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Beyonce Releases More Vacay Pics On TUMBLR...

Since Beyonce opened her new Tumblr site over a week ago, she's added more pics for her fans to check out to get a glimpse into her personal life.


Check out a few of the new flicks inside...

After touring the world a few times over and vacaying and traveling with her hubby, Beyonce's sharing tons of flicks with her fans via her own personal site, including the one above with her cousin Angie:

Fab.  Bey recently supported her man as he watched his artist, Rita Ora, perform at the Cartier party at Skylight Soho.  Us Weekly sources on the scene reported that the twosome were every bit the cute couple:

"Beyonce was doing a little dance" to avoid being seen, the observer tells Us, adding that the singer's hubby "smoked a cigar" in their private section. "They were very sweet together . . . They seemed to really have fun!"

Another reveler says that the fresh-faced singer appeared more stunning -- and slimmer -- than ever. "She had on no make up, or very little," the observer said. "She looks unbelievable. She seems to be about a size 6 now.”

Alrighty then...




Lolz love u beyonce

Lolz love u beyonce
Choice cash's picture

Carters! Much Luv! Beautiful

Carters! Much Luv! Beautiful grown COUPLE!
DJLadyJade's picture

Natural Beauty...love the

Natural Beauty...love the Carters xoxo
miss positivity's picture

I'm starting to believe

I'm starting to believe Natasha has some set button somewhere on her computer that alerts her whenever there's a sniff of Beyonce anywhere. That has to account for stalking. I am certain there are some laws being broken somewhere. This kind of obsession with another human-being is freaky.
Anonymous's picture

And yet you feel the need to

And yet you feel the need to click the post and comment on it...obviously you care enought about Beyonce to do so
JAzzy's picture

beyonce looks real laxed!!!

beyonce looks real laxed!!! RUNDATBAKK_COM
Anonymous's picture

Some of these comments are

Some of these comments are down right rude. Really??? Is it that serious that you want to know every aspect of Beyonce life that you feel she need to showcase it when she really don't. When she was pregnant (yeah, I said it) people felt that she needed to take a nude pregnancy photo like other celebs mom did to prove she was pregnant. She didn't have to do anything...it was her choice and whose to say maybe she did but didn't broadcast it to the world. Beyonce and other celebrities do not owe us their fans any explanation or access into their personal life. Like others has said they are human just like us. I just don't get it, you all criticize Beyonce for everything. Before she had Blue Ivy everyone said that she and Jay Z already had a secret child and when she got pregnant the first thing people said was that she was faking it and now that baby isn't hers. Geesh...do any of you have a life to tend to instead of being all up in another persons life.
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Every since old girl last cd

Every since old girl last cd flopped she has tried her best to tell everyone her boring business from displaying that funny looking child of which I am already sick of to peddling that ugly drug dealing husband of hers. She needs to leave the scene because she's boring as hell and I actually used to be a fan but after that stunt they pulled at the hospital,I am through with this over singing bird!
Truth Teller's picture

I've been saying this for

I've been saying this for years. I'm glad others are finally catching on. She's boring. She's a narcissist. Her husband is the devil in the flesh. She's a serial liar. After that pregnancy stunt, her time is up.
Anonymous's picture

I love the pictures! Beyonce

I love the pictures! Beyonce is so pretty!
Happy Lady's picture

And the purpose of all of

And the purpose of all of these pictures is?????? She's wack, needs to sit down somewhere, and tend to her child. She looking extremely desperate to stay all up in everyone's face.
Anonymous's picture

Columbia Records is concerned

Columbia Records is concerned with Beyoncé, because her last album, 4, wasn't as commercial and radio-friendly as they'd like it to be. And apparently, they think that the solution to rejuvenating her career is to reunite Destiny's Child! According to another source, the girls could be recording a new album, possibly titled Family Reunion, together again as soon as October, but Kelly Rowland is a hold-out! The insider reveals: "She has her own solo career now, why would she want to be singing back up for Beyoncé?"
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Obviously she would be a size

Obviously she would be a size 6 since she was never pregnant
Babes's picture

So true.. just confirms what

So true.. just confirms what most of us already knew.. She was never pregnant and did have someone else carry her baby which is why they cleared the floor at the hospital so fewer people would know the truth.
Anonymous's picture

Umm Sdfu talking ishh about

Umm Sdfu talking ishh about hBeyonce Can you do any better .. I mean seriously she making music,and taking care of a baby .. Give her a break
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lol wait!..... did someone

lol wait!..... did someone really ask "why is she being so revealing now i thought she was so shy"? what the hell is Bey revealing? the shyest person on facebook will still post vacation pics. Bey is still private when it comes to her relationship and family. The haters want her to be more "human" but when she does they criticize her for something simple as sharing vaca pics.... its pathetic
U Know I Understand Cuz Im Truly Genuine 's picture


