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Beyonce Changes Baby Goal To 40, Dishes About Re-Living Wedding For Video

Beyonce re-lived her wedding--likely not exactly though--for all of us to see in her newest video for "Best Thing I Never Had."  And she dished about what it was like to relive that special day.  She also dropped a little nugget about dropping some babies.


Check it inside....

Access Hollywood was on the scene at Beyonce's video set.  And she dished about her new baby goal--which used to be 30--and why her wedding scenes in the new vid were a bit strange.  About the age she wants to start a family she says:

“Forty, that’s a good one.  Before I hit the age of 40, I’d love to have some children. I would love to direct, continue to learn videos and maybe by then a film, a short film… I love documentaries.

I just hope that I’m happy and into my children and well-adjusted and still making music, if that makes me happy at that time."

And about that wedding in her new video.  While Bey says it was less stressful than her REAL wedding to Jay-Z years ago, it was a bit more crazy.  The prom scene in the video she says was not real and she didn't even go to her own prom.  But when she put on her dark hair again she felt like she was transporting back to that time.

“It was a little strange.  And definitely when I walked down the aisle I was like, ‘This is kind of creepy — there’s some other man standing there!’

“It was an amazing Barachi dress that I saw in the window maybe a year ago when I was at the Grammys,” she told Access of the exquisite gown. It was just like a beautiful fantasy, so we called and they still had the dress.”

“It was really beautiful.  People were all really excited like it was really my wedding. My mother was even like, ‘Aww,’ and I was like, ‘Mom, it’s a video. This is not my dress. This is not the real wedding.’ But I think it’s just one of those moments that every woman kind of fantasizes and relives.”

The tiara she wore was actually a Lorraine Schwartz necklace her mom turned into a headpiece instead.  Check out the video above.

Bey & "Run The World (Girls)" was just been nominated for three MTV VMAs: Best Female Video, Best Choreography, and Best Cinematography.





ive said this before and ill

ive said this before and ill say it again...jay is gonna do a brad pitt on her beyaniston ass and it will be sooner than she thinks !! i dont think a woman should be PRESSURED to have a baby BUT at the same token she married **allegedly** this man and when you are married the husband is the head over the wife...she knew i think long ago that when she got with him she didnt want kids...i mean seriously theyve been together since what 2003?? and married idk 2 or 3 yrs already i think hes waited long enough...shes just being selfish and nly considering what SHE wants and not the happiness of her husband...what she wont do for her husband trust **regardless of looks or otherwise** with jays pockets another woman will than shell be either tryna hide/avoid the fact that her hubby has like her father had a child outside the marriage or he will just "divorce" her and impregnate another woman altogether...either way shell reap what shes sown...she clearly has no respect or consideration for the man she vowed before **whatever god they serve** to love cherish and OBEY....were talkn about ONE child noones saying go all octomom but sheesh...and as far as her worrying about losong her shae **sideeye** she im sure has her plastic surgeon who performed her first liposuction and nose jobs and breast implants on speed dial so whats the prob???
honeybunz's picture

Please its her life! why are

Please its her life! why are you so involved in what she do or doesn't do? I have been married for 5 years and have no children they will come when it is time for them to come. It is not for us to dictate when a couple will have children.
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Anonymous's picture

good thing jayz is the dude

good thing jayz is the dude cuz age aint a factor for them lol.
holla06's picture

I am 28 and I don't have

I am 28 and I don't have children yet either. I have a fiance but I don't see myself having children anytime soon either. Times are quite a bit different now. When you are career motivated and want more out of life than to pop out some kids and be a housewife what is the problem with that. That is her body, her genes, her life. If you want kids then so be it have them. She isn't obligated to any of us. I think people just want her to have kids so they can sell more papers and magazines and so we can be super voyeuristic into her life. So many of my friends love their kids and everything but they also know that there are a lot of things they CAN'T do now. Being a mom is another job and great responsibility. If you already have enough on your plate why even jump into that if you know you wouldn't the be best mom you could be to your potential. Leave her alone.
Anonymous's picture

You sound silly I am a artist

You sound silly I am a artist would just got signed to a major deal. I have a 4yr old and Im a college grad. If you want kids you can have them and be career motivated. You sound ignorant when you say just be a housewife. Some women are fine with being with there kids. Not a drive by mom who only cares about if she still has a hot career. If your friends can't do nothing its because they aren't motivated. Bums I swear!
Anonymous's picture

40 beY???!

