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NFLer Antonio Cromartie Welcomes 10th CHILD, His 8 Baby Mamas Want A Reality Show...TOGETHER!

*UPDATED* Where do we start with the latest foolywangery of NFL baller Antonio Cromartie?  For starters...the New York Jet baller just welcomed his 10th child, Jagger, recently.  Yes....10th.  This is his and his (second) wife's second child.  Deets inside on the reality show all eight of his baby mamas want to nab, plus what they say about how he's taking care of his umpteen kids....

Remember Terricka Cason (pictured above) from that E! reality show "Candy Girls" about video chicks/groupies?  She was a single mother at the time, but has since "gotten her come-up" and has become the wife of the multi-state woman fertilizer Antonio Cromartie.  They now have 2 kids together (in addition to Terricka's oldest), a daughter named Jurzie (sigh) (pictured below) & their new son Jagger.

28-year-old Antonio now has 10 kids total (including four 3-year-olds) with 8 women in 6 different states: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey.  Christmas with all the half-siblings is going to get real interesting.

Before we continue, yes, this is the same Antonio who had mad difficulty remembering all his kids' names (even forgot one) in an HBO Sports special back in 2010:

He later claimed the producers of the show made him "deliberately pause" in between each child as he listed the names.  Anywho...

Antonio just signed a new $35 million contract with the Jets, and reportedly pays each of his baby mamas $3500 a month, except for one.  And his oldest chid is only 7.

Apparently that $58,000+ yearly child support aint cuttin' it for these chicks, because most (if not all) have stated they are interested in shooting a reality show about their "modern family."  Why?  Because they believe we all need to know they are not catty and actually do get along and they have strong friendships where they help each other through hardships of the situation.  What is this...a "Sister Wives" spinoff to include baby mamas or some ish?

The NY Post reports:

The single women can use the extra money to help raise their kids, but they also think it’s important “to document their journey,” the source said. “They want Antonio’s support.”

His fifth baby mama, an L.A. hotel employee named Ryan Ross, has his 4-year-old son Tyler Jae and said:

“We’re not catty women. We have a close, tight-knit friendship and understand what each other’s going through. We reach out to share news about the kids, to talk, to vent,” she said.

As for Cromartie, she said, “We co-exist for the sake of my son.”

Many of the baby mamas run into each other at Anotnio's house when they bring their kids over for daddy visits.  But not all think he's a supberb daddy, especially not his first baby mama Rosemita.

“He’s supposedly a role model, but he’s not doing what he should be doing as a father, or as a man,” said mom Rosemita Pierre, of Tallahassee, Fla.

Cromartie defies a court order that allows her to speak with her son three times a week, she charged.

“They don’t answer the phone,” said Pierre, who’s called the cops in Randolph, NJ, to knock on Cromartie’s door. “It’s a hurtful situation — like he’s trying to erase me.”


By the way, Antonio almost married another one of his baby mamas, a corporate lawyer named Rhonda Patterson who is based in L.A., but he called it off a week before the nuptials.  Likely because he had gotten a few other chicks pregnant at the same time Patterson was.

Here's to hoping this foolery doesn't find its way to TV.  And congrats to the couple on their second child together.

*UPDATE* Terricka tweeted today that she and Antonio have been married for 4 years and their son, Jagger, is almost 1 now.  She also says that she is Antonio's first and only wife, disputing the NY Post report that this is his second marriage.

No. 6, Rhonda Lynn Patterson



XCELlent Commentary as are

XCELlent Commentary as are many others, marvelous SEEING that this is not condoned.
SAINTS 4 The TRUTH's picture

This is EXACTLY the kind of

This is EXACTLY the kind of S#!t that makes black folk look bad. With an NFL check, this dude should have CARTONS of condoms lying around. BETTER YET...after baby number 3, this dude should have gotten a damned VASECTOMY. This is not rocket science, people.
reading is fundamental's picture

Some women really measure

Some women really measure below zero when it comes to having self respect and higher moral standards, 10 kids with 4 3 yr olds? I wouldnt be caught dead near that.
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ANONYMOUS's picture

Just welcomed the 10th baby?

