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SPOTTED: Beyonce Makes A Stop At Adult Education Building

After a long night visiting her little sister Solange at her home in Brooklyn yesterday, Beyonce Knowles was spotted...binder in hand...in midtown Manhattan earlier today.  And the paparazzi spotted her limo van, complete with Blue's carseat, pulling up to the W. 35th Street Alternative Education Complex.


Pics inside...

Dressed in Alexander McQueen cut-out mesh leggings, shorts, her Isabel Marant sneakers and a cardigan, the undisguisable star was spotted sans baby Blue heading into an Educational building.  She dodged the paparazzi cams and his her face as bodyguard Julius did his usual job of blocking Bey from the flashes.

The complex is a part of New York's Office of Adult and Continuing Education.  And offers adult basic education as well as career and technical education.  Wonder what she's up to...

Beyonce and her mom did open the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House Career Academy in Brooklyn back in 2010. Is a possible second center at this location in the works?

Pics: INF




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kellywilson's picture

Well unfortunately I myself

Well unfortunately I myself was very flabergasted when I heard this! It just goes to show no matter how much money you have in this world education will always be a solid foundation for you. I always noticed when she held interviews her intellect in dialogue was that of a 6th grade level lol!Im glad they posted this out on the web she needs to be exposed for this. They clowned Fantasia in the media for not knowing how to read so why not Beyonce for not having an education I'm just saying.
Anonymous's picture

I guess she took our foolish

I guess she took our foolish advice after her "letter to the president's wife/ future Godmother to Blu" and finally decided to get her G.E.D. Good job B.

Bey is not a hoe- SORRY Bey

Bey is not a hoe- SORRY Bey is not a druggie - SORRY Bey is not a alcoholic- SORRY Bey is not hate n on her mom but showing her great love ditto for her husband - SORRY. NOW if you people want sluts, drugs, alcohol, bed hopping plz there plenty n the music world and others who claim to fame is just being a nice looking slut some r not even that SNOOKI r u listening, well enough already i am sinking in the dirt with the rest of u Bey Haters. LONG LIVE THE CARTER FAMILY AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!
mjackson spring, tx's picture

Looks like this child is just

Looks like this child is just now getting a GED. SMH. Unless she is teaching the courses herself or creating a program for these adults which I doubt, BEy is getting a GED. I can't.
prettydimples's picture

Well Beyonce needs some type

Well Beyonce needs some type of education!! Who told her that is how you safely put a baby car seat in the car?!!!!! She should get a g.e.d, associates, bachelors something!!! Everyone want to be a good example to their child maybe she thinks having a degree will be the example she wants to show Blue. Lord knows she is going to get it bad enough being named Blue
get your life's picture

If she turns the baby car

If she turns the baby car seat around it's going to be difficult to strap with the seat belt. Do you notice where the seat belt is in the photo? We go to school so that we're able to do well in life. She has accomplished so much without it and is now seeking to get qualification. Who knows the reason? It's a decision she has made and I applaud her for that. She has done well.
Anonymous's picture

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Eli's picture

Why doesnt she travel in a

Why doesnt she travel in a regular car? That way she can do things like this in privacy. This chick is either dense or a mediawhore. I mean to tool around town in that giant Beyonce Wagon is the equivalent of her riding around in an ice cream truck playing her music on blast. SeriouslY? Diva, do you really need press like this? Dumb azz!
Anonymous's picture

She has her diploma people. I

She has her diploma people. I can't believe you all are really saying you're proud of her for finally getting her GED. That must make her feel like shit!
Anonymous's picture

she dropped out of school

she dropped out of school when she was 14, did some tutoring but never got her diploma. But don't worry, i'm sure you don't "feel like shit". We shouldn't know everything about someone we don't know.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce can't dress for

Beyonce can't dress for nothing. Those tights are hot but paired with those shoes they are not! That hat looks wack on Bey's head. I don't know but somehow Bey manages to make her clothes look very cheap! Bey, please call Rihanna for fashion tips!
Big Nose Big Lips Tar Baby's picture

