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Rihanna Gets TITillating In NYC In A Revealing Sheer Shirt, Rocks Out In New Orleans

Rihanna just landed in NYC like hours ago and is already causing a TITillating ruckus.  Slightly NSFW Pics of Rih Rih arriving to dinner baring her chi chis in a sheer mesh-like shirt inside....

Upon landing at the airport in NYC, paparazzi asked Rihanna what she thought about Snooki's pregnancy.  Her response? "That's dope. We need more Snookis in the world!" Oh yeah?

The 24-year-old "Take Care" singer got the attention she asked for while hitting up her fave restaurant Da Silvano for a Sunday night dinner in New York.  After jetting into Manhattan after performing in New Orleans and settling into her hotel room, she threw on her jeans, Timberland boots, and this nipple baring black sheer shirt for the night out.  And grabbed the attention of the paps:

Rih performed a charity concert fundraiser "A Night to Make It Right" in New Orleans over the weekend hosted by Brad Pitt.  Despite looking tired and jet lagged, chick through on her best attention grabbing shirt for the night out.  You feelin' it?

Here's videos from her "Run this Town" performance with Kanye and "We Found Love" at the N.o.'s Hyatt Regency Hotel:

The gala raised money for the completion of 150 eco-friendly homes in the hard hit 9th Ward. Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Sheryl Crow and Seal were on hand as well.


Pics via SPLASH



@Candance 11:04 am I like

@Candance 11:04 am I like some of your comments (many in fact) but you seriously need to get over yourself. Are you seriously trying to compare Rihanna with Amber Rose? SERIOUSLY????? Rihanna can wear this top because that is HER choice. I'm not repressed like you are when it comes to Rihanna and her styling choices. I don't see this top as "WHORISH" as you might. The top is not even the issue. When you wear this type of a TOP it's not showing you much. Rihanna was in a dark establishment and she is walking from the restaurant to the CAR. But when you leave an establishment and intense Flashes are going off you see more than you may need to and that is why Rihanna is covering herself in some frames. It's a bold choice but Rihanna likes her choices BOLD and DARING. I respect her for that. And I don't have a problem with this at all. You clearly do and that is your right but in Europe people don't get all bent out of shape over the female form and breasts being exposed. Rihanna has a great body and she likes to FLAUNT it it's totally in line her persona and music. She's young and can do it and has done it before so why are you pretending like YOUR world is over? And FYI I don't care if this is the last time you respond...Sweetie you are not doing me any favors and your comments are not that serious to me. If you want to be closed minded PLEASE have fun being that way. The world is not alway going to be as you would like. And if you don't like the top fine but calling her a WHORE is a doing TOO MUCH. Rihanna is smart not a WHORE.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Rihanna has been in the

Rihanna has been in the business long enough to know that camera flashes will make certain clothes see through! You need to stop with the LAME ass excuses for her! If you're going to defend her come with something better than that. Also, if it's not ok for any other person/artist to wear this then it shouldn't be acceptable for her. Because what bothers people most is how often you contradict yourself. It's okay if you want to love/defend her to the death of you but you need to seriously watch what you say about others! You appear to be nothing more than an insane Rihanna worshipper and a hypocrite!
Anonymous's picture

I didn't call her a whore. I

I didn't call her a whore. I said she carries herself like a whore. I'm referring to the way she dresses, her language, just her overall image is always about SEX. It's like, enough is enough. I don't know how many men she's actually been with, but it's more than a few that we KNOW of...CB, Matt, and Drake. Can you honestly look at her behavior and see nothing wrong with it? If so, you're delusional. You know damn well if it was someone else other than Rihanna, you'd have something negative to say. Rihanna is NOT perfect. There is something seriously wrong with you and the way you defend her all the time, no matter what she does, is reflecting poorly on YOU.
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 11:01 It's funny

