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MAGAZINE FAB: Kelly Rowland Bares All For VIBE's August/September 2011 Juice Issue

We told you earlier about Kelly Rowland's revealing photos for her Here I Am disc, and now she's revealing even more of her body and about her life in the August/September 2011 issue of VIBE Magazine. Get highlights from her interview inside...

In the "Juice" issue of VIBE magazine, Kelly Rowland opens up for a revealing interview just in time for the release of her Here I Am album (in stores today). 

In the article she talked about her music career and the changes she has made, one of the biggest being the day she dumped Mathew Knowles as a manager. 

"I did, but I also felt like, 'Oh my God, what have I done?!' I stayed in the house for two days. I was sad. It was like a funeral. I had to deaden that situation in order to start fresh. That’s a very long time to have the same manager and the same label."

And when asked if she still speaks to Mr. Knowles she simply said, "... I respect him above anything."

She also talked about how she feels when being constantly compared to Beyonce.


"...I said in an interview recently, 'You know, if you guys would be a little bit more intelligent and ask me about myself we’ll have a much better interview.' You can’t want a story from me and keep asking me about the past."


She also commented on her good girl image and how people were shocked by the "sexy" subject matter of "Motivation."   

"Every woman knows what that feels like—hopefully. But everyone doesn’t expect Kelly to sing about it. This is true. But I just loved the song so much. And yes, I can relate to it. I came into my sexuality while I was recording this album. I can walk into a sex shop now and not worry about what people would say if they saw me in there."

Alright Miss Kelly!  You can read the full interview when the issue hits the stands on August 16.




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Anonymous's picture

Her hair is fake, her

Her hair is fake, her eyelashes are fake, her boobs are fake. I don't know why men (or women) would feel the need to seek out half naked photos of her. If they want to see what she has they can just walk down the aisle of any beauty supply store and purchase those items in bulk. Ugh...how about promoting something people would want to see or experience...like good vocals?!? I don't know...just a thought.
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boo's picture

The word "Motivation" just

The word "Motivation" just turned to desperation! Kelly is not on the same level as Beyonce nor Rihanna. She appeals to different audiences than both of those women. Kelly is not yet what is considered a "household name" outside of Destiny's Child, and I hope she soon realizes taking her clothes off will NOT make her one. She has been in the business long enough to know that "sex sells." If this is the route she wanted to take, maybe she should have done Playboy. At least then she would get more notice and attention than on the cover of VIBE. She does look embarrassed and exploited, and this saddens me. Kelly, we love your voice. The new "Here I Am......NAKED" look is not working. Still wishing her all the best! **Follow me @DJGuad90**
DJGuad90's picture

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Anonymous's picture

To all of yall sayinoh i'm

To all of yall sayinoh i'm not going to buy the album anymore cuz she sold her soul(posing nude), go suck a egg. Yall really need to get off the gas, if ur not gonna buy it now u was never gonna buy it. A true fan is a true fan. And for the record, she's not nekid, dummies well not 100% she's covered by titty patches cnad coochie patchesprolly the only thing shpwing is her ass she prolly was sending a subliminal message "KISS MY ASS" I am sooooooo happy for her steppin out of her shell and taking risks thats all apart of growing DUMB ASSES! And to the asshole who said why she gotta be naked, u just make sure u keep ur clothes on how about that. Busted up ass bitches always gotta knock the next person, with all these white people on mag covers bustin' it wide open. Hoes need to stop it. And then talkin bout they made her lighter, u hoes need to do sumtin different, bitch she at a photo shoot like really turn off the lights hahahahaha. Keri Hilson said it best, "jealousy is the ugliest trait"#UHOESGETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE
steffie's picture

Digusted! I was going to buy

Digusted! I was going to buy KR album, but now I'm not just because of this Vibe cover shoot. I don't believe in people selling their souls for album 1st week sales. Kelly was fine until she took her clothes off and the shoot looks terrible # BigFail #Next
ny-itgirl's picture