I really do not see anything

I really do not see anything wrong with the way Beyonce talks. I do hear the southern accent which is nothing. She is doing fine with her life. I hope she doesn't take the comments on blogs to heart. Some of you all are very jealous wishing you were her. I hope one day she says that too.
Anonymous's picture

man oh man you certainly know

man oh man you certainly know when you are doing something right when you are hated on so much...Go on Mrs. Carter do the damn thang, and phluck all the haters!!!!!
Candy's picture

well yall wanted to see the

well yall wanted to see the carseat. she left the door wide open for yall to see it. This chick will do anything to "reply" to the stuff people saying about her.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce has bragged about

Beyonce has bragged about everything but a diploma, connect the dots.
Anonymous's picture

I just watch a video of

I just watch a video of Destiny child were being interview and a question was asked about their education and how do they feel about school and classes being taken, and the respond came from Kelly Rowland stating that they(Kelly & Beyonce) were home school and they graduated and recieve their diploma througn home schooling. So Beyonce may be taken a course to further herself in the business field.
Anonymous's picture

I don't think anybody would

I don't think anybody would BRAG about having a HS diploma. She has said she doesn't have a degree which she didn't have to state, it's obvious.
A2's picture

How are so many people

How are so many people applauding and proud of her when you don't even know why she's there. I read a book on how celebrities can warp our minds, and she's clearly done that.
Anon's picture

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Anonczxucsamafvavs's picture

Applauding Beyonce for moving

Applauding Beyonce for moving forward in any positive way....Beyonce could be developing a reality show......about aspects of her life that she missed because of her successful career! You can be financially successful and still want to have a formal education including hs/ged, college degree! Beyonce, at thirty, I am sure has very personal and private goals for her life!
2cents's picture

For people who seem to hate

For people who seem to hate everything Beyonce does, you all spend a lot of time commenting on everything she does. Geeze. If you think she is a media whore, stop clicking on articles related to her and stop giving her attention. It really is that simple. I don't like Chris Brown, so I don't read articles about him and I don't support his music. I think some of you are really pathetic and schoolyard bullies. Seriously.
stopthemadness's picture

Well people come to voice

Well people come to voice their thoughts whether they lik'Em or not!! It's a Blog... Some fawn, worship, and Normal can reply with the common sense of Reality!!! Oh and being that This BiSH let's us know she reads.... Well I suggest her disgraceful lie telling azz Pray for forgiveness unless 2cents gotta a BETTA view!!! Lolol
Anonymous's picture

for people to assume she's

for people to assume she's going to get her ged when she has a hs diploma must make her feel good! haha. her "fans" dont really know shit abt their queen. just the superficial shyt she shows you in her scripted image. thats why she works so hard to stay relevant, her fans arent true fans! there is no higher education going in here either. I saw a pic out with her choreographer in that same wig so I would guess she's going to some type of dance studio n or connected to that building.
Anonymous's picture

Bey is AMAZING. I think it is

Bey is AMAZING. I think it is awesome that she is pursuing higher education. She is already rich and famous and she doesn't have to do this...which speaks volumes! Bey is setting a great example for her daughter and young people all over the world. Get 'em Bey!
KingBeyonce's picture

Lord Jesus. Since when has

Lord Jesus. Since when has adult education been higher education? You clearly must not have any education whatsoever, or please be in the 5th grade with that comment. That is clearly not a college where one pursues a Bachelor's or Master's degree. God help us.
prettydimples's picture

I'd agree with you but "adult

I'd agree with you but "adult education" is not "higher education". Adult Education is centered on helping individuals over the age of 18 to puruse high school diplomas and GEDs or alternative technical high school degrees. Since Bey already has a high school diploma or its equivalent, I'm thinking her trip to the Adult Ed facility is not related to her degree seeking but is rather probably part of a project she's doing or charitable work. It's also possible though that she wants to take perhaps some basic classes, like another language, at the high school level in preparation for some further studies she has planned. But if you look up Adult Education, you will get a clearer picture that it's not higher education related to pursuing a bachelor of arts or science.
Anonymousity's picture

@Anonymousity 10:05 am

@Anonymousity 10:05 am Beyonce did not graduate from High School so she needs her GED before she goes on to higher education. Why are you trying to be negative about that? Beyonce has always been on the STAGE because she wanted to be an entertainer and now she is trying to become a more educated Woman so her daughter can respect something new about her. I think it's a great gesture. Michelle Obama clearly has had an impact on Beyonce. It's wonderful!
FURIOUSLY FentY™®'s picture