Just welcomed the 10th baby? Yea like almost a year ago. This is so old. The babymamas just want to be known. HOES be seated!
Ashley's picture

This is a damn shame and he

This is a damn shame and he AND these women needs their asses cut for this foolishness!! Money will make a heffa loose her ever lovin mind!!
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BITCH STOP!'s picture

I would like to see this

I would like to see this reality show with all of his baby mammas. Let's be honest everyone is talking about the 50% abortion of all black pregnancies and never married black baby mamma's epidemic. Might as well get it out in the open and have a honest serious discussion on why this is happening. Black women did not always have 72% illegitimacy. That is a lie. We know black illegitimacy was between 10 to 24% from 1900 to 1960.
Keep it Real's picture

Now if this aint some real

Now if this aint some real live ratchet and ridiculousness!!! I'mDone.com
Sweet2daCore's picture

I have no problem with a man

I have no problem with a man who can afford to care for 10 children. Obviously he is capable! But, this speaks volumes about his safe sex practice. He is lucky to wake up only with the children and not the other fates he could fall into. By the way, would I ever marry a man who is clearly adhd when it comes to relationships...Hell no!
Anonymous's picture

SMH at this stereotypical

SMH at this stereotypical black male. 10 kids, aged 7 and under, by 8 different woman - that's just straight disgusting. He may be able to hand over some money, but he's undoubtedly no where near capable of being an acutal father to even half of these kids. And think about it - HE'S LIKELY NOT EVEN DONE YET -- MORE KIDS TO COME.
Anonymousity's picture

this is nothing but

this is nothing but polygamist nature.....white folk in Utah and doing this in large numbers and my opinion is that both are wrong, however a these women cant stop this man from running to other women and it wasn't something that was planed like these "sister wives".
Anonymous's picture

Stop asking black men to do

Stop asking black men to do something that no other race of men has been able to do! Some of you black women should be ashamed of yourself. Have you always used a condom every time you've had unprotected sex? What race of men have used a condoms every time they've had sex? Where is this great race of men? What nation IN THE WORLD has been able to exclusively use condoms as an effective means of birth control without female contraceptives? WHERE IS THIS GREAT NATION? You are in denial. Young black girls are getting pregnant because adult black women like YOU are telling them they can be sexually active and not get pregnant without female contraceptives and condoms only. They are telling these young black girls to do something they were not able to do themselves. Which is use a condom every time they had sex. We know it's a lie! 50% abortions of all black pregnancies and 72%+ illegitimacy confirms it. “ Condoms are good for short term hookups and PREVENTION OF STD's. Condoms are not an effective means of birth control for long term relationships. At some point the condoms coming off. This current group of American Black Women are the only culture and race of UNMARRIED (I said UMARRIED) women in the WORLD including African and American black women pre 1960's who blame their pregnancy on men (he should have used a condom). They don't say I said have used BC and he should have used a condom. They just say "He should have used a condom". This is the end result of the liberal victimization ideology. Throughout history up to the present all other races and cultures hold the UNMARRIED women responsible for her pregnancy. There is a reason for that right or wrong, it works! Most of these American black baby mamma kids are from short term hookups with an immature bum, player or thug/convict. No race of men are going to stay with a woman they don't give a shyt about. If you get pregnant by a bum, player or thug/convict, don’t expect him to change just because you had a baby. You knew who he was before you laid with him. You are responsible for your body, You!!!! And no one else
Keep it Real's picture

AMEN!! tired of hearing

AMEN!! tired of hearing people complain about race disparity when AIDS and illegitimacy are a CHOICE, yes a CHOICE! take responsibility for your SELF and look down the road, if you want to be oppressed keep on acting like trash, and see how much respect you get when you can't even respect yourself. if he don't love you enough to marry you, he won't help you raise a baby he didn't want in the first place.
Anonymous's picture