L I A R You were never going

L I A R You were never going to buy it anyway. Her real fans will buy it. She's human she's bound to make mistakes and feel pressure. But as her true fan i will support her and hope she makes better choices next time. Peace
Anonymous's picture

I don't care what you all

I don't care what you all say, there is TOO MUCH lighting on her to make her appear lighter than she she just ask Derek Blanks. Furthermore...WHY ARE OUR BLACK WOMEN ALWAYS FRIKKIN NAKED ON THESE COVERS..I mean damn, what are we being reduced to? What's left? Full frontal...crotch spreads? This isn't the only way to sell a mag...SMFH
Anonymous's picture

why does VIBE have so many

why does VIBE have so many chics naked on the cover? If they not naked they in sexually suggestive poses. Love her song but her last couple of albums were weak and thats why she did not do well. She had the fan base in place and all she had to do was put out good music and the public didnt like it. She does well overseas and I am glad she is putting out good music now.
Apple212's picture

She looks HOT, but I am sad

She looks HOT, but I am sad that she has to go to this route! You could tell she was trying to improve her image from the time she had a boob and nose job!
Anonymous's picture

Also-some people need to get

Also-some people need to get over this lighting thing. It has nothing to do with them not liking her skin tone or wanting to change it. Have you ever take a picture with a flash?? Its camera lighting against a white background. Get over it. Stop trying to shift your insecurities onto someone else.
Stacey's picture

I was one of the ones that

I was one of the ones that commented on the lighting and it has nothing to do with being insecure. You may be right about the camera lighting and the white background, but please do not think that just because people are commenting on it is because of some type of insecurity. If any black celeb is photographed in a magazine and their skin appears lighter, the majority of the time folks will say they are lightening their skin. Why, because it does happen. And let's not pretend that it doesn't.
Anonymous's picture

"Deaden"? Anyway, I must be

"Deaden"? Anyway, I must be the only person in the world that thinks "Motivation" is extremely overrated. Everything that Lil Wayne touches is not gold.
Stacey's picture

No you are not. I have been

No you are not. I have been saying it since day 1 that the only reason that song got as big as it did is because of Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has his stans too, just like Beyonce and Rhianna.
Anonymous's picture

Agreed. I feel like I'm the

Agreed. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who finds his voice annoying. He like a human weed wacker. And I'm not a hater I'm just not a fan. Why would I hate on someone who has all those tats on their face and 4 or 5 different baby mamas? I still like Kelly but to me the song is off. She has a great voice and I'm glad she is finally getting some of the spotlight for once. And I wish her the best in the future.
Anonymous's picture

kelly please put some clothes

kelly please put some clothes on i respected u. we dont need another rihanna
Anonymous's picture

Very sad.

Very sad.
Anonymous's picture

ugh! so now she's going the

ugh! so now she's going the ho route too? i can't...
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

It's a travesty that artist

It's a travesty that artist 2day feel as though they have to basically prostitute their selves just to sell records... from sex tapes to nudity. Other than Prince, U ain't NEVER seen Diana, Whitney H, Chaka K, Gladys N, Patty L or Anita B butt naked on some mag cover. So if they're do'n this now what the hell will they be do'n 10 years from now? Play'n with their private parts on mag covers? AND THEN WE WONDER WHY THE STATE OF THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS. I mean does ANYBODY CARE about the children anymore???
Anonymous's picture

I agree 100%

I agree 100%
Apple212's picture

OMGEEE. And just look at the

OMGEEE. And just look at the caption"Kelly finally goes bare" as if someone was waiting for this to happen. You it such a confirmation that i read porn in your comment because the other day i was thinking to myself what possesses 2 people to get it on record it and leak it out to the world, yes kim i'm looking at you! "scream make love to me", w/out blushing, while your mother sings along, married or not when did we become like this? watch any black and white comedy from the 50's and notice husband and wife were not allowed to sleep in the same bed on tv. I can lick my index finger wave it in the air and bet anyone that these tartlets are participating in secret "adult" films for the rich, videos that big cats, tycoons, card holders, members only are solely let in on. Kelly may not be at that level but need i mention the names of the candidates i know are in this? look at the way these girls carry their bodies and you ask yourself how do you look that loose and have had 3 boyfriends in your entire life, it aint possible! people are worried about her skin tone when clearly the lighting reads like a b***** caught in head lights with no clothes on. in the 1960's youth went out on a limb burning beatles records cause they got too cocky and defamed the name of The Lord. Today? role over and hop on the wagon. the spirit of sasha feirce is spreading like wild flower, Kelly is possessed and you can see it in her eyes!
Anonymous's picture