How do you know she's getting

How do you know she's getting her GED? You are psycho!
Anon's picture

@ANON Bey attended Welch

@ANON Bey attended Welch Middle School in Houston and attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.... They "claim" she graduated from Alief Elsik High School in Houston but I don't think she really did. I think she is looking to get her GED but that is an educated guess. I'm not 100% sure about it. But I'm willing to bet it's true.....
FURIOUSLY FentY™®'s picture

@KingBeyonce 9:21 am What a

@KingBeyonce 9:21 am What a difference a DAY makes? We are back in complete agreement! I LOVE THIS! Beyonce is maturing and growing and I'm so excited about this. Education is so very important for personal growth. It's never about earning money or doing something that is required. Education improves one from top to bottom. I'm so glad my parents have always encouraged and supported formal education. Beyonce is so impressing me. And I love that she always takes her baby with her. And KING this time next week we're going to be celebrating a new achievement that Bey has earned. I love BEY! She always surprises me! I'm so happy for her! #lovebingatthebhive
FURIOUSLY FentY™®'s picture

I guess this so called

I guess this so called achievement requires u to read n write lololol u guys are funny y wud she stay making an azz of herself if she wants to be accepted around the clock haha when ur so called big unveiling comes lolol nobody will give a dam... That notch on her belt will be no more Faker than her pregnancy.. U c titles don't change who folks really are or not!...and lets just say She's a good example! lololol
Nobel Peace Prize... Goes tooooooooo's picture

She let the people get to her

She let the people get to her about the letter she wrote to Ms. Obama. Stop saying she getting her GED, she has her diploma like most home schooled stars. I am all for pursuing education at any age, never to old to learn new things.
Stay Smiling's picture

Stfu u rite she stay smiling

Stfu u rite she stay smiling and always will pretend to b wte the fuck u guys want her to b....tell this lil girl to stop readin blogs , playin disgraceful games and live her life raising that Blue azz baby!!!!!!!!!! And while laughing in that Mac BiSH u are officially Ugly... Lol that shit starts on the inside plz go away then u' ll c what I am Beyonce really Means!! Lolololol
Anonymous's picture

It's about time se got her

It's about time se got her GED!
Bella's picture

@ Bella, WYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Bella, WYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was funny, and true. It's long overdue anyway.
Ms. B's picture

There must be something in

There must be something in Beyonce's music to make her fanatics behave the way they do. I swear regular people dont defend their friends they way people defend Beyonce. I mean what is this girl really doing for you ? She is a recording artist just like so many other people. She can sing, just like soooo many other people. The only difference is that she got an opportunity and had the right people on her bus. I wish people would understand that JayZ and Beyonce are not perfect and they will do things to garner money and fame. Someone wrote a comment that if she doesnt like the attention from the paps then why live in a place where they are unavoidable. Alicia Keys even made a comment, saying celebs know where to go and where not to go (for the most part). She also made the comment about how is it that 2 people are in the middle of the ocean across the world and the paps are still taking pics of them. hahahah it is clear when it is Beyonce's photographers over the paps. People have the right to like Beyonce's horrid music. However, why cant they think objectively. If things dont add up its usually because something is not right. Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, JLo, Paula Patton, and Mariah Carey had babies and there was not 1 single fake pregnancy rumor. - so why for miss beyonce ? THe pics look like Beyonce is not being a good mother. I mean you are pimping out your first born for photo ops. What wont she do for money ? How many evil manipulating things have to follow this girl for people to really think about what she does Destiny's Child days - what they did to LeToya and LaTavia Beyonce dropping a single everytime Michelle or Kelly had a cd coming out. Imagine that, her own sisters. hahahhaha what a joke Beyonce with the whole Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson thing Beyonce stealing music from Deseree (Kissin you) and walmart had to take the albums off of the shelf. Beyonce telling everyone she wrote Irreplaceable, when infact it was NeYo Beyonce saying that she doesnt use credit cards on the internet - then endorsing Amex online shopping Beyonce saying she doesnt drink alcohol yet you see her with wine and or smashed. Beyonce doing performances for the family of a political tyrrant. Beyonce stealing choreography from soooo many people Beyonce wearing a fake belly on the red carpet and annoncing her "pregnancy" when she didnt even want to tell people that jayz is her boyfriend because she needs her privacy Beyonce australia interview fake belly/belly flop - hahahahhahah who really believes this girl was pregnant.- the proof is right there on that video. hhahahaah I have never seen someone's pregnant hard belly crumple when they sit down. If that happens i wish they would show it on youtube with a naked belly and then I will apologize. Until then this girl is so pathetic. Beyonce writing a private letter to Michelle Obama yet sending it to the blogs. hahah why ? what is she trying to prove ? Beyonce having to mention all of her accomplishments in every interview Beyonce making arrogant tacky music and videos while proclaiming that she is the Queen and an icon. Why did Etta James say that Beyonce needs to be slapped ? why is an old lady disgusted with the Queen, Great, Perfect Beyonce ? The media, people around her, and other celebs know the truth. They are just all int he money game and cant say boo. Like I always said, there will be a day when all of her evil actions will come to light. As far as I can see, Beyonce's addiction to fame is heading her into a downward spiral. She has less fans as the clock tics. People are really not feeling her music= it is annoying and tacky. Her voice is just annoying " Now that you're out of my life Im such.. ahaha I remember hearing that song for the first time on the radio and some guys were like turn that shit offf. hahhaah
Laughing at the Mindless Followers's picture

