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PERFORMANCE FAB: Kelly Rowland Performs "Motivation" On "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"


Kelly Rowland stopped by "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to perform her hit "Motivation" last night and we have the video for you.

Wearing a cleavage baring suit and white bra top, Kelly Rowland got her fans motivated as she hit the stage of "The Tonight Show" with a live band to perform her hit "Motivation."  This was just the lastest stop among a stream of high profile appearances for Miss Kelly as she promotes her Here I Am disc.

Watch Kelly's performance of "Motivation" here: 






Anonymous's picture

It's O.k...If Thats What One

It's O.k...If Thats What One Likes...Smell U later..
The In-Scent Factory's picture

She seemed like she could not

She seemed like she could not sing the song. . . It was just poorly done.
goddess's picture

Kelly performance was Nice,

Kelly performance was Nice, she could have wore a different outfit, But her vocals was on Point! When stank aZZ Beyonce perform PPL act like it is so amazing, and her vocals sound like Alvin N the Chipmunks! Stop Hatin on Kelly! GoOOOOOOOOO KELLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY!
Anonymous's picture

Are you kidding she sounds

Are you kidding she sounds terrible!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I know! She was so off

I know! She was so off key--through out the song. But, does anyone know about good singing anymore. And that poor Jennifer Hudson. While her voice is strong, it is too something.
goddess's picture

The way ppl were talking I

The way ppl were talking I was expecting a truly horrible performance but it WASN'T! The music was louder than her so I do think the mic needed to be louder, but she hit the notes reasonably well. She sounded like she does on the album which is always a good start. She wasn't strong with the high notes but she was hitting them. I think ppl are being overly critical, especially since she actually has a pretty voice unlike other popular artists who can't sing and ppl seem to love to give props to by placing more value on style over substance. I think her nerves got the best of her. This isn't Europe or BET where she's comfortable and already has a fan base. This was a big deal for her place in American entertainment. The audience seemed enthusiastic about it. That's what matters.
Bmore's picture

this was a terrible mess!!

this was a terrible mess!! love the song, hate the performance.
Anonymous's picture

I think she did good here,

I think she did good here, however the song is so racy, it could have been a lot more slick, the outfit is very off, it's like a slutty gospel outfit, and I think she should so have gone for a racier outfit. I really think it's not easy to establish what Beyonce has, it's not just a tight, short dress and a wig, but Beyonce has presence, natural presence which Kelly just doesn't have. Better choreography would have really killed it. This performance was a C+
Mims's picture


NASEAN's picture

Like Kelly hate the

Like Kelly hate the performance.
Lucypearl#@!'s picture

i saw her on Jay Leno... lets

i saw her on Jay Leno... lets just say she looked WAY BETTER than she sounded! i was slightly embarrassed
2 pistols's picture

After watching this

After watching this performance now I see why Kelly's career was going down hill, she redeemed herself at the BET Awards but this recent performance right here should kill her singing career. Can you say #AWFUL to the 10th power...I was rooting for you...oh well
Anonymous's picture

Dang Kelly...is "Motivation"

Dang Kelly...is "Motivation" the only hit you have on your new album? Bring variety please...that song is getting old and ran in the dirt
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

I think she sounded great.

I think she sounded great. Get it Kelly.
Rihanna's Nails's picture

and who were u listening

and who were u listening to?...that was a mess
Anonymous's picture

Kelly can't sing. Plain and

Kelly can't sing. Plain and simple.
But_I'm_Clevah's picture

lmao me & my friend were

lmao me & my friend were trippin the other day listening to some old destinys child songs and we realized that the group should've just been called Beyonce bcuz..hell that's all you hear is Beyonce! Destinys child who?? Lol no I'm jk but Kelly Do sound a bit off here, not her best , but she did ok
Anonymous's picture

Sometimes you can get too

Sometimes you can get too excited and SOUND a HOT MESS!!! I LOVE Kelly, but this CERTAINLY was NOT her best performance...Can I get a re-play of the BET Awards performance?
Anonymous's picture

BET was lip sink... duh!!!

