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The BOYCOTT Of Evelyn Lozada & The "Basketball Wives" Is ON!

Folks are absolutely fed up with the utter foolywangery that is VH1's "Basketball Wives."  It only took 4 seasons for that to happen.  Yet and still, a petition has popped up to boycott cast member Evelyn Lozada's new spinoff show....and Star Jones is gathering up support of powerful women to get the show and its often embarrassing antics stopped.


Deets inside...

Evelyn and her assistant Nia Crooks ganging up on co-star Jennifer Williams this season seems to have been the straw that broke the slaphappy camel's back.  Because folks are more up in arms than ever at the antics of the grown women on this show.  From jumping on tables just to get a lick in on another female to throwing glass in the face of another to may-jah curse-your-ass-out arguments, it's a lot going on "Basketball Wives" these days.

An excerpt from an online petition that is now circulating (check it out in full HERE) reads:

“Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on ‘Basketball Wives’ is horrible and disgraceful.  This is not a hate petition against Eveyln Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not OK for women to hit each other on TV.

Just about every altercation and argument on the show has involved Evelyn in some way, shape or form. From the yelling match on the season 4 premier against her former bestie, Jen, to the table climbing and hair pulling in the last couple of episodes, the woman has a problem for reals."

Ha!  The petition also asks viewers to call and write Viacom in order to stop the release of "Ev & Ocho," Evelyn's spinoff show with fiance Chad OchoCinco.

Meanwhile, former "The View" co-host Star Jones went on a twitter rant reading these chicks.  Which we assume would include her ex-hubby, Al Reynolds, who appeared on several episodes as the girls' bestie.  *eyebrow raised*

She popped off this week saying:

“It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH."

“About to put together a group of sisters to finally ‘tell the truth’ about the image of women of color in the media.”

She continued:

"And the thought that the woman from #BBW who was smacked doesn't have the RIGHT to file assault charges is LUDICROUS! You NEVER give up your right not to have your ‘person’ intentionally assaulted unless you are participating in an agreed physical activity.

…little black girls deserve more than what we're giving! It sickens me @lov3lylina85 when young sis think that behavior is acceptable. U can't get a REAL JOB acting like an animal."

So...who's getting their virtual picket signs ready for the fight?  Any takers?



Please stop trying to make

Please stop trying to make this about Star Jones!! I don't give a rats ass about her reasons for this or that. This is about what we feel as black women in being degraded and presented as a bunch of ignorant lowclass nuts!!! Deal with the real issue and stop trying to deflect to some total bs that is not the real point. I'm boycotting and signing any petition that will keep these ignoramuses including that Evelyn & Chad debauchery off the air!!
krisbreezie's picture

it's about Star cuz it's Star

it's about Star cuz it's Star that's making it her bizness to determine who gets to see what...just like you..if you don't like it you shouldnt' watch it but the fact that you know so much about it indicates you just can't help yourself...not everyone has the same moral compass as you and they have the right to watch whatever they want....you can't choose for everyone like your everyone's mother...bottom line...everyone has a right to choose, unfortunately we have ppl that like it but it's their right!
tanyamichelle's picture

what about chrissy where was

what about chrissy where was the petition for her foolishness?
Anonymous's picture

Chile boo, bc Chrissy, her

Chile boo, bc Chrissy, her mole & her son Jim Jones need to vanish. Lord knows both of them are childish as all get down. I heard they are getting their own show. Who knows why God created filthy gutter rats, they must have a purpose.
Anonymous's picture

How come Star Jones didnt

How come Star Jones didnt have a problem with violence on TV when she was hosting the reunion of Bad Girls club? So she is opposed to it if she is not collecting a check? Her gay ex husband I doubt has anything to do with it, she just wants to stay relevant.
Stay Smiling's picture