I find this story extremely

I find this story extremely funny because I actually went to college with this guy. Although we had a few friends in common I didn't know him personally. HOWEVER, I can say his promiscuous ways reflects the sexual character of 99% of FSU's athletes.....except he's a bit of an extremist. Anyways, I totally agree with you. I am a single black mother and had my baby my senior year at FSU, and currently I am in Medical School. When I became pregnant, I blamed myself.... for not being consistent with my BC pills. I know many women feel like its a double standard, and I do agree, but the truth of the matter is that a man (as unfortunate as it is) can choose to be a dead-beat. Whereas, us women, have to buckle down and be mothers. That is why it is imperative that we quit hoping men will hold themselves accountable, and begin taking the initiative to protect ourselves... "YOUR SELF".... from STD's as well as unplanned pregnancies. Whether Antonio can take care of all his kids or not, is besides the point. A healthy childhood consists of both parents raising them TOGETHER. No matter how much money u have to take care of 10 babies, there are only 24 hours in the day.... there is no way that each child is spending QUALITY time with him. And by the way..... I learned my lesson the FIRST time....unlike many women who become repeat offenders of having multiple babies fathered by a selective population of bums, players, thugs/convicts....
We Can Do Better's picture

You BETTA tell it... Yes

You BETTA tell it... Yes mam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANONYMOUS's picture

@ Keep it Real 1:47 pm Your

@ Keep it Real 1:47 pm Your comments are the perfect form of BIRTH CONTROL. I would love to know the woman that wants to procreate with YOU because you are spewing a bunch of nonsense and HATE. If a MAN has irresponsible sex what does that make him? The unfortunate thing is that we have TWO people making a child that are not ready for the responsibility of that commitment. Black males (9 out of 10 times) walk away from their responsibilities and leave the woman to deal with the fall out. I just don't understand why more women don't see this but rather continue this pathetic cycle. And there are so many black males that continue this behavior because they don't have responsible men in their lives to teach them how to be MEN. You sound like one of those types of males from what you have typed. I think this is something that BOTH sexes need to think more about and stop. This is very destructive behavior that has serious repercussions. And sorry it takes TWO to make a child and when BOTH people think about what the results can be you won't have these same situations happening again and again. And another thing you neglected to discuss is that once the child is made the Black Males sure don't raise the children they make. Funny how you did not discuss that point. And this may explain why there are so many black males incarcerated or killing other young black males. Ignorance is something that ALL people (the Black community) need to address. For you to say women bare all the "BLAME" for having unplanned children is just silly. It takes TWO. But I do agree if women were more responsible they would treat their bodies better but it's clear young men exploit women and the things they don't know at early ages....It's just disgusting. I wish I could help more of these women the way my Parents helped me. There just is no sense of community these days. And your comment proves that. You hate women. I think you really hate yourself.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

urious... It does take TWO...

urious... It does take TWO... You are so correct, HOWEVER, only ONE person will be left with the majority of the obligations if the other one chooses to walk out and that is the WOMAN... SHE will be left with the brunt of the psychological, economical, and social needs of those children... And more often than not her children will SUFFER tremendously as the result of it... That brotha is speaking the truth... Sister's PROTECT your womb, protect your hearts, seek men of substance and character... We have got to do better, and though we wish it were not so, the burden of raising these kids ultimately falls on us!!!
ANONYMOUS's picture