BET was lip sink... duh!!!
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce is somewhere

Beyonce is somewhere laughing...
Amanda 's picture

She sounded and looked good

She sounded and looked good to me \(^o^)/
Deleranza's picture

WOW she sounded a hot damn

WOW she sounded a hot damn mess. Now all that talk about how the other DC members didn't get a chance to shine that performance explains it. Kelly cannot sing. Period I'm glad she's getting her chance but we know Beyonce was the ONLY one with the voice.
Anonymous's picture

totally agree...kelly with

totally agree...kelly with the singing just take a seat with Michelle
Anonymous's picture

After watching her

After watching her performance I have to admit it wasn't the best. She is in desparate need of a vocal coach. She needs the guidance where that is concerned. She's looking hot , but her voice is what needs the attention. Hope someone sits her down and tells her that she needs to get i ttogether if she ever wants to step out of Beyonce's shadow.
Anonymous's picture

I looked at the performance

I looked at the performance OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Wow the vocals were hmm, I think she needed that hat again and just lip synch and call it a nite.
ms nay's picture

I didnt know the BET

I didnt know the BET performance was lip sung...smh
Anonymous's picture

Kelly looking good sounding

Kelly looking good sounding good and being the star that she has been held back from being all these years do your thing cuz the album is good ..work it man..all of the night and lay it on me are hitz !!!
25Ken's picture

No offense, I love Kelly but

No offense, I love Kelly but she is the most overhyped artist of 2011. People hopped on the "shine" bandwagon because they were whining "we're sick of Bey, Riri, blah blah blah". Besides Motivation and the Bet Awards, that's it. Her live performances since like this one have been subpar. The cd has good songs on it, but it's not like how it was hyped up to be. It's a mix of David Guetta crap and hit or miss r&b. Turn It Up, Motivation and Dat Chick are the best songs. I'm not lacking support for her, I'm being realistic. I own Kelly's first two cds, which were great and underrated. I was rooting for her then. I wanted to root for her now. But I'm not going to hype up mediocrity because of a weak backlash or compare her to any former DC members. People got too cocky with the shine talk and it's made her cocky with it. That's why the cd only sold 75,000 copies. Too much hype, lack of substance. Kelly's been in the game too long. She should get a better team, don't listen to hype and be herself like Simply Deep. I liked her better when she wasn't trying to be overtly sexy or follow trends.
Sherry's picture

She looked good.

She looked good.
INTS's picture

Kelly you must be doing your

Kelly you must be doing your thing cause the haters are going in. Love the CD. Work It Man and I'm so feeling me right now are my fav!
Team Kelly's picture

not hating... just being

not hating... just being honest. i think there is a difference. can you honestly say that her vocals were on point?
coolyounglou's picture

OMG!!! She can't sing that

OMG!!! She can't sing that bull shit??? She sound a hot muck'n fest!!! But she look fabu... BLACK MUSIC R&B/HipHop ARTIST TODAY ARE JUST SO FUCK'N LAZY. they don't invest enough into the art & it's a travesty
Anonymous's picture

Not a good look.... she's

Not a good look.... she's FLAT & SHARP. That's what happens when record execs don't have a clue & the artist invest in plastic surgery & botoxing. The real work fall by the waist side. WE SHOUD BOYCOT BLACK MUSIC & FORCE THE INDUSTRY IDIOTS TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES IN SINGERS (real ones)
Anonymous's picture

YesSir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But

YesSir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i'd still dig her out lovely... Yep
Anonymous's picture

you look beautiful (not sure

you look beautiful (not sure about the bra though and the wig sucked) but your singing was awful. Just sing over the track kel. get your (new) rihanna on. You don't have the live chops :-(
Annie's picture

I lovessss me some Ms. Kelly

I lovessss me some Ms. Kelly but this was WACK. I honestly dnt think she has all it takes to stand alone as a solo act. Great voice, she's very charismatic & I can tell she enjoys what she's doing. I'd say give her some more time solo and let her build on it, but this is album 2... great studio voice. And she's beautiful ;-) but I just wasn't feelin this..
umm's picture