I had to comment twice to

I had to comment twice to add...this pic is terrible. I hope the ones inside are much better. I get she's supposed to be 'revealing', but why can't that mean vulnerable, laughing, why does it have to look like...revealing herself to be a porn star or whatever look she was going for. lol Good thing I like Kelly and she's done plenty of great covers, but she needs new people or something.
Twilightey's picture

It seems to me that the

It seems to me that the excerpts allowed to "leak" from Vibe were selected and designed to capitalize on the recent publicity regarding Mathew Knowles and Beyonce with their financial issues. I'll bet this is actually a very small part of the interview Kelly gave and that's a shame because I'm sure the rest of what she had to say was very interesting. Kelly should stop taking off her clothes. Yes it's wrong when people compare her to Beyonce but they always will and she can't 'outsex' Bey (ask Ciara and Keri Hilson) so she's got to find her own angle. Still hot, More on the sweeter side like Aaliyah or TLC were.
Twilightey's picture

Kelly: you are an extremely

Kelly: you are an extremely beautiful girl! However, I do not feel like you need to take off your clothes to sell records. This phase kind if makes me think of Brandy, she has such a good voice. Yet she was trying to be like everyone else and NOT herself! Be yourself and you will GO FAR! Kelly, I hope you realize sooner or later you can do BETTER!
TruStarr's picture

This reminded me of when

This reminded me of when Brandy was putting her album out and was face down ass up on the VIBE cover.
Apple212's picture

heard the album #hatedit

heard the album #hatedit

OMG Why is there so much hate

OMG Why is there so much hate going on about Kelly she looks great and her single motivation and the video is off the HOOK. Kelly is not doing any more nudity than Bey or Rhianna and I am a Rhi Rhi fan. But the truth is what it is. I have seen bey and Rhi pretty much totally nude and no one says anything especially about Bey. After all she is now in her 30"s married women. That is the FAT TRICK needs to put some clothes on with those horrible legs. I think a lot of these haters must be Bwack fans and are pissed because 4 flopped 4real. and Motivation was much higher on the charts that GRTHW BULL S***We all know Bwack has die hard stans that thinks she deserve to be 1st in everything. But Kelly Row single blow her druggie looking A** out of the water with motivation. I know it was not expected but it happened. And I been feeling like it was time for Kelly Row to shine. She's a beautiful women, nice slim shape, gorgeous skin and she has talent to. I been knew once she dropped Matty Knowles and got new management she would step her game up. Matty would have never allowed her to do motivation believe that. He never was a good marketing/manager to Kelly and that is why she was struggling@ the beginning it should now be obvious that it was a management issue with her in the past. Because she would not have been able to bring it like she has with this new joint. I purchased a few Cd's for me and my family to support Miss K Row and I do believe she has arrived and all of the hate and slack she is getting and has been getting since motivation was dropped proves it all. KELLY IS HERE BWACK GO AND HAVE SOME LIL CAMELS WITH YOUR OLD UGLY HUSBAND (LOL)
Truthbtold's picture

STFU and go crawl back up

STFU and go crawl back up Rihanna's ass where you came from. How can you complain about people hating on Kelly then proceed to do the same thing to Beyonce? Hypocritical much? LMAO And only a fool would believe Kelly Rowland is going to outsell Beyonce, flop or not. I wish Kelly well, but her fans need a damn reality check. She gets one hit, and people are already trying to put her over Beyonce. It's not going to happen. #TRUTH They are not on the same level. Still there is more than enough room for them both to do their thing.
Anonymous's picture