@ANONYMOUS 2:53 pm Yes I

@ANONYMOUS 2:53 pm Yes I agree women should protect themselves. I did say that many times. What I can't accept is this type of thinking. To me when you lay down with a person and you have unprotected sex BOTH people need to be 100% aware of that CAN happen. Yes we know a man has the right to walk away but if men think that if I lay down with a woman then it's 100% on her it's easy to diminish the woman and the potential child. Black men and women have to be more together. If you can't look at a woman as a person worthy of respect then you can do what you want to her and walk way thinking your hands are clean. I'm sure the thinking then is...that's on her. I want people to be ADULTS. If you're going to lay down and have unprotected sex. Then you BOTH better be aware that a child can be made. And sorry most of these men walk away from not only the woman but their CHILDREN. Men have to be men and being a man is being responsible and the SAME thing goes for women. TWO people BOTH need to think of what can happen if they are irresponsible. That is all I'm saying. It takes two. But to your point...women can't rely on men to be smart...they have to protect themselves and break the chain of unplanned children.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Show me one race or culture

Show me one race or culture that does not hold the UNMARRIED woman responsible for her pregnancy. Show men one culture where the men use condoms every time that have sex. there is no nation in the world that have been able to use condoms EXCLUSIVEY for birth control. Not one. YOU want to hold American black women to a LOWER STANDARD than women of all other races and cultures in the world. Chinese who are suppose to be one of the most disciplined cultures sterilizing it's women by force to reduce pregnancies. You need to look at the real world. AND FACTS.
Keep it Real's picture

@ KEEP IT REAL....You keep

@ KEEP IT REAL....You keep saying that over and over. Let's deal with one thing at a time. Why can't black men and women BOTH work together to prevent unwanted pregnancy? What is wrong with that thinking. I think other races DO practice safe sex because they know what can happen if they don't. Why do you have resistance to MEN not only protecting themselves but the women they are with? You don't seen to be using logic. If a man used condoms more he would protect himself from STD's and unwanted children. And if the woman did the same the problem would be solved. I think the issue is we have TWO people avoiding responsibility here. Women and Men. And this is why the Black community has the highest aids and hiv, abortions, and single women raising children ALONE. And you want to sterilize women so men don't have unwanted children? Are you NUTS? I think you need serious help because you don't seem to understand open dialogue between men and women. If people spoke more about issues like views on children, family and marriage I'm sure these numbers would shift. Women better take the lead because if men are like you....this problem may never be solved. I think you need professional help because you really have issues against WOMEN. Again, I think you hate yourself or your mother or something.....
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Furious, your statements

Furious, your statements about dual accountability are idealistic but let's face it, that is not the reality. As women, we DO bear the "burden" if you will of pregnancy, very rarely do you hear the phrase "WE are pregnant", you hear "I'm pregnant" or "I got pregnant" and that's UNIVERSAL. You asked "why can't black men and women work together to prevent..." THEY CAN and DO if you are dealing with 2 MATURE, responsible, like-minded individuals...but until that line of logic becomes more common place, we as Mothers, Daughters, Friends, etc...need to realize and hold dear that your body IS your temple and it's up to YOU as a woman to take proactive steps to protect yourself and demand your partner respect your decision.
Anonymous's picture

@ Anonymous 3:17 pm I agree

@ Anonymous 3:17 pm I agree with you 100% We are saying the same things. Of course I know that women will bare the responsibility of pregnancy. And as women we better be smart about it. But what I want men to understand is that THEY also bare a responsibility. When a man can say...She got pregnant it's EASIER to WALK AWAY from not only that woman but the child. Women need to be proactive but we also need to change these men around as well. Men walk away from their children way too easily. And then they go and make MORE children. Women of coruse need to be smarter but when we have talks like this let's not pretend MEN are not responsible. "Keep it Real" is the TYPICAL male who wants to fix women but not men. I'm sick of the sexism and the arrogance. Men don't raise their sons and this cycle repeats itself. There is no sense of community and women have all the burden when men also produce these children. I guess the easiest path is to teach girls but boys have an agenda and will say and do anything to get what they want....with little regard of consequences for the girl or themselves.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I don't hate black women. I

