11:56 am -

@Simply FURIOUS™® 11:56 am - May 31, '12 when you say "you people" can you explaind that if you dont mind? considering the fact that is not "All" blacks hating on her, and it have to be something that pushed other people to dislike her or both or to comment so rudly towards them. Don’t you think so? And when you say “you people” are you refering to people commenting on this blog or refering to a certain race of humans, I don’t know and have never seen you before but am thinking you are black and also “some times” you come out like better than everyone else.
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carmensherita's picture

He looks hideous but at least

He looks hideous but at least he wants his kids to have an upgraded gene pool..
Anonymous's picture

What exactly is "upgraded"

What exactly is "upgraded" about a melanin lacking regressive gene? Please explain, because scientifically speaking you sound dumb.
Anonymous's picture

Here's the deal Kanye. We

Here's the deal Kanye. We see you. We really do. I wish you the best, I hope you're happy forever, blah blah blah. Now can you get back to making music? Not the bland, tolerable because it's you music, but the REALLY good stuff you used to make. No really, we see you. Now stop screaming for attention and get back to work. All I ask is one more good album. That's it. Just one more, and you can be Kim and Kanye Kardashian and and have a baby named Kookookachoo and move to Kazakhstan and drive Karmann Ghias for all I care. Please and thank you.
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Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian

Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian to her concert gave her back stage passes and didn't even get near her or took on picture with her why!!!!!! Thats beyonce for always trying to make like she doesn't have problems with other female being around Smh......
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian

Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian to her concert gave her back stage passes and didn't even get near her or took on picture with her why!!!!!! Thats beyonce for always trying to make like she doesn't have problems with other female being around Smh......
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian

Beyonce sent Kim Kardashian to her concert gave her back stage passes and didn't even get near her or took on picture with her why!!!!!! Thats beyonce for always trying to make like she doesn't have problems with other female being around Smh......
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Now that is where I draw the

Now that is where I draw the line @ y Anonymous 11:52 am.... This is NOT "TRUE LOVE" This is a business transaction. These two are not any more in "love" than Star Jones and Al Reynolds were in "LOVE". This is business. 100% Business. This Will and Jada 2012...... This is an arrangement.
Simply FURIOUS™®'s picture

One more month of them dating

One more month of them dating and it will be longer than her entire marriage to Humphries.
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@Anonymous 12:09 pm Do you

@Anonymous 12:09 pm Do you know what being "sardonic" means? I suggest you look up the term and stop taking things so seriously. "You people" is just a general term nothing negative is implied. Calm down and lighten up. Also, I casually mentioned the Vineyard because I was giving background to why I was watching the Diana Ross Central Park Concert while on Holiday this past weekend....now if I was being pretentious I would have said exactly where in the Vineyard my home is located.....Now that would have gotten people like you really upset. That is of course if you know the prime real estate in the Vineyard. But I kept it very general. :P
Simply FURIOUS™®'s picture

It would be wise of both of

It would be wise of both of them for her to settle her divorce first before purchasing a home together. That home can be listed as one of her assests.
Not Mine's picture

Geeeez take it easy Kim. You

Geeeez take it easy Kim. You gonna jumped into one quick relationship to another. SIGH what people do when blowing money.....well I'll just wait another picture of Kim's messy relationship on front page news while Im in a lineup at a grocery store.
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I hate fake ppl.. and they

I hate fake ppl.. and they are fakest..
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her chocha must be phenomenal

her chocha must be phenomenal because she makes these dudes wanna change their whole lives in a few short weeks....lol. i am not mad at her. gotta use what ya got to get what ya want.
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@ Simply FURIOUS™® "You

@ Simply FURIOUS™® "You People?" You pseduo-pretentious, bougie lil bastard... Who do YOU see when you look in the mirror...Miley Cyrus? Mila Kunus? While I agree with some of your posting, THE FACT that you constantly throw thinly-veiled insults at your own people is disgusting. Guess you didn't learn any better at "The Vineyard". FOH!!!!
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honestly, i think kim

honestly, i think kim realized that her business on who she's dating when, where or how garners so much attention that she now has incorporated man hopping into yet another lucrative business venture! go kim! she's smart and yaw fall right into it...she can give 2 fk's about what yaw think cuz she's getting paid from all the comments good or bad - it generates more endorsements and reality shows so in the end all the ish yaw talk about her is stupid cuz your making her rich and your broke! #thinkaboutit!
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Kim, haven't we been down