@Anonymous 11:01 It's funny this double standard. People mention Beyonce all the time but I never hear people calling MEN "WHORES" when they date people before they settle down. Rihanna has only had a handful of relationships and she does not fit into any definition of a WHORE. And Rihanna's style choices are BOLD and DARING but that reflects her MUSIC and her PERSONA. Rihanna is entertaining and that is what makes her one of the BIGGEST STARS out right now. Rihanna makes unconventional choices but what is wrong with that?Why can't women embrace their sexuality and reflect that in how they dress?Rihanna is not PERFECT but she is dam near close. Rihanna understands image in ways many people don't and she is very CREATIVE with it. I think you should open your mind more and stop being so happy with people who are safe and conventional. Rihanna does not color within the lines and that is not a bad thing in my view.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

@KingBeyonce 9:58 am Beyonce

@KingBeyonce 9:58 am Beyonce has exposed herself in her VIDEOS. Rihanna is wearing a risky top but you really can't see anything. People are so boring and conservative. There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing. Women is europe wear tops like this all the time and they are not considered "TRASHY". People are so JEALOUS because Rihanna is EDGY and on THE TOP of the GAME. Rihanna is A OK and there is nothing wrong with this TOP.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

That's right. Beyonce is

That's right. Beyonce is sometimes scantily clad in her VIDEOS. She has to do that because it's part of the entertainment. But outside of performing, you will NEVER catch Beyonce walking down the street exposing herself like Rihanna. Rihanna is trashy. If Rihanna likes to look trashy, that's her. To each their own. But Beyonce has HIGHER STANDARDS and that's why she is a bigger star.
KingBeyonce's picture

Have you ever been to a

Have you ever been to a European country or are you going off 'generalisation'? I live in Europe and I have visited numerous European cities for tourism and sorry to burst ya bubble, but women in Europe DO NOT dress like this, and if they did it would be considered very trashy and men/boys would speak to you like a sex slave!
ZeeZee's picture

@ZEEZEE I have been to Europe

@ZEEZEE I have been to Europe and people DO Dress like this in Paris and especially London. I don't know where you are but young people and fashionable people do wear tops like this. There is a lot of Sheer and the beaches have lots of NUDITY because people are not as repressed as they are on America and people are also not as obese as they are here so they can wear more fashion forward things. And this is not TRASHY. It's BOLD yes and a FEARLESS person would wear it but Rihanna is that GIRL. I applaud her because she pulls it off. Rihanna is SEXY and you can't deny that. Calling her names is so inappropriate and it's based out of PURE JEALOUSY!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

The difference is it's a

The difference is it's a VIDEO. They are performing in videos. You don't walk around in public like that. No one is jealous of Rihanna. She's a beautiful young woman, but she needs to stop doing things for shock value. Because it's no longer shocking. Her behavior has become expected. You can try and clean it up all you want by saying people in Europe wear that type of stuff. But she ain't in Europe...and even if she did wear it over there, it would still be considered trashy. It has nothing to do with boring or conservative. She dresses and behaves like a whore, which is why she's considered as such. I sure hope you don't mimic everything she does. I'd be concerned if you were my daughter but you're not...so carry on.
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 10:44 am Rihanna

@Anonymous 10:44 am Rihanna is making a statement and its an empowering one. Women are always being exploited by men and in the 20th century there has always been this double standard when it comes to how WOMEN are allowed to dress or behave. Rihanna is taking on those social mores by putting them on their heads. You sitting her JUDGING Rihanna and calling her names and this is EXACTLY the thing that Rihanna is speaking out against. In Europe there is not this uproar that is caused by nudity or the illusion of nudity. Rihanna is not EXPOSING herself her but she is giving the ILLUSION of that because a lot MORE is revealed than you might traditionally see on someone as FAMOUS and Accomplished as Rihanna. This sweater is making a statement against patriarchal domination and is reasserting the power of TRUE femininity. And you come off as VERY JEALOUS calling Rihanna a WHORE???? Really? I sorry if you are an ADULT you need serious help. Why is what Rihanna wearing having such an impact on YOU. And all of your attacks are paper thin and based in PURE jealously!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Little girl, this is my last

