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Nicki Minaj TOUCHES DOWN In London Amidst Twitter Drama, Big Fendi SLAMS Her "Deletion" Antics


Despite still not making a comeback to the Twitterverse, lots of fans mobbed Nicki Minaj as she arrived at Heathrow airport in London today. See the pics inside....



Nicki looked unimpressed by the mobs of fans who showed up to support her London arrival today.  After deleting her Twitter account this past Sunday, presumably to teach her fans a lesson about them being "mean," she made her first public emergence and seemed only semi-happy about it. 

Who rocks a big huge neon pink fur and starry leggings and snow boots...in spring...and seems sad about attention?

We all know that Nicki (who's launching a fragrance) blew up on the mixtape circuit in New York, and now the man behind the DVDs that got her discovered, Big Fendi, says she "deleted" him (and everybody else who helped her come up) from her life.  So he's not suprised about her deleting her Twitter and 11 million fans.

Big Fendi is the man who put out the COME UP DVD series which helped get Nicki noticed by Cash Money.  But he says after she blew up, she never ever said thank you and pretty much cut him off.  He says she deleted him like her Twitter account!

"What you expect man? Nicki's good at deleting. She deleted me, she deleted Debbie [Antney], she deleted Puffy and she deleted Twitter with all her fans," Fendi said. "Twitter is the new marketing tool for a lot of situations. Your fans on Twitter, they really f*ck with you. 11 million fans and she left everybody hanging? That's Nicki Minaj for you."



Watch the video here:


Play nice kids....


Photos via Splash




hooray its over. can I please

hooray its over. can I please buy Mt. Dew again without it going to her pockets

Look at short stumpy Nikki

Look at short stumpy Nikki with her big fluffy onion smelling hindparts.
Ethel's picture

too funny!!!

too funny!!!
Anonymous's picture

LMAO@hindparts!! I thought I

LMAO@hindparts!! I thought I was the only one that still used that term!
KingBeyonce's picture

Looooo child stop! True

Looooo child stop! True picture but just painful. Painfully true.
Koko's picture

Everytime I see her, all I

Everytime I see her, all I can say is she looks so f--k--g stupid. And did you peep the left leg in the 5th picture? EWWW She looks massive funky.
Puzzled's picture


Asia's picture

Disgusting ungrateful pile of

Disgusting ungrateful pile of shit.
Choco's picture


Beautiful G's picture

lmao!! Your comment made me

lmao!! Your comment made me laugh. It was plain, simple and to the point.
Ethel's picture

Hey Nicki....can you go away

Hey Nicki....can you go away please....oh yeah ...and can you take Kanye with you too.
Anonymous's picture

nicki funny azz hell,,LOL she

nicki funny azz hell,,LOL she might need a long vacation,, or she prolly just doing it to see whos still riding with her...that outfit tho icant stop lol..tights r cute tho
Anonymous's picture

....I'm not sure that was a

....I'm not sure that was a good look either. I mean - that was her BIGGEST fan site. and FANS made you famous. without fans, the skills, the fashion, the ass....is all for nothing.
kay p 's picture

Twitter did not suffer a

Twitter did not suffer a great loss. Stay gone Nicki
Anonymous's picture

she look like a dam fool in

she look like a dam fool in that last pic of herself....her time is almost up, I don’t hate on her but is just certain things she dose and it don’t seat well with me...she is hard working, I can’t hate on that..she came from nothing to something but deleting people who are trying to make you something and trying to keep away from people who actually helped you and become what you are today is bull shit…if you don’t know where u came from, you won’t know where u are heading in life.
CASHIN' OUT's picture

Im sure this 'Nicki deleted

Im sure this 'Nicki deleted twitter beef/stuff is some old....publicity stint!
Anonymous's picture

Hurayyyyyyyy!!!! donkey fake

Hurayyyyyyyy!!!! donkey fake ass has landed!! what is wrong with her lately, she looks so pissed and angry all the time. doesn't want me to want to listen to her "all my music sound the same" songs. over her.....next!!!
Anonymous's picture

Do your sh*t Nick!! They

Do your sh*t Nick!! They gonna follow you any way anywhere. It's like a train wreck - can't help but to get closer to smell the flames just to watch sh*t burn.
ClockNit's picture

maybe she had a breakthrough

maybe she had a breakthrough after admitting being butt-fucked by her dad
Lî§åRå¥ê's §üßçøñsçìóûsñëss™®'s picture

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