You must be delusional or

You must be delusional or insecure about yourself to say that Beyonce is fat and looks like a druggie. Maybe you're just a straight up hater so you will say anything you can think of to talk sh*t, even if it sounds absolutely ridiculous.
Anonymous's picture

Listened to Kelly's whole CD

Listened to Kelly's whole CD and it's pretty damn terrible. She should have not gone down this sex route because it puts her the same catergory as these struggling, lame, one-hit wonder artists. She's been around long enough to have some powerhouses behind her to produce some quality songs. As far as these naked picts. I don't see anything wrong with them other than the fact it's too soon. She's just now warming back up, so why she would reveal everything right now was not a good strategy IMO.
Anonymous 's picture

I also did not like her

I also did not like her album. I did not like any of her previous albums as well. She is talented but does not pick out good songs to put on her albums. She has a great voice but a bad ear.
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skjdfoiwe's picture

I don't think Kelly should've

I don't think Kelly should've gone this route with the promotion of her album and her image.....It's not her.
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roses's picture

Can't wait to get this album!

Can't wait to get this album! I just want to hear what she's been up to.....I have the others as well...Do the damn thing Kelly!
Anonymous's picture

KELLY you don't have to take

KELLY you don't have to take your clothes off to sell records....I believe that the our bodies are beautiful BUT not for everybody to see... the music sell it self if its that good
heisafool's picture

Be original, leave your

Be original, leave your clothes on and stop shopping the sexy put something in my mouth look..its been done a million times...just let your talent speak for itself. I
Anonymous's picture

Be original, leave your

Be original, leave your clothes on and stop shopping the sexy put something in my mouth look..its been done a million times...just let your talent speak for itself. I
Anonymous's picture

Be original, leave your

Be original, leave your clothes on and stop shopping the sexy put something in my mouth look..its been done a million times...just let your talent speak for itself.
Anonymous's picture

Be original, leave your

Be original, leave your clothes on and stop shopping the sexy put something in my mouth look..its been done a million times...just let your talent speak for itself.
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Aftyuf's picture

I don't know if its just the

I don't know if its just the lighting from the camera or if they lightened her skin like this on purpose, but this is not Kelly's natural skin tone. Sorry but I'm not feeling this cover at all. Aside from her skin being lightened (which I do not like) she looks as if she's just been caught getting out of the shower and had to hurry and cover herself up.
Anonymous's picture

White backgrounds and flash

White backgrounds and flash makes everyone look lighter than they are, bad photography in my opinion.
MY 2 cents's picture

Yes awful pose, lighting and

Yes awful pose, lighting and wig. And she looks like a horse. But she is a pretty lady, so this bad photography.
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

is Kelly this light skinned.

is Kelly this light skinned. I thought she was a brown mama
Anonymous's picture

GO HEAD KELLY! Do the darn

GO HEAD KELLY! Do the darn thing. When Beyonce or Rihanna get naked in some pics, folks want to call it chic or artistic! Puhleasse! Kelly aint doin no more or LESS then the next chic! I say do you and to he** with the haters!
Anonymous's picture

There are a bunch of fuckin

There are a bunch of fuckin hypocrites on this site. First off, let's start with Kelly ain't that damn light. But let a picture of Beyonce surface when she's kind of pale and niggas will swear up and down that she's bleaching and she wants to be white...when she is naturally a light woman! Or let's get on the fact that Kelly is always naked, but this is ok for her to do. However, on a Beyonce post, bitches get their panties twisted because Bey is damn near naked. How about all of the sexual moves Kelly was doing in her video, she was almost having sex! But people don't complain about that. Why? Someone answer this question for me PLEASE. I think alot of people have a problem with Beyonce because she's light and she's SOOO successful, but it's the total opposite with Kelly because she's dark...and hasn't been able to reach the same level of success as Bey. How about we start supporting BOTH of these women!
Anonymous's picture

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