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Chris Brown & Friends Hit Up The Beach + He Responds To His Critics Again!

Singer Chris Brown, his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and friends hit up Miami beach yesterday to enjoy some fun in the sun. Check out pics of Team Breezy acting silly on the beach and his twitter response to his critic, country singer, Miranda Lambert after the jump...

Fresh off his Grammy win, Chris Brown continued to celebrate at the beach with his girlfriend Karrueche and his friends yesterday.


Karrueche showed off her bikini bod and has said that she and Chris are happy and living together (in response to folks who think he is hooking up with Rihanna).


And Breezy was being silly with the cameras as usual.


At one point, a flock of seagulls tried to attack Chris and he got playful with them.

Chris and those boxers...


He even posed with fans.

But everyone is still not happy with Chris Brown or his Grammy win. Country singer Miranda Lambert continued to blast Chris at her recent concert. Never one to bite his tongue, Chris tweeted her saying:
"Using my name to get publicity? I love it! Perform your heart out!
Go buy @miranda_lambert album! So motivational and "PERFECT"!
Goodnight to all the people who live life and who aren't stuck in the past! TEAM BREEZY is my family! Positivity and blessings!

Oh Chris....

And "Life and Style" Weekly has reported that the full verison of Rihanna's highly anticipated interlude "Birthday Cake" Remix with Chris Brown will indeed drop next week. 

This should be interesting...


Photos via Zimbio/ FameFlynet Pictures




Love ALWAYS conquers hate...

Love ALWAYS conquers hate...
Love Jahh's picture

Team breezy miranda need to

Team breezy miranda need to be worried about her cheating ass husband
Anonymous's picture

Fight em with kindness <3333

Fight em with kindness <3333
Love Jahh's picture

Karachette seems like she's

Karachette seems like she's an opportunist. She doesn't mind Chris going to Rihanna's party and holding hands with her and canoodling because he flew her out to Miami the next day? Naaaa. Could never be me.
Anonymous's picture

exactly! she's not stupid,

exactly! she's not stupid, she just doesn't mind cause she's kept (paid).
Anonymous's picture

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Freshfab's picture

Its sad how Karate is pleased

Its sad how Karate is pleased with playing her role. Chile, it could never be me. My man ex girl is Rihanna, dubbed " most sexiest woman in the world " and everyday the blogs link them together? Im a very secure woman but shxt, I would be insecure, no lie.
Anonymous's picture

Only the two of them know

Only the two of them know what is going on in their relationship. Gossip sites linking him with Rih are just gossiping, just for ratings. A lot of the the stuff posted is inaccurate.
Anonymous's picture


Missy 's picture

I have nothing to worry

I have nothing to worry about. If my man needs to use a obsessed depressed crackhead for better placement so we can eat I'm all for it. Hope your life is good
Karate's picture

No amount of money should

No amount of money should replace your self-worth and respect. You have nothing to worry about but you pretty much admitted that you are a gold-digger. I'm sorry Karate but a real WOMAN does not allow her man to use any woman so that they may have a better life. It's a shame actually that Chris has to turn to Rihanna so that you & him can eat (as you put it) because he obviously can't turn to you, right?
GTFOHWTBS's picture

"oh chris?" This was waaayyyy

"oh chris?" This was waaayyyy better than his normal responses. I know he has to be irritated by ppl always using his name to get in the spotlight! Miranda trips me out because she is married to a man who consistently cheated on his wife. One sin is not greater than the other!!!
Anonymous's picture

well for once he did respond

well for once he did respond with a positive tone (sarcarsm). For his sake I would advise to ignore negative comments towards him OR a positive respond despise negativity.
mimo's picture

chris is still cute to

chris is still cute to me...but sometimes he looks a lil special ed. i hope him and rih rih get back together. 2 more years we shall see. hopefully they both have matured
LynnFromTheH's picture

i'm soo confused. guess rih

i'm soo confused. guess rih rih and chris aren't getting back together. anyways can't wait to hear the remix...should be interesting
chelly chelle's picture

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