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Janet Jackson Gets FAB For amfAR's 2012 Cinema Against AIDS Gala, Talks Being A Role Model To Niece Paris In PREVENTION Mag

Janet Jackson knows how to get fab for a cause.  The gorgeous singer/actress--who just turned 46 last week--rocked a stark white Emilio Pucci gown for tonight's amfAr Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cap D’Antibes, France.


Check out her look inside....

Ms. Jackson donned a plunging keyhole halter dress in bright white for tonight's amfAR Gala during the Cannes Film Festival.  The fab chick  hit up Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes as celebs and notables raise millions for AIDS awareness during the black-tie event.

Janet paired her Emilio Pucci gown with a Pomellato diamond bracelet and sexy heel-less wedges.

And she chatted up the press on the carpet:

Loves it.  And if you're wondering how she's keeping her slim and trim yet curvy bod in tact, the Nutrisystem spokeswoman is speaking on that and plenty of other things (like her niece Paris Jackson and her man Wissam) in the new July 2012 issue of Prevention magazine.

Here are the highlights:

On being the spokeswoman for Nutrisystem:

JJ: I think people really connect with the idea of someone who’s gained and lost weight in a very public way, and also someone who’s an emotional eater.

On being an example to her niece Paris, Michael’s 14-year-old daughter who landed her first film role in Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys:

JJ: We’ve spoken about the fact that you’re only a child once. I think there’s a time for everything, and now is not the time [to act in films]. I told her I thought she should enjoy being a kid, possibly go to college—or not—but wait till she turns 18. She’s a very tough, smart girl. But it’s a cutthroat industry. I wouldn’t want my child to do it.

On Qatar businessman Wissam Al Mana as her soul mate:

JJ: (Laughs) Maybe. Maybe. We’ll see.

On loving sweets, in addition to emotional triggers of boredom, sadness, frustration, stress and work:

JJ: Chocolate, cake, caramel apples—there aren’t many things I don’t love.

On health as part of the weight equation:

JJ: Health was always a concern. When I gained weight in 2005, my nutritionist was very worried. I was close to having diabetes. Even when I lost it [and] then gained quite a bit back, there was always the thought of heart disease.

On stress pushing her to the other side of the weight spectrum:

JJ: Knowing I have these problems with body image, I ask my friends and family to tell me when I’ve lost too much. Because I will continue to pick on myself like all other woman do, and say, ‘You need to [lose] more here, more there.’

On exercise as a major part of her health regimen and loving sports:

JJ: I don’t like to workout, and I get bored easily. Tony Martinez [her trainer] is great. When I’m getting ready for a tour, I’ll work out with the dancers. He’ll put us in teams and we’ll do all sorts of drills and races.

How she feels about herself today:

JJ: I honestly don't even know what size I am. Now it's about looking in the mirror and saying, I feel good. I feel healthy.

On the dichotomy of being 5’4, sweet and soft-spoken and her identity as a five-time Grammy Award-winning artist who’s sold more than 100 million records:

JJ: My songs are normally about what’s going on in my life at the moment. I don’t need to keep a diary.


The issue hits stands on Tuesday, May 29th.




Her eyes are jacked, too much

Her eyes are jacked, too much on the cheek implants, bleaching is hideous, & that boob....NUFF SAID!
Uh, Okay.....'s picture

Low self esteem is a disease.

Low self esteem is a disease. Ms Jackson, that nose is looking too narrow now. Hate the cleavage. Women can look sexy without doing too much. Still a beautiful face.
Love's picture


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Anomsnsmfousfs's picture

Not her best look, but still

Not her best look, but still fab nonetheless!
Happy Lady's picture

Not a good look for J

Not a good look for J overall...
Anonymous's picture

Natasha are you illiterate,

Natasha are you illiterate, its NICE FRANCE not NIECE. SMDH. You should be the last one to throw shade at anyone with your poor grammar and spelling.
Anonymous's picture