"IF BEYONCE IS SO PROUD TO BE A MOM WHY DOESNT SHE RELEASE PICS OF HER AND BLUE", "IF BEYONCE WANTS US TO BELIEVE HER SHE NEEDS TO SHOW US HER STOMACH" "IF BEYONCE IS SO REAL WHY DOESNT SHE SHOW US HER EATING POP EYES CHICKEN" - news flash wasps, beyonce does not live for you. you haters need to be glad she's showing u a glimpse of the life that you will NEVER see for yourself. half of you keep throwing around that bey fans need Jesus but it is in fact YOU who needs him more b/c all you spew is hate. Its sick how some of you flock to beyonce post to post negative comments. Do you not have lives?
Chloe's picture

URRK stop right there lolol I

URRK stop right there lolol I dont think MOST give a ratz azz about a glimpse of a VAC Pic a SONG or S@#$ else... I think the concern is more so Her TELLING the world such a DISGRACEFUL LIE!!! lolol You see lil honey bee BUMs..when one is striving for PERFECTION for all the WRONG REASONS it will always BACKFIRE no matter who the F$$$ u are!!! SO she will continue to HIDE that BLUE BABY until she makes u a believer... i mean y would she give away the real age or Birthday!! lolol ps This is an agenda for all black sites posting this freak show 20 times a day..but CHLOE u already know that dont you!... Shame on you!! Just know this by the time the WEB and MEDIA are done with her, if not already she wont even be liked for her TALENT!!!
Weeeeeeee's picture

If you read your post as

If you read your post as though you didn't write it you'll realize it's dumb as hell. She doesn't have to show anyone ish. Imagine that... If you don't believe she had Blue, guess what? That is your problem not hers. If don't want to buy her music because you think she didn't have the baby again, that is on you. That girl is human just like everyone else who eat, sh*ts, works has children and breaths. She just happens to works as an entertainer/singer. That doesn't mean that because she is a big entertainer she owes people more of her than she is willing to give and that can be said of anyone. So for you to be on this blog site talking about she needs to show her stomache and eat chicken wtf is that going to prove. Hell, I live two cities from a Popeyes Chicken which is 25 minutes away and I don't even eat that ish. If you look at the pictures she has released, you can see she may not be completely comfortable with her body yet; especially in the stomach area. Those spanks are holding her together and giving her the appearance of a thinner body. She looks good but, she is not there yet. Stop being so flippin' negative and judgemental sitting behind that electronic device.
reneeislookin's picture


CORRECTION @BEY's PR TEAM....OH she put it ALL out there for the WORLD to visually soak up! DONt tell me nobody else saw HER COURT this CIRCUS of a FREAK show from the time it was ANNOUNCED!! Tehe...
Weeeeeeee's picture

just do a reality show

just do a reality show already
Anonymous's picture

I love thse pics she has been

I love thse pics she has been posting lately. Makes me want to set up a tumblr. 7 driven New Yorkers allowed cameras to follow them as they connect and make moves. inthecircleshow.com
IN THE CIRCLE's picture

bey can we see blu ivy

bey can we see blu ivy whatever's ultrasound pic? Or you getting an ultrasound? Not ol ass pics just saying...
Anonymous's picture

i think BEYONCE's new tumblr

i think BEYONCE's new tumblr is cute and the pics are nice but i find it odd that she doesnt have any pics with or of BLUE IVY!! If i was a new mom im gonna want to let everybody know and take pictures of my childs every waking move she or he makes i look at her tumblr and you cant even tell she's a mommy theres is nothing MOMMY RELATED except one or two pictures of her pregnant everything eles is BEYONCE ALL DAY! BEYONCE plz what is really going on!!?? i just really hope your not hiding anything cuz you BEYS would turn to WASPS real fast lmao just sayin
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce, if you want us to

Beyonce, if you want us to believe you show us candids of you all naturelle with no wig or booty pads, show us you munching on a popeye chicken wing that you claim you love, show us you picking Blue Ivy out of her crib in the dimed out nursery you made her, show us you tying your scary gremlin nephews shoe laces, show us you interacting with your mom and sis other then walking down the street with them, maybe pushing Solange's strange azz (like sisters do playfully or not) or braiding her hair, show us you on the phone ordering take out dinner for your Gay husband bc we all know you can't cook or even putting it on a plate for him or making him a sandwich, show us you searching on youtube stealing ideas from people, show us Gay Z acting like he is putting you to bed or rubbing your feet, show us you watching a movie or tv, show us you doing something CANDID, show us you being HUMAN, show us you trying to be MATERNAL & a WIFE, but you CAN'T because you are NOT natural, normal, human, maternal, wifey material, or SANE. Everything is contrived with you and unoriginal. These candids are posed and edited and look like stock promotional photos for any generic vacation island. Girl, TRY AGAIN bc NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Shut up you stupid BITCH!