40 beY???!
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Everyone loves to go on about

Everyone loves to go on about how she looks older than her stated age..and the clue is in her hair color. I thought for a second that prom scene was reall old footage, the blond is what ages her, not her looks in particular she looked like she did when she just came out with that dark color. she talks about that wedding like it was real, was she trying to extend her sentences or did she really have to say her mom was sobby and ble ble bleh it was acting bee. its like she can't divide the line between real life and her job.
anon's picture

I am not a big fan of

I am not a big fan of Beyonce, but she is absolutely beautiful. I think the reason so many people want her to get pregnant is so that she can gain tons of weight and not lose it. She really needs to stop answering questions about when she will have children. It is nobody's business.
Anonymous's picture

Bey is sooooo sweet! Bey and

Bey is sooooo sweet! Bey and Jay are my fav celeb couple!
Amanda's picture

Why are people pressuring

Why are people pressuring Beyonce to have kids??? I never heard anyone pressuring Mariah Carey, Whitney, or even Celine Dion (she just recently had a child/children, idk) Leave the girl alone!
Anonymous's picture

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slinn's picture

i really dnt care for her but

i really dnt care for her but kinda feel bad for Jay -Z he will be a old man ....i thought u want to grow with ur kids....shes being really selfish......smh she better get to having @ least one or he will baby mama someone...lol thn she will be crushed...lmao
key's picture

she said "I just hope that

she said "I just hope that I’m happy and into my children and well-adjusted and still making music, if that makes me happy at that time." if that makes her happy at the time.. music is her life so she says so why would it not make her happy????? feeling the effects of this not so great cd and scared of what the future holds.... im just asking bc she said it
can the stans let beyawnce rest 's picture

bych aint gone wait that

bych aint gone wait that long, she just bullshiting!
Anonymous's picture

what's wrong with having kids

what's wrong with having kids at 40? Obviously she is a career-driven woman who is just not ready to have a family as yet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some u females on here sound like jealous baby mommas who prolly had ur kids at 12-16. SMH! at u ppl. It's HER life...let HER live it!
blehh's picture

so basically she's waiting

so basically she's waiting till Jay-Z is too old to even get it up or even want kids...she don't want no ugly kids #point.blank.period
Anonymous's picture

With the "That's a good one"

With the "That's a good one" comment, I think she was responding to a rumor that the interviewer quoted bc she does say BEFORE I turn 40 I want to already have kids..
Anonymous's picture

It does not matter what this

It does not matter what this chick says it always sounds stupid and uneducated. Instead of taking some time to have some babies - maybe she should enroll in film school and obtain a degree. I think that it is really sad that her life is consumed with entertainment - she never got a chance to attend her own prom, Jay was probably her first boyfriend. What have the Knowles done to their child? There are issues behind the scenes that we know nothing about, but I see a woman who unlike her comment - is not "happy" rather unsure of herself, her future and her self-worth without the music industry. Granted, she is extremely talented, but her parents did not do a good job of instilling self confidence...instead they turned her into a "worker bee" and it shows....Truly sad.
Shani 's picture

You know that almost every

You know that almost every single statement u made in your comment was completely arbitrary? I cannot claim that beyonce is happy, but I'm much more inclined to say that she is than to say that she isn't because all she's ever said is that she's happy. I don't know; maybe u know her personally or something but if u don't and your just pretending that you know her life I suggest you stop pitying a woman who has seen and done more in her 30 years than most dream of experiencing throughout the entirety of her life. Also, beyonce may not be educated in the conventional way but she is a business woman who runs and controls a very successful brand & on top of that, the things that she has learned from going out and seeing the places that most only read about in books far outweigh the value of college IMO. Try considering what you view as facts and/or evidence before you decide to pity someone next time.
Anonymous's picture


blehh's picture

oh ok o.O

oh ok o.O
blehh's picture

Ugh, an old big lip camel

Ugh, an old big lip camel crawling on top of you between your legs at 50 with his gut even bigger trying to make a baby. Just the ugly site of that would stress out a pregnancy attempt.
Anonymous's picture

Really, 2011 and women are

Really, 2011 and women are still being primarily viewed as baby-making machines no matter what job they have they still need to be taking breaks to make babies. REALLY. A man is encouraged to stay climbing the ladder of success with no breaks until he reaches the top, but a women must take a pause from her ladder climbing and drop some babies, and shame on her if she doesn't raise it herself, then man can drop the seed and keep on working towards his goal but that darn women procreate. THIS COUNTRY HERE BOY I TELL YOU, no more free and liberal than the next country when it comes to what women should be doing for men. Cooking, cleaning, catering to their ego and making babies. Marc Anthony tricked J-Lo into that foolishness, Tom Cruise tricked Katie Holmes, hope Beyonce don't get screwed like that.
Anonymous's picture

oh please! there's nothing

oh please! there's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to wait to have children. however, it is unfair to drag a man along for the "i want to wait until i'm a geriatric to have kids" campaign. he always talks about wanting kids and i'm sure she knew that when she accepted his proposal. making him wait until his 50 is selfish, if ever, is selfish on her part. she has enough money and the type of career that affords her more than enough time off to give the man a child.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

aww poor jay. i like bey, but

aww poor jay. i like bey, but she's being selfish. maybe she doesn't want his babies because she's afraid of how the child will look and its pretty easy to tell how shallow and stuck on themselves the knowles are. i wonder if jay regrets putting a ring on such a selfish woman. he's going to have one foot in the grave by the time she gives him a child, if ever! he needs to find himself a side piece that isn't so self absorbed so he can enjoy fatherhood while he's still young.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture


INTRUSIVE ASS MEDIA get out that girls fallopian tube, she better stop entertaining that personal invasion of her eggs and tell media not to worry the f*ck about what she do. Seems like she doesn't want kids (her right) and saying 40 seems like she's hoping for her eggs to be expired so she don't have to bother with it.
Anonymous's picture

Gurrrl your eggs will be

Gurrrl your eggs will be scrambled, sunny side UP!!!! by the time you get ready. Hope you got them on ICE and Jay's sperm in a Flask cause he'll probably be shooting blanks by then. #one
Cameragirl's picture


GLAMOUR's picture

I hate that women in public

I hate that women in public life get raked over the coals about this kind of stuff. She is enjoying success in her professional life, but every time we have an article about her people have to pile in to tell her to sit down somewhere and "have some babies". Really? Come on people. She's not even 30 years old yet. Let the woman live.
whatever's picture

Bey should stop giving ages

Bey should stop giving ages and just say that she'll have kids whenever God allows her to. Honestly, it's really no one's business and I don't think she's helping herself by being so specific with when.
GLAMOUR's picture

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aniowa1's picture

it'sher life let her live

it'sher life let her live it, shes a career woman and she might not want children, even though i know her mom arms are loning to hold a bundle of joy from bey and jay. and really and truly she's so big i kind of want her to have some babies too, it just seems the thing to do i know one thing if bey have a baby she will be happier than shes ever been in her entire life. BUT LIKE SOME ONE commented why BRING A CHILD INTO THIS EVIL, HATEFUL WICKED WORLD, THATS DEEP AND VERY TRUE.
Anonymous's picture

Why are you people making a

Why are you people making a big deal about when she will have a baby???? She will have a child when God is ready for it not when we are!!!!!! and I doubt she will have a baby when she is 40. for all we know she could be pregant right now!!!!!
Anonymous's picture


critic from frisco's picture

I think she is truely not

I think she is truely not ready to be bed ridden out of shape...fat and pregnant....barefoot for the world to see...She dont want the stretch marks...and responsibility of a child at this time....she is into herself and her career and I DONT blame her....she has the RIGHT to be selfish at her age and this day and time...I wouldnt be pressed to bring a baby into this horrible ass world we live in....However, it would suck if she waited that late and couldnt produce...or she proably cant produce now..she might be one of them women that cant have kids!!!
Anonymous's picture

some of you people are

some of you people are crazy....People have kids when the time is right for them...To the people saying Jay-Z will be to older hell look at her father he has one and he is in his late 50 or early 60's....stop riding King B dick.

Beyonce don't wanna mess up

Beyonce don't wanna mess up that shape, PERIOD
anonymous's picture

Look people need to have kids

Look people need to have kids WHEN THEY ARE READY, there are too many people today with kids that don't have no business with them, look at Casey Anthony, I mean people don't take having kids seriously enough, yeah their cute, but they are a BIG responsibility, and now in this day in age where women have to work just as hard as men or even harder, and this damn economy, children are being neglected and not treated and taken care of the way they should, because their parents are always at work or just have too many children they don't know what to do, now I know Beyonce wouldn't have this sort of issue but I mean its good that she is waiting till she is ready
anonymous's picture

who cares, ask her about her

who cares, ask her about her little brother or better yet why is daddy suing her husband...
Anonymous's picture

Forty? Boy, Jay-Z will be

Forty? Boy, Jay-Z will be about 52 at that point. That's kind of old to start a family. Well, that's their business.
Happy Lady's picture

What she is really saying is

What she is really saying is that she does not intend on having Jay's babies!! Stay tooned...
Insider's picture

I said the SAME thing!

I said the SAME thing!
Anonymous's picture

She is really naive if she

She is really naive if she thinks the babies will just come when SHE is ready. Doesn't happen that way sometimes. Everything could be right and the baby still wont come.
Anonymous's picture

When You are a CONTROL FREAK

When You are a CONTROL FREAK and and a virgo who already has a controlling nature than you believe that things will happen on your time and because she is Beyonce and can pay to have exactly what she wants out of lifeit prolly will happen that way. She will prolly schedule her pregnancy down to the wire. Enduce her labor according to a day and time that she wants it and all. She will prolly even implant the sex of the child that she wants just to get exactly what she thinks is the perfect child.
RealSpeak's picture

Not everyone wants/should

Not everyone wants/should have kids. Kids need lots of love, guidance, and time. Shouts out to Momma's babies!lol
Lucypearl#@!'s picture

I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people are so up in arms about this woman's personal choice when it comes to having kids when there are normal, everyday successful (corporate) women who will tell you flat out that they don't want to have children AT ALL. It's HER body and HER relationship with HER husband that will be most affected by this, whether it be for the good or the bad....
Lost In Paradise's picture

THANK YOU!!!! That is her

THANK YOU!!!! That is her PERSONAL business. All I need is good music. The end.
Grown Woman's picture



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