I don't hate black women. I hate hoodrats who keep making excuses and bad choices. There is a big difference between a black women and a hoodrat. Ok, since you want to go there. What is the reason these women on this blog hate your ass? I'll wait for your response. My guess is you have the same issues with women in the real world. When you're telling the truth that is not hate, hun. I don't get into petty argument with people like you. You keep going back to what if's. what if's. ... I'm saying yes, plan on using a condom, but always use female contraceptives if your sexually active. That is only way to prevent pregnancy. I can only deal with facts. NO OTHER RACE OF MEN IN THE WORLD has been able to use condoms EXCLUSIVELY, as an effective means of birth control. You obviously never lived, been around different races nor dated a lot of men from different races. If you think they're using condoms, every time they have sex. The reason white women have lower oow births is because the majority of those women are on birth control. Never once did I say not use a condom. I said "Yes, plan on using a condom but any woman also not on female birth control is a fool. Condoms are good for prevention of STD's and short term hookups. That's it. I'm just not going to keep lying to these young girls the subject is too important. 50% abortion of all black pregnancies and 72%+ illegitimacy, come on. Let's tell the truth. Have you used a condom every time you had sex?
Keep it Real's picture

You are 100% CORRECT!! Women

You are 100% CORRECT!! Women of other races take a more proactive role in prevention, they ARE on some form of birthcontrol. You do realize that Furious is maybe 19 or 20yrs old and probably has not truly had much life experience? Therefore I find that she makes these broadbased, idealistic, lofty statements based on as you said "What If's" and how how things should be as oppose to the "here and now". I agree with you and as a woman you are 100% correct...any sexually active woman who is capable of reproduction AND doesn't want to become pregnant SHOULD BE on some form of contraceptive...because sometimes maaaaan it just feels too danm good to stop and think about a condom!! LOL
Anonymous's picture

@ Anonymous 3:33 pm I did not

@ Anonymous 3:33 pm I did not disagree that Women should take a more active role in birth control. This point is rather obvious. I expect that in a patriarchal society we would expect women to take the most active role in pregnancy prevention. What I'm ALSO saying is that MEN need to also take a more active role as well. Yes, women are the ones who will have the children but African American men seem to love to spread themselves around and not only avoid responsibility in using protection but they also don't take any role in raising their children. You're laughing and making jokes and pretending to speak for women but you sure don't speak for me. You are doing what most women do and that is trying to please the male ego. Men and Women should use contraception. And men should not only use contraception but speak more honestly about what they expect from a sexual relationship. Communication can also help control some of this. I suggest you get a little more modern with your views rather than blindly agreeing with a male PIG. #justsaying
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Ok, I didn't realize she was

Ok, I didn't realize she was that young. I don't read many of her comments. (I apologize for my harsh comments) No one really wants to admit it. But we all know the truth. So let's as you said "start telling these young black girls to be proactive". So yes, plan on using a condom, but always also use some other form of female contraceptive. A woman has to be held responsible for her body. Otherwise we get this nonsense "He should have used a condom" about why she's pregnant. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but it seems to work in every other culture and it use to work in ours pre 1960. Let's stop trying to always reinvent the wheel.
Keep it Real's picture

@ Keep it Real 3:49 pm This

@ Keep it Real 3:49 pm This is my last comment to you. I have said you made some good points but you're not seeing the entire picture. It's OBVIOUS that women need to take the most active tole in making sure they are protected. There are many things women can do. Contraception is just one tool. Better communication, getting to know who you're thinking of getting involved in a sexual relationship with, etc. Women should be responsible for their bodies but SO SHOULD MEN! Stop putting everything on one part of the equation. You have not said anything that MEN should be doing and it's really annoying. Men don't even raise the children they MAKE. When irresponsible people having children those children tend to be irresponsible about sex and this cycle continues. Stop being such a PIG. Women totally should protect themselves but men should also think more before they have unprotected sex with not just one woman but many different women. African Americans lead in HIV and AIDS and don't get me started on why. It's not ALL because of women but the sexual behavior of MEN and where they tend to have sex....also when men have sex with other men and don't express that to the women they may also "date". So let's be more comprehensive when looking seriously at this issue.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Don't apologize to her, you

