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LaLa Anthony His The Streets With Anna Wintour, Po & Dice Talk "Gold Star Lesbians," Masturbation & Relationships

LaLa Anthony made her way to Madison Square Garden Sunday to cheer on her hubby Carmelo as the Knicks took on the Heat.  And she ran into VOGUE editor Anna Wintour while entering.


Pics inside, plus La's friend & cousin Po & Dice dishing on their lesbian relationships on The Breakfast Club...

In the neon yellow version of the Louboutin Unbout Illusion pumps (Beyonce wore the hot pink version to the same game), LaLa Anthony was spotted entering MSG and spending the afternoon cheering on her hubby.  She rocked grey cropped pants and a matching neon yellow sheer shirt with a black blazer for the occasion.  I'm sure Ms. Wintour was thinking lots of things in her head about this outfit....

And yesterday, hot pink shades wearing La & her son Kiyan were spotted out and about running errands as they left their Tribeca apartment.  How cute is he!


Meanwhile, "LaLa's Full Court Life" co-star Po was spotted out and about in NYC yesterday afternoon running errands with a friend:

She has a cute style that fits her.

LaLa's "Full Court Life" co-stars, cousin Dice & good friend Po, hit up The Breakfast Club on Power 105 this morning.  And the two ladies revealed why they decided to be so open about their sexuality and being lesbians.  Mainly because they know it is such a taboo thing in our communities and many young girls and boys have thanked them for being examples of how to come out to their own circles and handle bullying.

Dice kept it funny talking about how she's willing to try anything...and knows how to run game and tell women what they want to hear.

Po, who lives in L.A. and is working on her music career, revealed she is keeping her privates closed and is sticking to masturbation as of now (while Dice said she definitely get more chicks being on the show.)  And she broke up with her girlfriend a while ago.

And if you're wondering, the two are not "gold star lesbians," as DJ Envy named them.  They have had sex with men before.  And didn't deal with girls until college and later.  Po reiterated she always knew who she was and never thought being gay was "wrong."

Check out the full interview below:




Lala O.O should not be

Lala O.O should not be wearing high heels with those sticks (looks like she sat on a chicken)
Lî§åRå¥ê's §üßçøñsçìóûsñëss™®'s picture

As much as I love LaLa, I'm

As much as I love LaLa, I'm not feeling that outfit whatsoever. For the most part her style is hot but not this time. P.S. those pants are not camel colored...they're GRAY! Womp.
Anonymous's picture

Next time LaLa can I get you

Next time LaLa can I get you to iron Kiyan's shorts while u are dressed in every designer known to man??
Anonymous's picture

LaLa - Nope, nope and nope on

LaLa - Nope, nope and nope on the fashion tip! All you had to do was put on a white racer back tank, keep the black jacket, keep the gray pants and keep the yellow shoes. That shirt is ridiculous with this outfit. Onest again (Tyler Perry voice) you're trying too hard.
Anonymous's picture

LaLa tries too hard at

LaLa tries too hard at everything.... LaLa has the personality of a turtle. However at least LaLa is not as worst as Khloe K... I know Lamar wants to say, PLEASE give me SOME SPACE... I do not feel sorry for Lamar stuck with the "FAT, Annoying, FAME Whore.... When will black men learn... Hello OJ, Lionel Richie, and Micheal Strahan all of them left their BLACK girlfriend or wife for White Women... And the worst white women at that. I am not racist but I do believe people should marry someone in his/her race. Imagine how further our black communities would be if our black men would get it together and marry black women.
Anonymous's picture

I think she looks cute. ms

I think she looks cute. ms wintour on the other hand, below average
Anonymous's picture

Lala & Kiyan are too cute! I

Lala & Kiyan are too cute! I wonder if she knew Beyonce wore those Loubs on Sun? Lol
shayla from bklyn!'s picture

Good for them. nothing better

Good for them. nothing better than living a life the way you want to and feel.
Sole Soul Jah's picture

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