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Solange Visits Beyonce & Niece Blue Ivy, Glams Up For The Tribeca Ball

Solange Knowles may have spent yesterday evening glammed up to honor Robert DeNiro at the Tribeca Ball at the New York Academy of Art in NYC, but kept it casual today back in Tribeca after making a visit to her niece Blue Ivy Carter.



Pics inside...

Free spirited Solange was spotted leaving her big sister Beyonce & brother-in-law Jay-Z's Tribeca apartment today after making a visit to her Blue-ful niece.

She looked laid back and cute in her winged Adidas sneakers, short shorts & a cropped sweatshirt and small Chanel purse before hopping in a friend's black Mercedes G-Wagon:

Later on today Bey & Blue were spotted heading to Solange's place in Brooklyn:

Yellow seemed to be the color of the day for both mom and baby girl. 

Bey wore a Versace Venetian silk print blouse and that's a Lauren Moshi travel scarf around blue's head.

And they left Solo's place this evening.

And last night at the Tribeca Ball, 25-year-old singer Solange glammed it up with a black printed sheer buttoned up blouse with coral accents, paired with matching high waisted satin pants with black and coral print along the outer legs:

She matched her look with black pointed toe shoes and coral nails. 


And Maybelline model Jessica White also made a dazzling appearance for the Ball:

With loose curls and a shimmering gold floor length gown, Jess paired her look with a simple silver clutch.  Pretty.





That baby is a doll look at

That baby is a doll look at the feet/ toe nails of that child.
CASHIN' OUT's picture

i love babies feet...so

i love babies feet...so cute!!!! All i can think of is "awww look at her chuncky legs ^_^"
Tommie's picture

bullshit. "unflattering"

bullshit. "unflattering" photos of an infant? Please... it's bogus and her and jay-z as usual think they are royalty. they are not covering up that child and suffocating her because they don't want bad pictures surfacing. They are doing that bullshit because they like having that control and attention. TFOH
Anonymous's picture

I guess this high waisted

I guess this high waisted cut-off shorts trend is the "It" look for the summer... Sigh
Zinga!'s picture

Baby Blue Ivy is beautiful

Baby Blue Ivy is beautiful you guys. I can understand Bey covering her up as she's still a young infant and she doesn't want unflattering photos of the baby surfacing. She wants to be able to control the photos of her child that are seen by the public -- thus she released a few very beautiful photos of the two of them through her website. You know full well that the paparazzi will take and sell the most unflattering photos possible - they'd likely get more money for those. She's just a baby - she's Bey and Jay's child - and they understandably want to protect her while also living as normal a life as possible including walking about with her around NYC. Solange's hair looks tragic in those first few photos, but much better in the Tribeca Ball outfit. Jessica White is gorgeous. That's a supermodel. Regular chicks like Solange and Bey pale in comparison to an actual model frankly.
Anonymousity's picture

Remember Michael Jackson and

Remember Michael Jackson and the masks on his kids.....here we go again! After they're uncovered there is no mystery......
Anonymous's picture

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Anosdddfhbaouscvm's picture

bey and her baby look

bey and her baby look beautiful, love them
fly's picture

I'm almost convinced the baby

I'm almost convinced the baby must be a full on mini jay in the face for beyonce 2 shield her face this much. I'm no hater but how do u go from showing the child literally days after she was born to not showing her at all? Even if not in public doesn't the child have her own tumbir u can upload some photos to atleast for your deranged fans 2 shit bricks over? Ppl say she's just controlling her own press but how long will this last? Will this child be forced to wear halloween masks when she gets older lik mj's kids did. I'm sure MJ's son blanket is pissy at blu ivy right now.
Anonymous's picture

Solange u need to change that

Solange u need to change that hair style ASAP, and am cracking up, beyonce got every body sitting on the edge lmfao..this woman knows how to call attention to herself, by covering the baby's face, why do people care if she covers the babys face or not, it's her child she can do whatever she want to, if camara can stop stalking her and for people who always get mad by her covering the child's face....do me n u a favor, don't click on her post, everything will be squar out..
CASHIN' OUT  's picture

WTF is wrong with the hate

WTF is wrong with the hate for this girl & her baby? The cameras are all on her & I would hide my babies eyes from those effing paps 2. My god hate is real!
Anonymous's picture

Why is this idiot still

Why is this idiot still walking around like she gave birth to a messiah. Might be a good idea to stay the fuck home if you don't want to be seen inpublic stupid bitch!!!
Anonymous's picture

Are you kidding me how do you

Are you kidding me how do you expect her to stay home she has work and family in New York she shouldnt have to be trapped inside a house because every where she goes there's paparrazzi hounding her trying to get paid off a picture of her and her baby's face. You people are idiots if i was famous and i wanted to walk out my door I would she is doing the RIGHT thing by protecting her baby from strange men with bright flashing lights and loud shutters so no you're the stupid bitch
Anonymous's picture

I have to agree with the OP.