Don't apologize to her, you are being real and she really comes off as the biggest know it all!
Anonymous's picture

Correction, 1. Show ME one

Correction, 1. Show ME one culture........ 2. THE Chinese who are suppose to be one of the most disciplined cultures sterilizES it's women by force to reduce pregnancies.
Keep it Real's picture

I dont care how many kids he

I dont care how many kids he has as long as he can pay for them financially. I am sick of these women saying they independent because they are not relying on a man when all your income is govt based. Food Stamps, Section 8, WIC, day care voucher, furniture voucher, medical and cell phone. GET YA LIFE!
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

There is more to raising

There is more to raising children than just being able to pay for them. This man does not even know the names of all his children. There is something very wrong having children with multiple women. This man has an issue and should practice safe sex.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

You are right, but as long as

You are right, but as long as my tax paying dollars are not paying for his mistakes. Yeah I said mistakes because I highly doubt he planned this ish. Them chics might have poked holes in the condoms, if they used any. USE CONDOMS FOLKS
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

he'll end up like the rest

he'll end up like the rest crying broke and complaining of not being able to pay that damn child support to all those damn kids!
Anonymous's picture

his unattractive wife is on

his unattractive wife is on twitter blasting off on these stories. lol. so pathetic. HE IS NO CATCH sweety.
Anonymous's picture

This is not about trying to

This is not about trying to get a BALLER. This is about a irresponsible sexual behavior that is started LONG before people become famous. This is also about behavior that is FAR too prevalent in the African American community. Stop talking about what Whites or other races are doing and take a serious look at the state of the African American community. The Black community leads in the number of Abortions, Cases of HIV and AIDS, and Single women raising children alone. And I think that we all need to be more serious about this and be more realistic. Women in particular need to stop allowing men to having unprotected sex with them thinking that it's the way to keep a man or become close to one. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Women need to think of their bodies as temples. And women also need to use their heads more in relationships. Children should have a family and be raised in a home with two people who are MARRIED and doing something with their lives. Why would a woman make any choice that is less than that? I can't even imagine having a man not know the name of his own children (I don't care how much money he makes) because he has so many of them. I would never date a guy with a child or who was dating other girls at the same time he's dating me. NEVER! And I sure would never have unprotected sex with a man who is NOT my husband! NEVER. Women have to remember that no man comes before YOU and YOUR career or your best interest and if he "loves" you he can wait or he can GO! I feel so sorry for these women who have children with a man who just sleeps with anything that walks and thinks that is being a MAN. SAD!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

All of these kids are after

All of these kids are after he reached the NFL. His cousin said he couldn't even get a girlfriend before he reached the NFL. The guy went to Florida State and never went to class. He can barely mumble a coherent sentence but all these "educated" women are popping out his babies? Dude talks like he picks cotton for a living and likes it. These are black women who wanted to get pregnant by a baller and found a DUMB pro athlete.
Keep it Real's picture

To me this man is not the

To me this man is not the issue. This guy can afford his children. It's just sad he does not know the names of all his kids but that is a different matter. This is not about the NFL. This trend is BIGGER in the community at large. You seem to HATE women and I suggest you see someone about it. Not matter what you want to think poorly of women even in this situation. I do agree these women ALL have issue. Golddiggers or whatever you call them...it's not attractive. I would never settle for this or the situation Lauren London is in with Lil Wayne. Some women are TRASHY but so are some men.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

GTFOH with that bullshyt. lol

GTFOH with that bullshyt. lol I hate women because I'm telling the truth. I now see why these women on this blog HATE your silly ass. lol
Keep it Real's picture


litebrite's picture

@ Keep it Real 2:41 pm -

@ Keep it Real 2:41 pm - You're not telling the truth that is the issue here. You refuse to hold men responsible for what THEY do to make unwanted or unplanned children. Then you want to sterilize women like they do in China but you like women? Why don't you promote male sterilization? We both know why you don't support male sterilization because you're a typical male PIG. LMAO You're nuts. And sorry I don't judge myself by what bloggers think of my comments. I'm smarter and more attractive than anyone here and I have way more going on that a blog comment. But you seriously hate women. I suggest you seek some professional help.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I never once suggested