I agree. Evelyn is a

I agree. Evelyn is a classless tacky ass woman. She's been jealous of Jen from day one. Jen was raised like a lady to be a lady. I will not be watching anymore of this nonsense. Let's boycot BBW as well. This is ridiculous. All for money? Jen, don't sell your soul to the devil anymore. You are a beautiful woman. You don't need the bullshit. Tell Evelyn bring her ass over here with that bull shit. I will pull out a can of whip ass on her. Tammmy is not a good person either. Jen, you are the star of the show, that's why the hate is so strong. Keep doing you girl. Stop watching folks.
Peggy Holmes's picture

If these women were white

If these women were white would any one care? I understand fighting for positive images of black women, but the question has to be asked. Is this petition based on race? Or is this about all women? Just asking.
Anonymous's picture

If these women were white

If these women were white would any one care? I understand fighting for positive images of black women, but the question has to be asked. Is this petition based on race? Or is this about all women? Just asking.
Anonymous's picture

So evidently Shaunie thinks

So evidently Shaunie thinks we are not serious and doesn't give a damn about this petition, see her response to a tweet: Shaunie O'Neal (@ShaunieONeal) 4/20/12 12:40 PM @MissAmiaSays a season 5 is n the bag. It doesn't matter if u don't watch or not. Sorry, that's what a remote is for. #changethechannel
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Signing the petition is

Signing the petition is important, but if you really want to send a message , stop supporting the show, especially her new show, boycott her series with Ocho. Don't buy her book etc. Her fame/notoriety is based on bad behavior and being a bully on tv. Send the message loud and clear so that the networks realize we're not interested in being depicted in that way any more.
Anonymous's picture

I just signed the petition!

I just signed the petition! It's about time this happened. Like my co-worker said, this will oly work if everyone BOYCOTTS the show too. If their rating start to deteriorate, then they'll get the message. This petition is not effective if everyone then goes ahead and tunes in to watch the show/read her book etc.
Anonymous's picture

Its about TIME!! I've been

Its about TIME!! I've been screaming BOYCOTT for the longest on this site!! I'm tired of these ignorant blasck woman making our race look like a bunch of fools!! Women should be the MAIN ones boycotting and tired of that ignorant portrayal!!! Get rid of these idiots nene, evelyn etc...ALL OF THOSE assholes!!
Anonymous's picture

I am by no means "for"

I am by no means "for" unemployment. However, how many season of bbw, rho?(what ever city), and kardashians can be filmed? These ppl might as well be paid actors!! season after season its the same bull! Who wants to honestly watch grown women fight and act like banchees?! take that energy and focus on your children!! I can't! Where are the scripted sitcoms? The violence being portrayed is SICKENING! In all seriousness, if I were jen, I would quit the show. Set a damn example! Evelyn and Ocho's relationship is NOT real! Yes, I said it! Thats why she's so damn upset with anyone who speaks on it because she knows its the freakin truth!!! Why do we honestly care about whats happening in their lives after the first season has wrapped!? These women claim to have all these businesses but yet we only see 2 minutes of them actually get into that! WTF?! Show something meaningful to your viewers!! With that being said, where's the damn petition?? Im ready for this BS to be off the airwaves!
Anonymous's picture

Your vote is in your views.

Your vote is in your views. Simple.
Anonymous's picture

I know everyone is voicing

I know everyone is voicing their opinions but I hope everyone has taken the time out to sign the petition. Even if the show comes back for another season, I think a message would have been sent out! PLEASE PLEASE take the time out to sign the petition. I also think that it's important that we boycott her new show... the wedding show is just a "reward" for her bad behavior and drama on BBW. Enough is enough! Let's stop perpetuating the stereotypes!
Anonymous's picture

I don't watch that

I don't watch that trash!...can't wait till they're cancelled!
smartblackgirl's picture

This is what Evelyn "hood

This is what Evelyn "hood rat" ass get for trying to stop Jennifer from appearing on the BBW reunion. The show would be worth a whole lot more if real wives was on there, like Monica, K. Cole, LaLa just to name a few not baby mamas, ex-fiance', or jump offs!!!
SexySlim's picture

as mess up as it may sound i

as mess up as it may sound i just want evelyn to meet her match...of course at first at one time she did with tami....but now tami is her side kick ugh.....maybe Chrissy, marlo, drita, i just want to see how she would act outside her comfort zone....like would we she another evelyn...or better yet the real evelyn #ijs
Sitting Pretty's picture