I have to agree with the OP. Beyonce isn't concerned about her child being seen. SHE wants to be seen. She is scared to death that the public's interest in her, the interest she has been forcing down people's throats for years, will wane. That's HER insecurity at work. Her insecurity is her motivation. I'd just like to ask what in the MJ hell she has on her feet? I'm bypassing the Versace blouse and the fact that she swore she would NEVER pay $1,400 for a shirt (well, you did) and wondering how the hell she thought penny loafers would go with denim shorts and a Versace blouse. Money cannot buy you style, kids. Solange looks fab, both casual and dressy.
Anonymous's picture

I meant to add that you can

I meant to add that you can stay home and get whatever you want or need delivered to you if you're resourceful and you have a few dollars. Beyonce and Jay-Z have a staff. I'm certain their staff or assistants can go out and get what they need so they can stay in, spend time with their baby and shield said baby from the paparazzi. I'm not saying become a fugitive in your home. Clearly, Beyonce craves attention so she'll continue to suffocate the baby and pretend to dodge the paps.
Anonymous's picture

Thank u!

Thank u!
busty's picture


JEEPERS CREEPERS WHERE'D YA GET THOSE PEEPERS!!?? JEEPERS CREEPERS WHERE'D YA GET THOSE EYES!!!??? is what comes to mind when i look at Beyonce in this crazy hat sitting on top of her head smh lol
Anonymous's picture

Wow...B.I.C. looks like she

Wow...B.I.C. looks like she is between 4-6 months old and can sit up on her own; this is a big 3 month old. Maybe Yandy was right when she posted on her Twitter that BIC was already like a month old when she was supposedly born. IJS I work in a daycare and three month olds are typically smaller than this.
Anonymous's picture

People can not really be

People can not really be serious with this assessment of a baby's size at any given month....can they? Commom sense tells me that a baby can look like it's 6 months when its born (the woman that had a 13 lb boy) or can look like it needed a few more months in the womb (a 3 pound baby) all of this to say there really isn't a set marker on what children "should" look like at any month. If that's the case look at 3/4 of the teens today...they darn near look 30.....
Anonymous's picture

My son got teeth at 3 months

My son got teeth at 3 months and looked like an 8 month old because he was such a hungry baby that as a Caribbean woman, i was giving him cornmeal porridge and he wanted to eat everything everyone else ate. But now he is 4 and has slimmed down.
Saywhat's picture

She looks her age, Not every

She looks her age, Not every baby develops the same way. Mariah Carey babies look like they are 7months and they are a bit older, so whats your point? Blue is going to tall. Why would Jay and Beyonce tell Yandy their business? Are they even friends?
Anonymous's picture

Some of you crack me up with

Some of you crack me up with this "solange has great legs." I actually think she has sorta ugly looking legs especially from certain angles and she needs to get some sleep with that HOMEY The CLOWN Wig.
Anonymous 's picture

(captioning for Blue Ivy)

(captioning for Blue Ivy) they can just my little harnessed ass!
Anonymous's picture

Some of you, in attempting to

Some of you, in attempting to paint Beyonce crazy, are making yourselves look like downright nutcases! Referencing MTO, like that site is a reliable source. It's a BABY! They have folks and creases in their little plump skin. I cannot for the life of me understand why it is so impossible for this woman to have birthed a living, breathing child with her husband. I really don't get it. At some point, don't the conspiracy theories get old and sound the least bit ridiculous? I mean, have y'all read some of the garbage you're typing, or is your brain just on autohate where Beyonce and her baby are concerned? Making an entire youtube video analyzing her pregnancy and accusing her of carrying around a doll. UGH! Seriously! Enough already! You can go on and on forever making things up. It's just sad and ridiculous. The photographs we see are but a moment in time. Nobody moves in still photographs last I checked. The baby is 3 months old and in a harnass, of course she's going to always be in a similar position. She covers the baby's face because she doesn't want bright flashes in her eyes, or depending on the weather, because it may be cool, cold or windy. In many cases, I think it's because of all the flashes, not because she's ashamed of how her baby looks! I've seen folks with some monsters for kids who think they are the most precious things in the world, so I'm certain Blue's looks are just fine. Y'all so tired of Beyonce posts, yet you're the first to click and comment. PUH-LEASE! You are here for Beyonce and Beyonce only!
BK's picture

AMEN!! they need to go occupy

AMEN!! they need to go occupy their time with something constructive! totally ridiculous!
Anonymous's picture