I never once suggested sterilization for women. I used the Chinese sterilization example to show a real world example of this fallacy that you have that condoms can exclusively be use as birth control for a large group of people. It can not. Not even for people that are considered discipline and responsible ie the Chinese. Every nation in the world has found that the only effective birth control for an entire country is female contraceptives. It is the only thing that has been proven to work. This is a fact, not hate. I am not being irresponsible nor reckless by saying this. CONDOMS ARE NOT AN EFFECTIVE MEANS OF BIRTH CONTROL FOR AN ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE. It never has been and never will be. Condoms are good for short term hookups and prevention of STD's. These are facts. The truth is that black men and women are not having anymore nor less sex, unprotected sex, than other races yet have 505 abortions and 72%+ illegitimacy. It's about time that blacks had an honest discussion and stop lying to these young black girls.
Keep it Real's picture

come correct hunny the AA

come correct hunny the AA race does not lead in abortions....stop spreading your ignorance. the AA community has seen a surge in african american abortions in the past 10 yaers when compared to their white counterparts. Don't only focus on AA yea we can say it whites are messed up too it's American culture hunny not just black. But why don't you talk about all the blacks that are dying around the world due to their color.....just a thought. Also please grow up and don't ever say what you won't do becaues I can assure you that you have already done somthing that you previously said you would never do.......just keep on living.
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 1:48 pm I suggest

@Anonymous 1:48 pm I suggest you read up on the issue because what I stated is not "ignorance" but the 100% the truth. African American women have the highest abortion rates of any other race in the United States. The national disparity in abortions is even more staggering that I' suggestiong. Overall, African-American women account for 36.4 percent of all pregnancy terminations in the United States, although blacks make up only 13 percent of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency attributes the higher abortion rate among blacks to a higher incidence of unintended pregnancies. When you can come to me with FACTS then we can speak. You don't know what you're talking about! The comment I made is confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

just checked hunny and white

just checked hunny and white women have the largest percentage 55% while black women have larger rates.....what I was explaining earlier. I want to suppose you are not fully black if black at all because you show a lot of racism and bias towards blacks. Please become educated and if you want to speak out about something why not speak out about all the hate crimes that are being done to blacks right now....just a thought
Anonymous's picture

again you are wrong please

again you are wrong please provide that link.
Anonymous's picture

so funny how Black people

so funny how Black people dont have an issue with this dude having 10 babies out of wedlock but its a shit storm when two responsible gay people are minding their business tying to get married and have a family.
Anonymous's picture

Totally agree with you.

Totally agree with you. Divorce rate is a 50%. If Kim K can have a shame marraige for 72 days and Brittany Spears can be for 72 hours, how sacred is marriage? Its legal for you to marry your first cousin in more states than gays are allowed to get married.
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

@Anonymous 1:32 pm I agree

@Anonymous 1:32 pm I agree with you that it is a shame that people don't have a problem with a man having multiple babies out of wedlock. It's also a shame that few people have an issue that he does not even know the names of all his children. But when gay people can't get married. Marriage is between a man and a woman. I do support gay adoption but you can't say that two gay people are married in the eyes of god any more than you can say a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man. Let's not confuse one immoral act with another. But if two responsible gay people want to adopt or raise a child I don't have any problem with that. Or a civil union but let's not call a civil union a marriage because it is not.
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My girl dont wanna do a show

My girl dont wanna do a show with his tail!!!! She chooses not to be in the spotlight n subject their daughter to this fuckery!!! He dont even call her to talk to the baby. smh
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