She was referring to her

She was referring to her "niece" Paris (Michael's daughter), not Nice, Paris.
Anonymous's picture

Janet's nose is way to

Janet's nose is way to straight. I am all for changing your looks to feel more comfortable in your skin, but I think some people go overboard.
Anonymous's picture

that dress don't really look

that dress don't really look flattering on her from the front view, I don't know, somethings off about it, it looks fine from the back tho
Anonymous's picture

It's the horrible boob job

It's the horrible boob job that throws the whole outfit off!
Anonymous's picture

Yesh, I agree too I was

Yesh, I agree too I was looking at the front of the dress and it did look uh, odd
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous Too's picture

damn miss jackson.....i wish

damn miss jackson.....i wish i could just have that body.....wow she looks amazing and beautiful...
Anonymous's picture

Janet is fabulous to death. I

Janet is fabulous to death. I love the dress, although it looks like it should be pulled in a little tighter around the waist. How in the hell is she walking in those shoes. I like them a lot, but I'm confused as to how she's balancing her self. Is it like walking on your tippie-toes?
Anonymous's picture

i dont like that dress on

i dont like that dress on her, its not flattering at all. idk if she's bleaching her skin, f*cked up makeup job, or camera shot, but something is off
shlyfields's picture

Miss Janet is a midget.

Miss Janet is a midget.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Janet Seems As Though She's

Janet Seems As Though She's Bleaching, Her Breast Looks Weird But She Is Aging Beautiful.
Yea,ISaid It's picture

Janet is the QUEEN of going

Janet is the QUEEN of going from BIG to SLIM in a short amount of time EVERYTIME!! I dont know how she does it its kinda cool but it cant be healthy going up and down with your weight like that i hope she taking care of herself :))) Stay beautiful JANET!
Anonymous's picture


minire's picture

go JJ... Get money!!!

go JJ... Get money!!!
Anonymous's picture

I lovvee Jan.. but that

I lovvee Jan.. but that cleavage are is not sexy. Other than that she looks great.
BITCH STOP!'s picture

Usually Janet is no point but

Usually Janet is no point but there is something is off with this dress. From the back it looks okay but the chest portion looks off. Maybe, there is too much or too little material, but something is off. Otherwise..... fierce.
zappy's picture

It's the poor breast

It's the poor breast implants. She has done way too much to her body! That nose + poor boob job = hot mess.com
Anonymous's picture

"Ever since Janet's been on

"Ever since Janet's been on Nutrisystem, she's got the strength of a crackhead"- Patti LaHelle I'm loving Minnie Mouse's shoessss my GAWD however that titty looks a bit sickly.
Queen gives no Phucks's picture

At 46....she is

At 46....she is ageless!!!...go Janet.
Anonymous's picture

That white dress is

That white dress is ill-fitted on her. This is one of the worst pics I've seen of Janet. Was her stylist on vacation that evening or something? Also, showing all that side boobage and cleavage is not wassup when the tiddays look like little sandbags. Her face is beautiful (like always).....but Ms. Jackson is starting to show every bit of her age.
Dezzi's picture

I wonde what you will look

I wonde what you will look like at 46. I wonder what you look like NOW. These people kill me.
LBA's picture

she looks good, make up

she looks good, make up sucks. need breast lift....she is still good looking at her age thou, i give her that.
CASHING' OUT's picture

Love her, she is humble. I

Love her, she is humble. I can't get this one dance she does out of my system. True Icon LOL
Anonymous's picture

I just can't get past the bad

I just can't get past the bad looking implant. If you don't me to talk about it, don't show it....EWWW!
Anonymous's picture

Janet looks amazing!Thats a

Janet looks amazing!Thats a god damn good looking 46 y/o. women like her, Jlo, stacy Dash, Lisa raye, jada Pinkett make me not so afraid of reaching my 40's one day lol
Kara's picture