Kim, haven't we been down this road before?! it's too soon to move in together. take it slow!!
Michelle's picture

I think it's to soon for them

I think it's to soon for them to be moving in together, but they are such a cute couple! I hope this relationship works out for the best because you know how celebrity relationships can be. Especially two A-List celebs of their caliber.
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Congratulations to Kim and

Congratulations to Kim and Kanye! They don't care about what people think or say about them, they seem so happy together. I wish them the best.
vicki's picture

I have the feeling that

I have the feeling that although they went public not too long ago, this was a long time in the making and perhaps even the reason her marriage failed so quickly. Plus moving forward quickly may be in the family. Her mom married Bruce Jenner after just a few months of dating and Khloe knew Lamar for a month or so? At any rate, I don't get why Natasha has such disdain for Kim K. when she is so quick to report on her every move. SMH.
Anonymous's picture

Kim is into FAME but so is

Kim is into FAME but so is Kanye. This is a perfect match. Why are people always attacking Kim? What did she do? I don't understand the bitterness. Kanye is the one who ran after Kim not the other way around. Kim has ambition and that is a good thing. I mean are women really upset that Kim is dating Kanye? Do you want to date Kanye? Is that what the bitterness is all about? These two are both gross and they make a perfect Hollywood match. Oh I bet I know what some women are upset about.... Some Black women like to dream about Black couples like Will and Jada. When some people see Will and Jada that is like a fulfilling Fantasy of "BLACK LOVE". LMAO You people are so bitter and unhappy. Stop living on false IMAGES. Find your own "KANYE" and worship your own family. The real Kanye can make the choice he wants to make. And if you like Kanye be happy for him. Now Kanye can put to rest those gay comments (for a while like Russell Simmons did) that dog him out and Kim can get her fashion line EXACTLY where she wants it as well as build her own BRAND up to higher level...(just like Kimora). Kanye may even get some children out of this. This seems perfect to me LOL
Simply FURIOUS™®'s picture

They've been "friends" for a

They've been "friends" for a long time, so I wish them all the best. Everyone deserves true love.
Anonymous's picture

Natasha why do you always

Natasha why do you always want to make me ask you... "Tell'em why you mad" lol/smh. I understand you have to report all the celeb going on's but why the bitter sarcasm. Was any of her past conquest your man? or do you have a crush on Kanye? I feel like you hated on amber too... Woman get you life (in Tamar's voice)
Anonymous's picture

SMH...Imma need for Kim to go

SMH...Imma need for Kim to go somewhere, sit and think. Like didn't you move this fast with your husband? And where did that end up? I will need for her to go somewhere and think for a minute, give your cooch a break or something. You know what scratch that. If she doesn't mind making the same mistake over and over in public, I damn sure don't mind watching and laughing at her expense.
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Uggggghhhhh, I freakin CAN'T

Uggggghhhhh, I freakin CAN'T with this chick. Like damn. I think that she should invest in some therapy for co-dependency because it is more than obvious that she can't exist without a man in her life. Like damn, you were just married for 72 days & you need to take time out to be single & find yourself. GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!
TiGGa's picture

Good for them, this has been

Good for them, this has been a long time coming. I guess they both finally got it right after 8 years of playing hide and seek. I think that they are both made for each other, Kanye does not give a whopping F*ck about what people say and think about him, and Kim needs someone that is strong willed like that, that would not allow the press, the haters and the media to determine if they stay with her or not, he will not fold under the pressure of the lights and that is what she needs, and I think that Kanye will be happy to have Kim and her huge family behind him because he has dealt with a great deal of lost in the last couple years, his mom and 3 grandparents since he came on the scene, all he has now is his dad and 1 grand parent, that is a lot to deal with. I think that they both love each other and I wish them well. I have never seen both look so happy and content.
Anonymous's picture

Congratulations to them both.

Congratulations to them both.
CASHING' OUT's picture

whomever said that Kanye is

whomever said that Kanye is attractive need to be slapped.. Kim K loves fame and that's it..she's a used up skank..
Anonymous's picture

She will NEVER learn...they

She will NEVER learn...they girl is looking for love in the MOST DESPERATE way!! It's a shame!!!!
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