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"Beyonce" Fan Uses BODY ART To Pay Tribute To The Diva

A "Beyonce" fan recently posted pics of his body art which serves as a tribute to the singer.  Come inside and read his explanation for the tattoo and decide if her went too far....

We told you earlier about the fan who loved Drake so much that she got his name inked on her forehead, now meet Colyn. 

Colyn loves Beyonce and has begun inking a series of tattoos on his body in tribute to the singer.  If  you are wondering why, he said, 

"What am doing is having a sleeve tattoo done to celebrate her achievements. So people are gonna hate the reason why I am having it done.

I am 27, and for the last 14 years I have followed Destiny’s Child. And then as the group split, I focused on Beyonce. So half of my life I have supported Beyonce.

When things have been extremely difficult for me, I always knew I can get lost in a world of her music. I have had the pleasure of meeting DC and Bey once on many occasions; and at the last ever DC gig in Vancouver Beyonce picked me from the audience and sang Cater 2 U to me.

The B Is from the 4 era and added a crown to it to make it King B. The bumble bee, as you can recognize, was on the Deja Vu single and was included for promotional use during the Sasha Fierce era. The signature is from the very first signed picture i got of her when Destiny’s Child were performing at Sheffield Arena on their Survivor tour. The Gramophone is to represent the 16 Grammys Beyonce has. The roman numeral is Beyonce’s birth date. 9-4-81 And i have just had done a Beyonce silhouette which is from the back page of the I Am…Sasha Fierce tour programme."


Ummm.....alrighty then.  Peep the pics below and decide is Colyn going to far.....

Photos via That Grape Juice






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