Mz Jackson looks gorgeous

Mz Jackson looks gorgeous from head to toe, yes the side view of the tatas are kinda iffy but it takes nothing away from how gracious she looks on the RC.
Realist 's picture


Like I said IT'S ALL GENETICS IN YOUR DNA! Stop hating people surgery or not. I know I am gonna get old one day but I don't wanna look old. Janet looks beautiful for 46 yrs old. Wow! She did it the right way because for a min there she was a lil thick. JJ took her time losing the weight and she looks AMAZING!
LovelyGirl's picture

Why when J-Hud lost all the

Why when J-Hud lost all the weight she looked old looking w/ wrinkles on her face and Janet J still looks like she is in her 20's? Plastic surgery or not J-Hud looks 10 yrs or more older than Janet J. If that's what is will take not to have wrinkles and frown lines like J-Hud does than so-be- it. I'm starting to believe that J-Hud did something wrong for that weight loss to age her so much.
LovelyGirl's picture

a group of ppl at my job did

a group of ppl at my job did weight watchers and they all lost a TON of weight but they all look like a bag of old melted skin. the thing about weight wtachers is that it doesnt require exercise. it works for weight loss but it doesnt do anything as far as being healthy and fit is concerned. you have to find that balance.
shuga's picture

I'm a dude... grew up

I'm a dude... grew up listening to Janet...Love janet...but this ensemble she could have done without.... not a good look...LOVE her on the cover of Prevention though :-)
GROWN MAN ISH... 's picture

Regardless of what she may or

Regardless of what she may or may not had done as far as plastic surgery is concerned. Janet Jackson, Stacey Dash and Halle Berry,Salli Richardson all look amazing to be 46 yrs old. I also recently saw a pic of Robyn Givens & AJ Johnson they both still looks amazing and they are even closer to 50yrs of age. On the other hand that myth about black don't crack is a lie because people like : Jasmin Guy, Lisa Bonet, Vanessa Williams, Holly Robinson, Rae Dawn Chung,Vanessa Bell Calloway, Vivica Fox,Lela Rochon all aged badly. I'm convinced more than ever now that it's just genetics. It has nothing to do w/ any of the women being big or unhealthy or anything. If that old look runs in your family let's face it. You will not age well. Thank God I take after my mother! Like Aaliyah song said "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" especially when you don't look your age.
LovelyGirl's picture

I've never heard of most of

I've never heard of most of the women named (b4 my time I guess)...but, "BLACK DON'T CRACK" doesn't mean that blacks don't age at all, It simply means that compared to those with less melanin, blacks age MUCH better!...and it's been scientificially proven that blacks age better!...Bad pic of Janet!...SHE LOOKS EVEN YOUNGER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!!
smartblackgirl's picture

IMO, all of the women you

IMO, all of the women you name look fantastic. To your point though, some have had more public STRESS than others. Stress is a mean enemy to the body. Lifestyle, food choices, exercise are all important. Black don't crack. It is making the right choices.
Anonymous's picture

"fab" must be the new word

"fab" must be the new word for fake because i can see the entry wound where they put them titties in.
shuga's picture

Janet Jackson is looking hot.

Janet Jackson is looking hot. i miss that good performing and dancing, my fave video by her "the Pleasure Principal"
Anonymous's picture

Killing it. 46 years old.

Killing it. 46 years old. Stunning. that's all that needs to be said ....
Anonymous's picture

Janet looks amazing.... that

Janet looks amazing.... that dress is WHITE HOT
ZZZZzzzz's picture

Yes!! I Love Janet, those

Yes!! I Love Janet, those shoes...Be the example Paris needs and all of his kids need Check out my blog marshaymodels.blogspot.com Foll @idollmag on Twitter
MarshayModels's picture

WOW!! Wendy Williams was

WOW!! Wendy Williams was right about you how you nigger females love to hate each other.
Anonymous's picture


smartblackgirl's picture

Your a pathetic individual!

Your a pathetic individual!
A's picture


angel baby's picture

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