Little girl, this is my last comment to you. Dressing like that is not empowering. I am just making an observation based on everything that Rihanna puts out for the public to see. I have absolutely NO reason to be jealous of ANY woman. I've never had any reason to be. I actually think Rihanna is EXTREMELY hot, but she really needs to calm down. As a mother, I would hate to see my daughter carrying herself in that manner. Please don't ever mention someone needing help unless you're referring to yourself. You have a sick, unhealthy obsession with Rihanna. I suggest you seek professional help immediately.
Anonymous's picture

I don’t think a day goes by

I don’t think a day goes by where someone does not suggest that this girl seek help or take her meds. She won’t listen but just defends how sane she is.
Oh Rihanna's picture

I TRULY don't believe Rihanna

I TRULY don't believe Rihanna is looking as deep into wearing something like this as you are.
Anonymous's picture

So I guess you will walk

So I guess you will walk outside wearing that right? Everything is A OK when Rihanna wears something, but if someone else would have wore this YOU know you would have called them all kind of names. And another thing why is it that every time someone doesn't agree with something about Rihanna you call them jealous? That is not always the case.
Bri's picture

Speaking from someone who has

Speaking from someone who has many police men and women in their family. You cant wear a top like this in NY because you will get a charge of indecent exposure. This is a certain style in London but it is called Euro Trash Swag. Half the people look homeless with ripped clothes and holes in clothes, most of which is revealing in some aspect. To each is own
Oh Rihanna's picture

@ BRI. People are always

@ BRI. People are always QUICK to JUDGE Rihanna and that is a mistake they make. Rihanna is being IRONIC and she is challenging the patriarchal view of women. What is so wrong with seeing the outline of breasts? Is the WORLD going to STOP? NO! Why is Rihanna being called a "WHORE"? In Europe people don't attack women for embracing their bodies or sexuality. This shirt was made to give the illusions of being bare when it's not really bare at all. Yes, you can see an outline but you can't see everything. The Flash makes it more obvious but it's a powerful flash! Why is it that some people can't handle the beauty of the female form? Why are women calling Rihanna names like "Whore?" It's out of PURE JEALOUSY! Rihanna is 100% comfortable in her skin and in her sexuality and she has a boldness that is refreshing. Rihanna is just like Katy Perry who wore a similar top to the Chanel show. Women in America are repressed and Jealous and Rihanna is FREE and undaunted and people resent that level of FREEDOM. I find Rihanna's look as refreshing has her MUSIC. There is nothing wrong with what she is doing and she is not doing it for attention. Rihanna has all the attention. Rihanna is just being herself and if you don't like it too bad for YOU. She is not going to stop being who she IS! #rihannanavy4life.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture


Happy Lady's picture

Lol... It's like driving a

Lol... It's like driving a nail in a brick wall with dat nut hun! Lolol
Anonymous's picture

trash, trash, trash and more

trash, trash, trash and more trash. You wore it, don't hide. You know what you were doing. This girl is so trashy. I mean c'mon, how do you expect to wear a mesh top with no bra and people not see your tits?
Anonymous's picture

Things I would do to Rihanna

Things I would do to Rihanna #homoshit
Lola's picture

U'd probably catch sumthing

U'd probably catch sumthing just standing next 2 her! Hehe
Clinic for u's picture

Nice tits Rih!yuuummmyyyy

Nice tits Rih!yuuummmyyyy
Anonymous's picture

she looks trashy from head to

she looks trashy from head to toe
Anonymous's picture


FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Yea a fearless HOOKER...

Yea a fearless HOOKER... Making her daily strolls! Tehe
Like Really?'s picture


Anonymous's picture

Like Really? Excuse me?