Kelly, I love you but that

Kelly, I love you but that wig is killin me softly...Please for the love of all that is good and holy...get a new hair stylist..those bangs do nothing for you.
Anonymous's picture

Kelly is a studio singer

Kelly is a studio singer period. Its no wonder Matt had to use Beyonce to build DC. It has taken me years to realize that Bey is the strength of that group and there is nothing to the talents of Kelly, Michelle or leToya. I havent heard anything from LaTavia, so she gets a pass now. But, the others are just meant to be background singers or sales girls at the MAC counter in the mall. Kelly's performance at the BET Awards was lipsynched. She uses the dances, hair, hats, etc...as a crutch for not singing well when in fact she simply cant sing well. She needs to model to stay in the game. Like Whitney's last concert, if you cant bring it live we dont want it at all.
Anonymous's picture

HOLD UP! i would actually

HOLD UP! i would actually agree with you untill i saw the video......the music was louder than her, and she had no background singers for the parts that she skipped on.....dont try and break her down due to that because the same thing (cant sing and just lets dancers, hair, hats be her cruches) can be said for many and i do mean many mainstream singers including beyonce....i can name a couple of beyonce performances that just were not upto par and her stans would say its because of this and that and you know what....they would be right because the next performance she does was better. So give the girl a chance cus it aint like she is a cassie! lord knows i would break down and cry if she was.
XLUVS's picture

Disagree! It sounds like

Disagree! It sounds like everyone is speaking the truth towards this poor performance...that was pure awful. Maybe she loose some of the dance moves so she can show her vocal ability before she start trying to entertain...She's not on other high-skilled performers levels yet, so instead of trying to do what great entertainers are capable of doing she needs to chill and not do as much...AND I DEFINITELY CAN NOT RECALL A BEYONCE PERPORMANCE THAT WAS SIMILAR TO THAT OF KELLY'S. BEYONCE'S BAD PERFORMANCES ARE STILL GOOD...
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I actually think she has a

I actually think she has a very pretty voice, but she just doesn't have the power or charisma to sing lead. She is great for harmonies though. I said years ago that she needs to find another group and try to lead that, but I realize now that she couldn't do it. She is built for the background. As it turns out B was DC. The rest of them were replacable.
Mrs. Rance's picture

To a certain extent, you do

To a certain extent, you do have a point. Beyonce was Destiny's Child. Which is why I never understood why Matthew even bothered starting her out in a group. If he felt that Beyonce had that much start quality above the other girls, then what did he need them for to begin with? He should have just groomed Beyonce to be a solo act from the very start.
Anonymous's picture

Matthew needed a group

Matthew needed a group because groups were hot at the time so that he could eventually go single with Beyonce...Seems like it was all for her...wow
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

How bout this: Let everybody

How bout this: Let everybody do their thing! She's had a few albums but she's never had a chance to perform and back up her other albums this way....American audiences are impressed by very little. I agree with someone up there who said that she's been around for awhile but she's startin out like a new artist....she can sing. She needs to perform more often that'll happen! Practice makes perfect and also calma the nerves...geez
Anonymous's picture

We all know she's large and

We all know she's large and get mad love from people over in Europe. So, she's probably very comfortable with her European audience. She doesn't have a very strong fan base here, so it's almost like she's starting over. Plus, it doesn't help that she's constantly being compared to Beyonce. That's alot of pressure on a person, because it's not allowing them to be themselves. She realizes that people are watching her now to see what and how well she's going to do. So, she's probably nervous. If she keeps working on her vocals and breathing techniques, she will be just fine.
Anonymous's picture

That was not good, but I'll

That was not good, but I'll tell you what. I would pay my hard earned cash to go see her in concert just to see those dancers perform. I bought her horrible CD on the strength of her BET Awards performance not realizing that the dancers are the ones that made it hot. Kelly is not a solo artist. Point blank period.
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