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Beyonce, Estelle, Serena Williams & Paula Patton Get FAB For Tory Burch

Let the good Fashion times roll.  Beyonce and others kept up the Fashion Week festivities last night after leaving Steve Stoute's uber fabulous NYC book release party hosted by Jay-Z & Vanity Fair.  Mrs. Knowles-Carter, Serena, Paula Patton, and more rolled to the Tory Burch flagship store opening.


We've got the pics inside...

Celebs stopped to pose in front of tons of flowers in the grand flagship store of Tory Burch last night.  Bey rocked a Michael Kors black maxi dress with dress with a leather top portion and cut out sides and back.  Gorgeous look. 

Estelle kept it cute in a deep yellow open blouse and black pants.

Serena Williams rocked a figure hugging little black dress and a leather jacket.


And Paula Patton rocked this cute Tory Burch white and tangerine shift dress with embellishments along the trim:

Very cute.  Fab looks all around.




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Anonymous's picture

i believe Beyonce is only

i believe Beyonce is only like 4 months pregnant so I don't know why people are saying she doesn't look pregnant, It's still early, it takes time and it's her first baby. So it will probably take longer for her to show. People used to say the same thing to me. It wasn't until I was about 6 months that people finally acknowledged the fact that yes, I actually was showing. Even when I was about 7 months I remember some lady asking me when my baby was due and when I said "in 2 months" she responded" well that must be a small baby because you should be bigger than that by now!".... (how rude especially since she was some random stranger). But by the time I was 8 months everyone was commenting on how HUGE I was. So everyone grows and shows at their own pace. And I had a perfectly healthy 8 pound baby boy. http://www.thatfabfashionista.blogspot.com
nunya's picture

Beyonce looks perfect! I love

Beyonce looks perfect! I love Estelle's pants. Paula Patton looks good as well.
Beautyisanopinion's picture

Lookin good Bey!!

Lookin good Bey!!
Naturally's picture

All that money and no one to

All that money and no one to fix that pitiful wig on Beyonce? And what a sad, fake smile. She seems so BORE-RIIIIING off stage.
Anonymous's picture

You're so right. All she has

You're so right. All she has is more money than she can spend in three lifetimes, a loving supportive family, beauty, a wonderful husband who treats her like a princess, talent, worldwide acclaim and a new baby to look forward to in a few months. Must be hard to fight back all those tears.
Twilightey's picture

it's the pointy chin coupled

it's the pointy chin coupled with that tree stump of a neck...bad combo
Anonymous's picture


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you make so many good and

you make so many good and valid points, but what's ur goal of telling us all this?...what would you have us do?
smartblackgirl's picture


BEY is WEARING BLACK STUPID PEOPLE who don't believe she's pregnant. What is the effect of black on anybody????????????? Thank you.
Anonymous's picture

beyonce wears leotards and

beyonce wears leotards and drawers on stage. clothes are camoflauge, especially when ur used to seeing so much of her skin exposed. you can def see the bump in pic #2 with the slight side angle. her stomach has never looked that big in all her years of singing, other areas sure, but not her stomach.
Anonymous's picture

Ok heres my question: Why the

Ok heres my question: Why the phuck should B lie about being pregnant when the bloggers have been doing it for years???? come on people think and stop the BS!!!!
sallyone's picture

Bey looks great; so does

Bey looks great; so does Paula. Everyone carries their baby differently; the prosthetic bump shyt is so reaching...LOL...green is not a good look ppl...
Anonymous's picture

That ho does not look

That ho does not look pregnant & I always thought she was boring but whatever excitement aka Sasha she had is gone. This trick is a has been and now becoming pregnant confirms her weave tossin p*ssy poppin neck snappin days are over......or maybe she will continue to do that since she was still doing it @ 3 months pregnant damn hoodrat.
Anonymous's picture

I didn't know that being

I didn't know that being pregnant should stop you from getting money? Her p-popping and weave tossing is her bread and butter...I'm sure she knows her limit....If she is so boring , why take time out of your exciting life to come on a blog and comment? Get it together boo...Jesus loves you too !
Anonymous's picture

STFU you idiot! Beyonce has

STFU you idiot! Beyonce has alled herself boring many times. Since you are a stan you should know that. So why are you getting your panties in a bunch over me calling her boring which she also stated numerous times. Thats why she said she came up with Sasha. Don't bring Jesus into this.....you are equally as lame. Jesus loves everyone including your dumb azz. Jump off a cliff will you!
Anonymous's picture

Some people are just so d**n

Some people are just so d**n ignorant...Well I should hope she does not look pregnant if this is her 1st one. What pregnant woman do you now who has a 9-month looking belly in the 1st trimester. @ anonymous...you need Jesus, Allah, Buddah or something
Anonymous's picture

All 4 look fabulous! Get it

All 4 look fabulous! Get it ladies!! Beyonce hon, where is that baby bump we say on the VMAs? <--- I may have to side-eye this one!
Anonymous's picture

I'm just here to say that

I'm just here to say that Serena got her weave in order. Hooray.
Philia's picture

My take is this. YES, she's

My take is this. YES, she's pregnant. However, all of those picts of them on vacay with the bikini are suspect. She looked fat and bloated everywhere (belly, face, and boobs). However, all of the other picts I have seen of her look like these--a barely-there belly, a slim face, and bigger boobs. If it weren't for her boobs getting bigger, I would be giving her the side-eye. I'm still not sure why she announced so early.
Anonymous's picture