You must be a fan too

You must be a fan too considering you just took the time to write a 5 page essay on her.
KingBeyonce's picture

That's all you could say

That's all you could say because you know all 5 pages are true!
Anon's picture

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said. Except the letter. There is no way Beyonce wrote that letter. Have you ever heard her speak in an interview? You are embarrased for her. Thank god it looks like she is going back to school and furthering her education. She needs to do that or hire someone to help her (Princess Diana did this and she also didn't finish high school)This has nothing to with her being rich and anybody being jealous (for the crazy fans who are going to jump on me), this has to be with someone sounding intelligent.
ZAPPY's picture

And you would know for a fact

And you would know for a fact Beyonce didnt write the letter because.....? She did write the letter and the note when Blue Ivy pics were releases on the internet. That why why she got bashed for the grammatical errors. Its her handwriting. Have you ever seen her autograph? Btw, some of the most articulate people are the dumbest. Beyonce might be able to string a sentence together like the most us, but she's a very savvy business woman.
Anonymous's picture

I agree with what you are

I agree with what you are saying. She is narcissistic and does crave attention. I remember hearing Alicia Keys make that comment on Oprah, or was it Wendy? I can't remember, but she did say that about being able to maintain your privacy as a celebrity is for the most part easy. They know where to go - and not to go - to avoid being seen. I'm not saying anything to take away from Bey's talent, b/c she is talented. But, she does do things for attention. She's working on her comeback after the birth of Blue so that explains it. I'm actually reading a book by Dr. Drew on narcissistic celebs and how they have brainwashed us, the public. Its really good.
HoneyBee's picture

Medically, I've been in my

Medically, I've been in my prime to be educated in the medical field and I like reading about this kind of behaviors. Read about a Sociopath behavior also. I think a sociopath with a narcissistic person is deadly (evil).
Anonymous's picture

Oh, you are so right. Those 2

Oh, you are so right. Those 2 are deadly combinations!
HoneyBee's picture

Well you two BITCHES should

Well you two BITCHES should know cause you both sound like Perfect Examples!
Yeah's picture

All celebrities crave

All celebrities crave attention. How are they going to maintain their careers without exposure and publicity? Maintaining your privacy is easy for Alicia Keys when no one care about your private life, but when you're Beyonce and people scrutinize your every move then its a bit harder.
Anonymous's picture

You are correct. All

You are correct. All celebrities crave attention - when they are doing something attention worthy, like performing on stage or promoting a movie. But when they are just going to and fro...no, they all don't want that kind of attention. That's where I disagree with you.
HoneyBee's picture

LaTavia....is that you?

LaTavia....is that you?
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Just like you wrote this

Just like you wrote this dissertation about Beyonce and her fans...yeah...ok
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