We should really stop making

We should really stop making them relevent... This is too stupid. If being violent is the only thing interesting about these women then they really have stuff to worry about...
Anonymous's picture

Natasha...you posted the

Natasha...you posted the wrong link. On the same website change.org there are several petitions to boycott many shows. One of the them is basketball wives. PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THAT PETITION. IF YOU REALLY DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE AND WOULD LIKE THE SHOW OFF THE AIR...PLEASE SIGN THAT ONE. THIS CAN LEAD TO AN ACTUALLY CHANGE AND MOVEMENT IN REALITY TV. here's to hope. #Unity
Boycott vh1 bbwives show's picture


iTS NOT JUST bbw THAT NEEDS TO GO...But all the Real Housewives need to go as well... Pure Non Muda Effin Factors!
Anonymous's picture

Here's a link to the petition

Here's a link to the petition - http://t.co/wppygTR4
Anonymous's picture

Here is another link to the

Here is another link to the petition - http://t.co/wppygTR4
Anonymous's picture

Make your voice count! E-mail

Make your voice count! E-mail VH-1 directly at vh-1viewerservices@vh-1.com
Anonymous's picture

All the fighting needs to

All the fighting needs to stop. They should all agree to disagree. violence is not the answer.
Anonymous's picture

I think that the boycotting

I think that the boycotting should go beyond just BBW, and affect all reality shows that depict bullying and violence, in order to really be effective. BBW was not the first and probably won't be the last reality show to tape such behavior. I furthermore hope that tv execs and creatives take note, that black women especially want more positive black females represented not only in reality tv but in tv productions altogether. We need more sitcoms, more dramas, more positive black representation. An aside, but related note: I think that Oprah's OWN network can use these grievances to rescue her network as well, by creating more black programs on that network that speak to the needs of black people. She might just be able to pick up an otherwise failing network by doing so. It can be done. It shall be done. It will be done.
Anonymous's picture

STFU because your not making

STFU because your not making any damn sense. Her ex made cameo's on a previous season already so your statement is completely invalid. Try again!
Yea, I said it.'s picture

All of this extra (negative)

All of this extra (negative) attention is exactly what Basketball Wives wants. It is the driving force behind thier success. Just don't watch the show and when the ratings drop they will be finished.
Slim's picture

your right, stop watching, if

your right, stop watching, if they can't find anything better to do than fight.
Anonymous's picture

If you want to see black

If you want to see black people portrayed in a more positive light support the programing that does so. Tracy and Malcom’s show might be cancelled because of low ratings. Red Tails did not do well because of poor ticket sales, and I could go on. Ratings equal money for the network, and “if don’t make dollars it don’t make sense” and they will stop producing these shows. When they had all those dating reality shows like Flavor Flav and Ray J and a whole slew of others, people became bored with it and tuned out, so they stopped making them. Sign if you like and voice your opinion. That opinion means nothing if you tune in next week, think on that.
Stay Smiling's picture

Could't have said it better

Could't have said it better myself... Cause these same people who are signing the petition watch the show every week....
Anonymous's picture

Ratings are going to be

Ratings are going to be higher than ever now just like when everyone signed the Kim K petition. You hate the show but know every detail of what goes on it in, really how? SMH dont sign it if your going to watch. I bet a bunch of you opposing will be watching the reunion. My coworker has no idea who these women are but asked me "hey you watch BBW?, whats that petition about". She definetly going to go home and find it on comcast tonight.
Stay Smiling's picture

for the record there is a

for the record there is a petition out for bgc just do the research ......moving on there are rules with bgc you hit somebody you leave the show, etc.....not to mention the messages are totally diferent between bgc and bbw....bgc message this is an experience where you experience girls let you that feel they are bad you may leave learning something, their will be fights,arguments, etc to get to the end of the journey (producers words not mines).......bbw(our very own shaunie says) its about women who are or were involved with the basketball players, you'll see how they bond, there jobs(bussiness, charities, how we stick together to enpower each other and a great example of color women and other race of women all together in general and that we are not just the wife or girlfriend of basketball players we are to our own people.......pause in any of shaunie's speech did you hear oh we going be throwing glasses, bullying, running across tables barefeet, being jealous of each other, slapping throwing punches, being mad because such and such is not their friend anymore......dont worry i'll wait...................exactly NO!!!!! to different shows promoting 2 different plots,......shaunie needs to get some better grounds rules that wont allow the foolishness
Sitting Pretty's picture