Pregnancy is not a sickness

Pregnancy is not a sickness and it shouldn't be an inconvenience (unless you're on bedrest) I'm glad Bey is showing the world that women can still be sexy and do what they're comfortable doing while pregnant. As for the ignorance, it'll prob continue after the baby is born...I'm anxious to read the crazy things ppl will come up with then. It's so entertaining.
SwirlieCurlies's picture

Some of these folks on this

Some of these folks on this page are crazy!....or really immature. The damn girl is pregnant.find something else to talk about!...
#1 Bey Stan 's picture

I knew as soon as Beyonce

I knew as soon as Beyonce confirmed her pregnancy that some people would become self-proclaimed pregnancy police.
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Beyonce looks radiant and

Beyonce looks radiant and lovely.
WhiteLatina's picture

Paula Patton's pointy ass

Paula Patton's pointy ass chin bothers me.
Anonymous's picture

Rihanna has a Very Similar

Rihanna has a Very Similar POINTY ASS CHIN....what do u have to say about hers?
Anonymous 's picture

Matthew 12:36 But I say unto

Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Uhhhhh...this is

Uhhhhh...this is ENTERTAINMENT, so if you want "NEWS", here's the web address for more thought provoking NEWS --- CNN.COM
Anonymous's picture

Estelle looks like she's got

Estelle looks like she's got a Suntan.
Anonymous 's picture

What a lot of women need to

What a lot of women need to realize is that all do not carry the same way., Some women carry more in their breast as she is at the moment. I swear there r so many unreasonably judgmental people in this world.
TKO's picture

Amen! People over-analyze

Amen! People over-analyze EVERYTHING about this girl. Opinions are one thing but the way they go in on every little thing.....I hope they exhibit as much passion about things in their own lives...for real!!
Mocha1's picture

For Gods sake... The dress

For Gods sake... The dress Bey wore to the VMA's was a jersey dress... Meaning it hugs the body. Her bump was being hugged ny the mid section of the dress is why it looked mire pronounced. Get over it folks, the people that comes up with these ridiculous schemes are the ones behind them...
Love Jah's picture

Paula Patton is GORGEOUS!!

Paula Patton is GORGEOUS!!
Holly's picture

I really didn't start showing

I really didn't start showing until the end of my 6th month during my pregnancy. Everyone is different. Not all of us are fat cows. :)
QueenAleecia's picture

Nobody asked you anything

Nobody asked you anything about YOUR pregnancy. And if you look at her in these pics COMPARED TO the pics of her on the beach in her bikini, she DOESN'T look pregnant in these particular photos. People are just commenting on that...so what's the problem?
Anonymous's picture

You and whomever else

You and whomever else believes she doesn't look pregnant MUST be blind. Stevie Wonder can see that stomach, particularly in the photo of her taken from a side angle. The fact that she doesn't look *AS* pregnant when compared to photos of her in a bikini are because: a) She is wearing a gown that mostly COVERS her stomach, b) The gown she is wearing is black, which creates an illusion of the silhouette, and c) The gown is not form fitting! There is no problem on commenting on the obvious....but exercise common sense and allow logic to prevail!
OH OKAY's picture

Oh God, another idiot

Oh God, another idiot spouting off at the mouth. Uhhhh...like I said before, your precious Beyonce doesn't look pregnant in this picture. And obviously I'm not the only one or there wouldn't be other comments stating the same. I refuse to argue with stupidity, so moooooving on...
Anonymous's picture

Bitch Ima need you to hve

Bitch Ima need you to hve several seats ad shut the fuck up!!!! Plz n thank you. You sound like a functional iliterate!
Anonymous biatch and *what*'s picture

What does it mean to "hve

What does it mean to "hve several seats"? Is that ebonics? And, BTW, illiterate has 2 L's, dummy. Read a dictionary when you have a little spare time, so you can learn more than just 4 letter words to illustrate your point.
Anonymous's picture

And no one asked you to be a

And no one asked you to be a smart ass or rude, but yet you are displaying it
Anonymous's picture


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Anonymous's picture

Hey Beyonce...time for a new

Hey Beyonce...time for a new wig! That one's looking dirty, stringy and 'bout ready for file 13.
Enigma's picture

I just love that dress

I just love that dress Beyonce has on, she looks beautiful. Love her!
Iaintgonnalie's picture

She is not 3 months 3

She is not 3 months 3 pregant!!!!! she is about 41/2 or almost 5 months along. All that should matter is she have a healthy preganancy & baby!!!!!! I think & hope she has a girl :)
Anonymous's picture

I don't get it! Is Beyonce

I don't get it! Is Beyonce really pregnant? One minute there's a huge baby pump and next there's nothing... Oh well!
Shari's picture

I'ma a die hard Beyonce fan

I'ma a die hard Beyonce fan but i am questioning where that baby bump went. it seems that she's carrying a low belly which is why its not visible depending on the dress. 3 months you arent showing. she's probably at the end of 4 months thats the time your belly grows. thats funny that she wore that maternity maxi on her bday and didnt really have a belly but it gave the illusion of having one. but in the bikini her belly protrudes in her lower abdomen so we just need to give her more time. she's definitely pregnant fa sho! Congrats Bey! she just has a low belly and she's probably having a boy!
Anonymous's picture

It's a girrl!

It's a girrl!
Anonymous's picture

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