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MUSICAL CHICKS: Alicia Keys Debuts New "Not Even The King" Song At MTV UPFRONTS + Brandy & Kalenna Hit The BMI Showcase

Brandy decided to stop by the BMI Showcase in Atlanta last night to catch former Dirty Money chick Kalenna Harper and a few other acts flaunt their best performance skills to the crowd of industry execs. Pics of the ladies, plus Alicia Keys debuting a new song at the MTV Upfronts....

Atlanta’s music community gathered up for BMI Presents: Live From Loews the “Know Them Now” edition last night at the Loews Atlanta Hotel.  Kalenna, India Shawn, Tiffany Bleu, and Shay Mooney all performed.  And Brandy was spotted snapping pics with the former Dirty Money chick.

This makeup, hair & outfit though girl....

Brandy also hit the stage with BMI Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations Catherine Brewton.  Wonder if Brandy's in the ATL to gear up for final episodes of "The Game".  Or maybe even the next season.

Over in NYC, Alicia Keys hit up the MTV Upfronts yesterday as their special performer as the network previewed their upcoming shows for the new season:

And the mom of Egypt Dean hit the stage with a brand new song called "Not Even The King":

Check out video of her performance below:


You feelin' the song?

Photog: Ben Rose



I am MAD at whoever let

I am MAD at whoever let Kallena go on stage with that platinum blonde hair! I mean the whole look is TOO MUCH and looks all over the place. FYI to my dark skinne sisters - platinum blonde and bright red hair never looks good on you. NEVER! It always ends up making you look cheap. Case in point is the pic of Kallena above. If your friends tell you it looks good they are either not your friend or are lying to not hurt your feelings.
Love 2 Love Ya's picture

Im so sick of Black women

Im so sick of Black women with blonde hair. If you were born with it ok, if you werent you look like a damned fool. People have blonde hair because their hair cuticles are deficient of melanin. The same with skin being white. It is deficient of melanin. The fact that you Blacks are bleaching your hair and skin to look like you are deficient of melanin shows how ignorant you are. Lets pull it together please.
YUP I SAID IT's picture

Idiot. There are dark skin

Idiot. There are dark skin blacks with bright blond hair. Genetic coloring of hair has nothing to do with "deficient" melanin... there are two types of melanin one can have, you asswipe. Haven't you ever heard of the Melanesians?
Anonymous's picture

"you blacks" who sounds

"you blacks" who sounds ignorant now gtfoh...and when did changing your hair colour become ignorant. you sound like a bitter white woman, you must have a complex #getalife
brownsuga28's picture

Im sad : ( You have reading

Im sad : ( You have reading comprehension issues. I would elaborate on what I meant but there is no need. Everything is explained in the initial post. You watch too much television and read too many gossip blogs. That is why you cant understand what I posted. I pray that you become more wise.
Reading is fundamental's picture

Does Kalenna not have ONE

Does Kalenna not have ONE person in her inner-circle who couldn't convince her to step away from the blonde hair?! My gah! How could she possibly look in the mirror and think "This looks good." SMH!
Elle's picture

Kellenna loooks fabulous!!!

Kellenna loooks fabulous!!!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Can you say style Envy with a

Can you say style Envy with a capital E!!!!!!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Hey Furious!!!! I agree

Hey Furious!!!! I agree 10000000% though I am quite surprised because I know that you are only partial to lightskinned people, biracial people and mixed race couples. I agree 1000000% because I am a brown nosing ass kisser. I love you Furious!!!
CASHIN OUT's picture

Whoever this is stop

Whoever this is stop impersonating me..please get you own fucking name
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

Wait!!! who said that?? oh

Wait!!! who said that?? oh me.
CASHIN' OUT's picture

Aliciaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am

Aliciaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am just dying for this new music, she is giving me life right now, this album cannot come soon enough. She is a true genious, really, really missing real music. Alicia is the boss. I love this lady.
Anonymous's picture

I agree! Definitely looking

I agree! Definitely looking forward to her new album. LOVE Alicia!
Elle's picture

Im just curious is KALENNA a

Im just curious is KALENNA a DUDE!!!??? ugh
Anonymous's picture

Is yo momma a dude bitch?? I

Is yo momma a dude bitch?? I was raised with class and style and my Shlitz Malt Liquor Bull drinking grandmother always told me to "CUSS A BITCH OUT WHEN SHE DON'T AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAYING!!!" I come here on the daily and I agree with whatever Furious Styles says. I am up her ass on here ALL DAY. And let me tell you, her ass smells AWFUL!!
CASHIN OUT's picture

You are one lunatic; I don’t

You are one lunatic; I don’t even know why I am responding to your stupid post. Why are you so retarded and I don’t agree with everything Furious styles post…FYI…DON’T GET MAD GET GLAD ASS HOE
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

Like Canned Ham yes ma'am!!!

Like Canned Ham yes ma'am!!!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I wish Kalenna would not set

I wish Kalenna would not set herself up like this. oh and I LOOOOOVE Brandy. Can't wait for her album.
Ethel Mae Rae's picture

lol @ Kaleena's facial

lol @ Kaleena's facial expression & Brandy's body language. probably just a bad shot but neither of them look like they really want to be taking that pic.
shuga's picture

LOL! I was thinking the same

LOL! I was thinking the same thing!!! Brandy looks embarrassed.
LivinLovinLife's picture

I love Alicia's voice and am

I love Alicia's voice and am excited about her new music. This song sounds promising.
Anonymous's picture

Brandy looks cute

Brandy looks cute
Anonymous's picture

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