Don't believe a WORD Shaunie

Don't believe a WORD Shaunie O'Neal says. Shanunie knows about and produces that VIOLENCE because she knows it gets her ratings and new SEASONS. If Shaunie really was really appalled by the VIOLENCE she COULD pull out of the show entirely.....yet EACH SEASON the Violence gets worse. I'm really GLAD to see this type of TRASH TV GO! Black women that behave like this belong in one place....A ZOO! And they can take their fake hair and designer bags with them. Women of quality NEVER behave like this. GHETTO TRASH does.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I said the exact same thing

I said the exact same thing about Shaunie awhile ago. If she's so concerned, she should leave the show because there's no amount of money that would make me want to be associated with such trash. I can't stand a forked-tongue heffa and to me, she's the worse of all them. At least with the other girls we know they are ratchet and trashy, but Shaunie tries to pretend she's little Miss Innocent. Can't stand her.
Anonymous's picture

Yes u are so right shaunie

Yes u are so right shaunie sit bck and let everyone else make a dame fool out of their self then act like she so suprise and shock that it happen.tamie is being very messy this season and as for evelyn she say she was crying cause jennifer talk about nia cause she dnt hve nothing but evelyn for the past 4 season u talk about rois the same way
Anonymous's picture

Not that this makes it right,

Not that this makes it right, but if you really want to see ghetto fighting watch MOB Wives. Worse than BBW to me. I just think the show needs to be re-vamped and for them to stop acting so juvenile....I don't think it should be taken off the air. I like it except for the fights.
CrystalBall's picture

Agreed! Cosign^^

Agreed! Cosign^^
BeautyIsAnOpinion's picture

Isn't it interesting how

Isn't it interesting how people talk about the consistent fooly-wang, ignorance, stupidity, and juvenility of this show, yet, it's ratings are at it's highest right now. Gee, I wonder who's watching thus supporting this foolery [insert the women of The YBF here]. Simply put, they keep doing the foolery because y'all keep supporting. "Stupid is what stupid does." - Forrest Gump
DaTruth's picture

But why are people commenting

But why are people commenting about not petitioning for past shows with violence. Okay yes it happened, but I guess RIGHT NOW ppl are sick of the same o same o. If there is obviously a problem in peoples eyes, then it should be addressed. No, turning the TV would not help, because it's still happening and being blind to the facts will do nothin. Yes, we as people don't get along with everyone we come encounter with, but you don't have to handle it with fighting. Go about your business, do you, and keep it moving. Slick talk here and there is also, a tad bit cool. But showing others on TV especially these young ass girls is not what's up. So yea, starting a petition is a start, why not!!!!
Jersey here!'s picture

This show is a disgrace, a

This show is a disgrace, a bunch of grown a** bullies, and we sit and watch it and laugh and then turn and tell our kids that bullying is bad, it has to stop. Evelyn and Tammy both need help, they think that this sh*t is cute and its not, and for anyone to have an issue with Jen filing a report, lets see what you do when some bad a** kid slap the crap out of your child, then you will want to draw blood, I dont care what other race or what other show does it, it is still wrong and going absolutely to far. Chrissy, Evelyn, Tammy, all of these women are a joke and they need to be gone, reality shows can be fun and entertaining but the fighting is not cute.
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie said herself that she

Shaunie said herself that she is mortified and sad at the direction the show has taken.. I don't know if I believe that or not b/c its clearly making her alot of money but this show is embarrasing for women of all color.... Please Boycott and sign the petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I LOVE that STAR Jones only