Gurl hush you beating a dead

Gurl hush you beating a dead horse coming to Beyonce's defense and what not last time i checked Beyonce isnt paying people to do that THIS IS A BLOG SITE meaning people can type whatever they want and express themselves however they want EVERYBODY is entitled to an opinion including you whether its negative or positve PEOPLE GON SAY WHAT THEY WANT so coming to her defense everytime you see a negative comment is getting old as well unless you gon type this same message on every beyonce post it aint gon change nothing. lol Just sayin not tryna be mean or nothing lmao :)))
Anonymous's picture

People should be free to

People should be free to express themselves on blogs without you telling them to hush. You went on to contradict yourself by saying this is a blog site and people type whatever they want. What she said might have touched a nerve. It a clear that you cant accept Beyonce fans defending her.
Anonymous's picture


"THIS IS A BLOG SITE meaning people can type whatever they want and express themselves however they want EVERYBODY is entitled to an opinion including you..." See what you said there? That is exactly what I am doing. I am simply applying logic. Folks complain of being tired of Beyonce and call her crazy, but are the first to run into her posts with the bs. I have said it and I'll say it again: If I don't like pizza, why on earth would I go to Pizza Hut and then complain about the menu?
BK's picture

Ok but your wasting your time

Ok but your wasting your time coming to her defense all the time at the end of the day people are still gonna talk bs....... thats life............and a menu at pizza hut is wayy different than looking at celebrities and commenting about them. The menu at pizza hut isnt gon change but the celebs do. So people wanna see what their fav celebs are up to. And some people just come to see the comments.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly! She's a fool.

Exactly! She's a fool.
Anonymous's picture

There's a different rule for

There's a different rule for Beyonce, dont you know? Commonsense and Simple Logic go out the window and their obsessive, derange and hating genes kick in making it impossible for them to have any possible rational judgement or observation where she's concern. It certainly doesnt affect Beyonce, she goes out everyday living her life and her dream. They are the ones wasting their time, something they'll never get back.
Anonymous's picture

You go Jessica All Glammed

You go Jessica All Glammed Up!
Star's picture

Maybe Beyonce just doesn't

Maybe Beyonce just doesn't want all the camera flashes in her baby's eyes...
Anonymous's picture

Haters are mad because

Haters are mad because Beyonce refuse to show them her baby's face. Stay mad! Keep on entertaining yourselves with your foolish conspiracies. I Baby Blue jeans. Cute.
Anonymous's picture

ALL the girls(bey, solo, and

ALL the girls(bey, solo, and blue look like what people look like, great! Love her single, married, and now as a mom you go girl with your bad self!
2227's picture

I hate to talk money, but

I hate to talk money, but when you have money you don't need to flaunt it with clothes. You'll learn the difference in earned money that is continuous and long- to money that is temporary and you don't know when you'll run across it again. Beyonce has money for years!! She doesn't need to glam it out every day to impress anyone. Nene on the other hand has a status to portray!! There is a huge difference. Black people and their needs for Mercedes to impress. The real wealthy individuals are pushing Ford Tauruses and F-150s
Anonymous's picture

Why is that scarf on her

Why is that scarf on her head? Why is her food crooked? Why would she wear that? WHy Why WHy Why??? Fuck out of here seriously stop crying and whining about Beyonce and what she decides to do with HER baby and get a life!!!
Anonymous's picture

Why don't we ever see Jay Z

Why don't we ever see Jay Z holding his child??? Ugh! He needs to bond with his kid!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Get the fuck out of

Get the fuck out of here! Sometimes you just need to be near some of the idiotic internet psychoanalysis and slap the dog piss out of them. You know nothing about these two aside from the photos you are seeing. Who the fuck are you and where are you in life to be offering parenting advice? Go have a seat in a stadium!
Anonymous's picture

Stop licking Beyonce's

Stop licking Beyonce's azz!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I said I would scream if I

Anonymous's picture

BLUE just got a serious press

BLUE just got a serious press and curl she go her silk wrap and everything i see you BLUE! lol
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

they are pics! DUH! just like

they are pics! DUH! just like ppl look fat in 1 pic, slim in the next- cute in one n busted in the next! i mean Hello! n the baby is wearing pants so u can't see her rolls!
Anonymous's picture

She got stunt babies n shit.

She got stunt babies n shit.
Nony's picture


TL's picture


Whaah...o' no u didn't !!'s picture

Lolol I love beyonce so what

Lolol I love beyonce so what if she doesnt want cameras in the baby face. Smh She has me cracking up putting a scarf on the baby head.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce go home seriously. If

Beyonce go home seriously. If your gonna do this everytime you come out then we dont wanna see you ecspecially not with those hideous loafers, hat and shades on. And let you baby breathe!!!! damn lmao Solange you look amazing those pants are giving me everything!! Jessica BYE! lol
Anonymous's picture

I agree with you on the

I agree with you on the Beyonce part! She needs to stop! LOL
TruStarr's picture

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