Shut up you stupid BITCH!
Anonymous's picture

Hi Solange!

Hi Solange!
Anonymous's picture

Shut up you stupid BITCH!

Shut up you stupid BITCH!
Anonymous's picture

Hi Makael from the Skorpion

Hi Makael from the Skorpion Show!
Anonymous's picture

everything you said is

everything you said is completely untrue..and if you are that simple minded to believe it then you really need to do some deep soul searching and try to find out what is it about your life or what deep insecurities it is that you have..that causes you to speak this negatively about a women that you don't no. Who is the complete opposite. I can break down your whole entire passage and point out why each erroneous thing you said is incorrect but the fact that you wrote that paragraph shows me that it would be a waste of time because you are obviously small minded...Look deep within yourself, confront the things you hate about yourself and show some respect. Beyonce has worked her ass off and has been in the industry since 15, she's worked hard, is independent and is worth a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars. Aside from her music and acting career, she gives a very generous amount to charity each year, she just doesn't speak on it. She worked hard, and is a single independent black woman that doesn't use her body and sexually exploit herself like many of these other females. Then she finally found the love of her life, stayed with him until she knew it was right, married him and had her child AFTER marriage. And now if she ever had anything to brag about, it wouldn't be material things such as shoes and cars (things ppl like evelyn lozada would post)..but the experiences of her life with her loving husband and her new born baby girl. There is no difference with beyonce posting pics of her life on a website like we do on facebook...NONE. If you see pictures of her life instead of being envious..be happy for her..shes a humble and wonderful person and deserves it..and comfortable within her own skin make up or no make up...stop being envious and creating stories in your head and reading all types of blogs with "sources" to create your own depiction of what you want beyonce to be. The problem lies within YOU.
Ashley's picture

wow you are SO brainwashed

wow you are SO brainwashed its scary. You truly are a member of the Cray Bey church....
Anonymous's picture

girl you know that Jay is

girl you know that Jay is leading the DL lifestyle right???
Anonymous's picture

YES!!! It's becoming more

YES!!! It's becoming more obvious the older this queen (that is Jay Z) gets. What a crock a hot steaming poop these two are. Their role reversal also is an indication. He is a queen and she is Kind Bey. Why on earth does she feel the need to call herself and have her stans call her King? This ho (Beyonce) is sick and is definitely hiding something like her business partner (Jay Z). No wonder they made great friends with Will Smith & Jada bc those two are epitome of faking it & role reversal. We all know Will is a bottom & Jada wears a strap on.
Anonymous's picture

King Bey**

King Bey**
Anonymous's picture


BEYONCE IS MY LIFE. don't get mad and hate me cause my goal is to post more than anyone on every BEY post.
Lî§åRå¥ê's §üßçøñsçìóûsñëss™® 's picture

Girl, TRY AGAIN! You are

Girl, TRY AGAIN! You are just as fake as Beyonce trying to steal someones identity. You are not the real LisaRayes Subconcsciousness bc you have no avatar idiot. At least you could upload the same pic if you want to seem real and confuse folks but like Beyonce you can't even act like you are telling the truth or ACT in general and FAIL @ passing other people's ideas or identities off as yourself.
Anonymous's picture

It's supposed to be obvious

It's supposed to be obvious that I'm not her. Thanks for the tips on how to be a real stalker stoooopid bitch.
Anonymous's picture

Eat a dick bitch.

Eat a dick bitch.
Fuck u and Lisa ray's picture

Thank You for calling out

Thank You for calling out »»»»»»»»»»» My Stalker ««««««««««««« Stalker Alert.......
Lî§åRå¥ê's §üßçøñsçìóûsñëss™®'s picture

Beyonce is beautiful without

Beyonce is beautiful without make-up!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

She's obviously being paid by

She's obviously being paid by TUMBLR to release pictures to help drum up subscribers. I wonder if it is working??????
Anonymous's picture

Hmmm... That possibility

Hmmm... That possibility never crossed my mind. You may be right.
Anonymous's picture


BINGO !!!!!!!!! DING DING DING !!!!!!!!!!! You WIN the GRAND PRIZE :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Lî§åRå¥ê's §üßçøñsçìóûsñëss™®'s picture



Well honey, she sho does care

Well honey, she sho does care about what we think, cos the PEOPLE are buying tickets to her crotch thrusting shows and her boring azz albums. If ppl didnt buy her ish, she would be working at Burger King just like you! #BURNED
Anonymous's picture

Didn't her last album flop on

Didn't her last album flop on the charts?
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