I LOVE that STAR Jones only said what INTELLIGENT people have been saying. And like I have said many times before. JUST STOP WATCHING THAT TRASHY SHOW AND IT WILL GO AWAY AND QUICKLY! You don't need to sign any petition. Just stop watching it. That is all you need to do. well done STAR. Well done. Only the HOOD rats say things like Jennifer got what she "signed on for" or say things like Star is mad because her X has been on this show in the past. WRONG! Star is upset because this show put African American women in the worst possible light and Shaunie O'neal is 100% responsible. Some black women will tear down others just for the heck of it and Shaunie found a way to make money doing this and it's a complete disgrace!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

When I watched that assault

When I watched that assault on Meka last season I was floored that no one said anything. Sure Meka was a big mouth but she was assaulted nonetheless and bullied. Now Jennifer and she is being bullied and ganged up on by all of them. This show is such a piss poor way to display even the lives of wealthy blacks, let alone black women. I don't know one black woman that walks around and carries on like this. If you do, then you need to change your "circle". With that said, I'm signing the petition now and join the boycott.
meredithb's picture

I agree. Evelyn may be bi

I agree. Evelyn may be bi polar. She is an embarrassement to women of ANY color. When she jumped on that table in her bare feet like a wild monkey I was like....really? She can't really be happy behaving like that. Something isn't right.
Tracie's picture

To all those saying "if you

To all those saying "if you don't like it, change the channel", is it cool for Rush Limbaugh to make racist, sexist, and vile comments on his radio show directed at specific individuals? Are you okay with that simply because you don't listen to it? And was it okay for that other shock jock to call women college hoops players "nappy headed hoes"? Think about it. Same thing here. Negative, vile commentary and behavior with no redeeming value at all should not be tolerated on commercial tv. Star Jones needs to call on companies who advertise during BBW to pull their sponsorship. Need to hurt the TV channel in its wallet; that gets to the issue more so than calling for a boycott of viewership. I appreciate her efforts though nonetheless.
Yeah I said it!'s picture

This is a great way to think

This is a great way to think about it and we should't tolerate this crap!
QueenSafira's picture

Star Jones are you truly

Star Jones are you truly upset with the violence or are you upset because everyone sees your Ex-Husband Al on TV chatting it up with the girlssss. Ha! At least he's getting a check from somewhere else other than your bank account. Maybe we should have had a petition when you said you were marrying Al (2 snaps and a neck roll). Anyway, I agree, turn the television if this is not what you want to see or your children to watch. It's TV people! Does anyone watch when they tell you the producers set everything up. The shows are rarely shown in order and the parties have signed contracts that say they agree to this crazy mess before they tape even one show. Again, where was this love when poor Meeka and Royce and the Latin chica were being violated in previous seasons. Jennifer was right there cheering the MESS on. Now she is crying and acting like the victim because her butt is in the fire. I don't like the fighting at all, it makes me want to vomit every time someone starts acting a fool and throwing punches, but I have the remote in my hand and can turn the television at any time. I think all this media attention will make the producers and ladies think before they start with the drama, but at the end of the day they are adults making adult choices so who are we to judge. Jennifer quit the show. All others please beware before you sign on for this show and other reality shows that promote violence. Evelyn congratulations on your engagement and I will watch your show because at least you've only had one man on BBW, one grown child from a previous relationship other than your 10yr engagement to the baller. Not to mention you are trying to create other legitimate ventures outside of this foolery. Go Evelyn. Jennifer and Star have several seats!!!!
Anonymous's picture

so nobody else is their

so nobody else is their legitimate ventures outside of the show....have a seat hoodrat!!!! and for the record boo evelyn net worth 1.5 million she aint doing to much compared to the one you trying to trash talk yea hoodrat...jen...her net worth before eric and her divorce is 25 million she boo she is doing it...and why tell her to have a seat or star who made very valid points?....i believe you need to have a seat hoodrat
Sitting Pretty's picture

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