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EMANCIPATED AND FAB! Happy 42nd Birthday Mariah Carey!


The "Diva Next Door" Mariah Carey turns 42-years-old today.  Revisit some of Mariah's signature looks in the gallery.


It's Mariah's BIRTHDAY (or ANNIVERSARY as she calls it)!  With her angelic whistle tones and sultry vocals, Mariah Carey has made a huge impact on the charts and the lives of her "Lambs."

And as we have watched her take care of the "Lambs at home," Nick Cannon and 'Roc and 'Roe, chick has proved women can have it all.

Nick tweeted his wife: "Today is the day that my Angelic Soul Mate was born! Time to celebrate! Time to get festive! I LOOOOVE YOU @MariahCarey KKLB"

Awwww.  Check out Mariah's style in the gallery....




Happy Anneversiry My Love!

Happy Anneversiry My Love! love peace and blessing to You and the Fam!
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I thought Ms Mariah was 43

I thought Ms Mariah was 43 but I guess when you get to 40 you start to turn back the clock.
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Happy Anniversary MIMI and

Happy Anniversary MIMI and Many Many Many More
Anonymous's picture

"Happy Anniversary Mariah"!!!

"Happy Anniversary Mariah"!!! May God Bless You, Nick and Dem Babies!
Anonymous's picture

happy birthday to my wifey my

happy birthday to my wifey my idol my queen the best singer in the world miss Mariah carey who does not look a day over 28! love u
Mila's picture

Happy Anniversary MiMi,

Happy Anniversary MiMi, dahhhling! I hope it is extremely festive & full of love, fun, & happiness. With love, from one of the huge lambily.
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Happy Birthday Mimi. After

Happy Birthday Mimi. After Whitney, you're my fav!!!
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Happy Birthday Mimi! You're

Happy Birthday Mimi! You're an inspiration to so many! Love you much!
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Happy Birthday Mariah! One of

Happy Birthday Mariah! One of my fav singer/songwriter ever. "The One" has been on repeat on my playlist lately.
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happy birthday mimi, all of

happy birthday mimi, all of these aries women mimi, aretha framklin, chaka khan. aries stand up! lol
Anonymous's picture

Happy Birthday, Mimi! Make it

Happy Birthday, Mimi! Make it a good one darlin!
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She looks 30.

She looks 30. www.derrickduffie.com
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Happy Birthday Mimi <3

Happy Birthday Mimi <3
Anonymous's picture

Mariah, Happy Birthday. I

Mariah, Happy Birthday. I love you. Thank you so much for being such a diva... in the bestest way!!
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To a true legend, happy B.

To a true legend, happy B. Day Mimi...love the Cannons...
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Happy birthday Mariah please

Happy birthday Mariah please post more pictures of the beautiful twins.
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Happy BDay Mimi!! Say what

Happy BDay Mimi!! Say what you want, this woman is the true definition of a DIVA! Don't follow the trends in everyone's "closet", set them with pieces from www.gritandpearlsboutique.com. #POW
Pearl's picture

within 180 Days <----- she's

within 180 Days <----- she's back in the Looney Bin *sips tea*
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®'s picture

NAH BITCH she'll be counting

NAH BITCH she'll be counting her money dusting off her awards and hiding from the thousands of photographers who are just dying to get a picture of the most successful female artist of all time... please go suck a dick and kick rocks with open toe shoes... you aint about this life
Mila's picture

She's still trying to work.

She's still trying to work. I'm retired. *sips tea*
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®'s picture

Please have many seats.

Please have many seats. You'll be in the looney bin before she ever will. Just say Happy birthday or Happy anniversary and keep it moving.
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Happy Bornday Mariah, enjoy

Happy Bornday Mariah, enjoy your special day you've earned it!! God Bless you!
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happy bday mimi. luv you.

happy bday mimi. luv you. hope nick is doing well.
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