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Iggy Azalea Gets DAZED, DISHES ON STEREOTYPES In The Rap Game & Why It's Hard Being A Female MC

Australian born rapper Iggy Azalea is making waves (and trending topics) for both her provacative lyrics and her lily white looks amongst the rough Grand Hustle crew.  And in the April issue of DAZED, Iggy addresses people's preconceived notions about white rappers, female MCs, and other stereotypes affecting her music.  


See article highlights and check out her latest "I Think She Ready" shoppable video with FKI and Diplo.

It's not easy being a single white female.....at least not in the rap game.  In the latest issue of DAZED, Interscope artist, Iggy Azalea, chronicles her rise from rural Australia to being a part of T.I.'s crew.  She also discusses being taken seriously and how she blends fashion and art.  

Here are some highlights:

On falling in love with American rap and hip hop:

Iggy Azalea: I heard a Tupac song at a friend’s house down the street and it all really started from there. There was something about it that truly touched me. From that day, I got every video, album and magazine related to hip-hop that I could get my hands on. I was obsessed.

On how her fashion sense and love of music meet:

Iggy Azalea:  I used to wear Timberland boots and boy jeans because I wanted to dress in a way that would make people would look at me and be able to tell what style of music I liked. Although, as I grew older, I gradually stopped caring if I looked or sounded the way a rapper is 'supposed' to sound; then the high heels, skirts and Vogue magazines became a staple in my life again.

On being a white rap artist in Sydney:  

Iggy Azalea: Being a teenage white girl didn't make me stand out as much as you'd imagine - Australia has a lot of white kids in it! There weren’t too many girls on the mic but there were definitely a lot of girls at the events because it was a cool place to hang out; and a place to meet boys and look cute. I always felt in my heart that I was a champion, so hearing boo's from a crowd just made me want to prove them all wrong and get better.

On being a woman in the rap game:

Iggy Azalea: Race to me is a low blow that people just use when they have nothing real to hate on. To me, being a woman is the biggest hindrance; a lot of people don't want to see a woman on the mic, just like they don't want to see a woman play an electric guitar. There are a million and one things that I go through as a woman and as a human being that we can all relate to, and colour is just an extremely small thing to me. I have to view it that way if I want the rest of the world to take on that mind frame too.

On being stereotyped for her "appearance":

Iggy Azalea: There are a million and one stereotypes people try to put on me every day. How a woman should act, how an Australian should act, how a white person should act, what ‘real rap’ is, what we consider to be beautiful. I’m blind to them all in my creative process. A stereotype should never hinder art if you’re brave about it, and I try to be.

On referencing Basquiat on her Ignorant Art mixtape:

Iggy Azalea: Yeah, the cover and title for my mixtape is a reference to Basquiat, who's an artist and personality I find really interesting. I think he really just did whatever he wanted in a time and place when people tried to stereotype what a 'black' artist should or should not be, or even what 'good art' should be. He just did his own thing, and I love that.

More pics from the DAZED spread:



Also, Iggy just dropped the first-ever interactive shoppable music video for FKI's “I Think She Ready.” The video (which also features Diplo) was shot in LA by Alex 2Tone and styled by SSENSE. Every item featured is available to purchase directly through the video.


Watch "I Think She Ready" here:


Photographer Columbine Goldsmith / Stylist Janelle Walker / Make-up Alejandra Hernandez



I really don't care....but I

I really don't care....but I LOVE the SWIMSUIT!!!! :)
Love the swimsuit's picture

These racial comments are so

These racial comments are so out of place. She is a rapper. Why wouldn't she be here? I also suppose that Eminem should never appear her or Zoe Saldana or Jennifer Lopez? Stop being so ignorant! Iggy is relevant and she should be posted here. To attack YBF for that or to call them a sell out is STUPID.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

are You ok its just a

are You ok its just a comment. I believe everyone has a right to give one if they want to! So chill...its not that serious or is it/
Sassy's picture

I don't recall ever seeing a

I don't recall ever seeing a Eminem post on here. Zoe Saldana is Hispanic (she self identifies as a black Hispanic), and Jennifer Lopez (she's close enough and has been apart of urban culture forever) is too.
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 4:42 pm "Eminem

@Anonymous 4:42 pm "Eminem Pens An Open Letter To Detroit, Goes DIAMOND With Record Sales" is one of MANY that YBF. He has appeared on here many times. GOOGLE it.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I didn't want to pass

I didn't want to pass judgment on the girl just cause she is white. So I googled a few of her songs and I now beleive my first assumption was right....TI could have found something better to do with his time and money. Another Emeniem she is not. Because she has spent so much time listening to other Hip Hop artist she does not sound authentic. AND just because you listen to Hip Hop for a few years does not qualify you to be a artist. I am gonna vote HELL NO on this one and boycott TI for putting this foolywang girl on the map, REALLY??? REALLY TI, you gonna try to pass this off as music to your fans??? I am pissed.....
Anonymous's picture

I don't wanna come off as

I don't wanna come off as racist, but what is she doing here?
Anonymous's picture

OMG!!! Iggy you are fine as

OMG!!! Iggy you are fine as wine. You are a speciment/define the word fine in its entirety. The most beautiful rapper ever!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Wait, I thought this was

Wait, I thought this was young BLACK and fabulous. Am I OB the wrong site?
Anonymous's picture

Ummmmm this is YBF right?

Ummmmm this is YBF right? What's the 'B' for? Maybe i should go to Concrete Loop SMH
Bunny's picture

If anyone who is young, black

If anyone who is young, black or fabulous is a fan of Iggy Azalea then it IS fitting that she would be featured on this site. Clearly there are some of us who like Iggy so WHAT, and here she is on ybf. Don't be mad when "others" prejudge or discriminate against you, when as black people you are still discriminating against "others." Racism is not above the laws of the universe: WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME BACK AROUND and that's why the vicious cycle continues. Basically, y'all are simple minded and on a blog clucking about Iggy being on this site. Find something relevant to get your blood pressure up about. #seriously?
hellogoodbye's picture

Then go read about her on the

Then go read about her on the MTV website. Clearly the only fan is you.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, but clearly you can't

Yeah, but clearly you can't read if you think this chick is the only fan lol
Anonymoushit's picture

Horrible shape. & why is she

Horrible shape. & why is she always holding/swinging that ponytail?? U aint Beyonce bitch!
Anonymous's picture

Are you guys getting paid to

Are you guys getting paid to write these stories on these non black lame broads?? So basically you guys are selling out smh
is ybf getting paid?'s picture

Im not even mad at her come

Im not even mad at her come up . Another smart and beautiful female mc No color lines can define music and I support anybody who comes in and is about their business much respect to iggy
My Time Now's picture

wow...I thought this was YBF,

wow...I thought this was YBF, need to find another go to blog
Anonymous's picture

I like her, BUT I don't like

I like her, BUT I don't like this video. Iggy should have had more to say. one line ain't enough.
SLPNSYD's picture

So this site has officially

So this site has officially sold out. I can look past the typos, but there is no way this chick should be on YBF!!! drops mic
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SHES SO LAME's picture

Such a fan of Iggy Azzz...its

Such a fan of Iggy Azzz...its not even funny!
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