Like Really? Excuse me? "Hooker"??? You dound so DUMB. Rihanna is a GLOBAL STAR who makes FEARLESS CHOICES because she CAN! There is nothing wrong with what she has on. It's quite chic! People who attack her do so because they are JEALOUS! Rihanna makes BOLD fashion statements because she is FEARLESS. The hunam body is beautiful and Rihanna has a GREAT Body. This is very much a edgy look but she pulls it off! Why are people upset? I think it's because they can't do it. That is usually why people attack others.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

"Sound" so DUMB!

"Sound" so DUMB!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I have a beautiful body that

I have a beautiful body that is HUMAN not HUNAM like ri alien looking azz!...Lol Dumb arse....ps Furious wud be livid DAT u didn't spellcheck 1rst! Bahhaa
Anonymous's picture


lovinricb's picture

I really do not like to say

I really do not like to say bad things about people but she looks a mess. She will be another Whitney Houston ( not trying to speak ill of the dead), before the age of 30. The people around her needs to get her so help, clearly she is on something other than the funny cigarette. Also by my observation of her she is fighting a lot of demons in her life and it is clearly a losing battle. She needs to get it together because this is not cute at all.
Renee's picture

Dis BiSH done lost her rabbid

Dis BiSH done lost her rabbid arse mind! Woooo... I just can't 2 early dam u Ri•Ho• na na!
Club Ho's picture


SHE IS DISGUSTING !!!!>>>> SOOOO desperate .. this is sad no need for all exposure LOW CLASS SLUT !
Just Saying's picture

She really does look a mess.

She really does look a mess. I think she needs some good dick in her life to calm her down.
Anonymous's picture

Rihanna actually looks like a

Rihanna actually looks like a fool, and please dont anyone say im hating or she looks fly, she looks a mess the hair, the wardrobe and the uncouth nipple display...
Anonymous's picture

Haven't we seen this movie

Haven't we seen this movie already? lol...show us something new ybf!
SMH...why????????????'s picture

This is why no one will EVER

This is why no one will EVER take her seriously. Why cover yourself? You decided to walk out your hotel room like this, so wear it proudly! Lol! Tacky, classless and pathetic!
Defend her all you want RiNavy! 's picture

Ray J Speaks Out About

Ray J Speaks Out About Whitney Houston At Press Conference http://freshandsavvy.com/
Gamble's picture

Wow, what an attractive

Wow, what an attractive prostitue.
Anonymous's picture

Rih...Men like a lady in the

Rih...Men like a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets....C'mon.
GTFOH's picture

I really love Rihanna but I

I really love Rihanna but I don't get her sometimes. I don't why she feels the need to show her titties, although they're perfect. Was that really necessary? She is really seeking attention, which makes no sense, because she gets more than enough. That entire outfit is tragic, especially the Timbs.
Anonymous's picture

*don't know why*

*don't know why*
Anonymous's picture


AnonymousCharles's picture

Leave her ALONE !!!!!!!!!!

Leave her ALONE !!!!!!!!!! Rih Rih is going thru tuff times right now (she's the only aspiring actress in History to be Type-Cast as a HOOKER for every Movie Role)
Sunny D's picture

Karrueche somewhere sayin

Karrueche somewhere sayin this hoe tryna get my man attention.
Anonymous's picture

she came to my work place and

she came to my work place and everyone said she looks thin and stressed. Shes going through shit, she obviously aint the right frame of mind. I think she needs time out of the lime light
team honesty team chrissy's picture

I like Rih, but she obviosly

I like Rih, but she obviosly is doesnt realize she has YOUNG kids as fans and she's not setting an example.. she can be sexy, but not go overboard... this here??? OVERBOARD! She needs to stop this foolishness!
lovelyme's picture

Whhhhyyyyy???? You're

Whhhhyyyyy???? You're pretty, sexy, and we all know you march to your own beat but this is a big NO NO...not cute, not sexy - almost sad and pathetic... Get it together!
Sweet2daCore's picture

Nope!!! She does not need to

Nope!!! She does not need to do this to grab attention imo.
Ms. P's picture

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