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NFL Star Kerry Rhodes And Actress Sharon Leal Get HOT For "MONARCH" Magazine's Summer 2011 Issue

Arizona Cardinals Safety Kerry Rhodes and actress Sharon Leal star in MONARCH Magazine's "Summer Travel Excursion" magazine spread and we've got the fab pics for you inside....

In the 2011 issue of MONARCH Magazine, Kerry Rhodes, a recent inductee into the Kentucky Chapter of the NFL's Hall of Fame, stars with "Hellcats" actress Sharon Leal in the mag's summer travel issue.   



Dude is nice and sexy...


Great shots of the duo in this spread.  Hmmm...Sharon's a new divorcee and she and Kerry look mighty cute together.  We hear Kerry's dating someone but it's nothing too serious....

The issue hits magazine racks this week.


Photos via MONARCH Magazine



This coon cannot stand black

This coon cannot stand black women so why is he on here?
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You guys are all

You guys are all idiots....she is dating choreographer Paul Becker
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Kerry doesn't do sistahs so

Kerry doesn't do sistahs so need should not be on here and does not need our support. Especially since this is YBF and caters to black women.
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@Anonymous re:10:04 am

@Anonymous re:10:04 am -- "Kerry doesn't do sistahs so need should not be on here and does not need our support" Show us the receipts/Where's YOUR proof..?? You offer us nothing but rumor and asinine speculation! ..But the inescapable, incontrovertible fact remains: SHARON LEAL IS MARRIED TO A WHITE MAN, and is THUS unworthy of "our support": any that pertains to black men.. (we might add "Halle-scary bitter-Berry", Melanie Fiona, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, Santee Gold (sp?)..etc..etc..) Lófaszt! Nehogy már! Te vagy a Blade, Blade Runner!
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He doesn't along with T.O.,

He doesn't along with T.O., Darren Sharper, Ochocinco, Darnel Dockett. That is why I can't understand black women stroking their egos and they don't even like us. I don't care what they look like or do. No thanks. Go let the others rally you on.
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Let me repeat (since it was

Let me repeat (since it was brought-up by someone else - NOT I..) SHARON LEAL IS MARRIED TO A WHITE MAN..!!! (he's a rock/grunge musician of some sort!) Couldn't they find a BLACK WOMAN who likes black men, or at the very least, one that is married to a "man of color"? (again, for max effect..) SHARON LEAL IS MARRIED TO A WHITE MAN - which makes THESE pictures...classless, fraudulent, condescending and disingenuous! On EVERY level, BECAUSE SHARON LEAL IS USED, these pictures are an insult to black men! From a black man's perspective: "A Reagan Gomez-Preston" would have been a FAR-BETTER choice (than Sharon Leal): 1.)She's married to a "man of color"! 2.)She's better looking! 3.)She's better known/more recognizable/more camera presence! X,Y,"and Z"- OUT..!!
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You are an ignorant person

You are an ignorant person who should rediscover hat it means to be classy. Aperson who is with someone out of their race is CLASSLESS? they should put you somewhere with the rest of the racists in the world and help you remember what it was like when Blacks had no rights at all. You are a disgrace to the human race speaking like that. People are People. It is your exact mindset that sets us back thousands of years. Travel, Read, get a CLUE!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

She always carries herself

She always carries herself with a lot of class.
INTS's picture

@Anonymous re: 6:22 pm - Jun

@Anonymous re: 6:22 pm - Jun 30, '11 -- "He's really cute. If he ends up with a white woman I'm going to scream!" (On a related note, since it was brought up..) Sharon Leal is married to a WHITE MAN..!! So do Black men now have permission to 'rant', 'throw shade', 'hurl disapproving consternation' or.."scream"..?? X,Y,"and Z"
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

What a beautiful

What a beautiful couple.Sharon is simply FAB.
Anonymous's picture

For the record

For the record ladies..... Kerry's NOT gay! I could give you a list of women he's drilled but we're connected and his puplicist would fuck me up! I will say that he's a very secure dude who does not discriminate against people, in addition to being very generous in the community. He has gay acquaintances in the industry who come to his parties and have introduced him to many of his beautiful lady friendz! Industry gayz usually entourage with VERY BEAUTIFUL women! You do the math!
Anonymous Insider's picture

You just wasted your time

You just wasted your time with that. Who cares who the man sleeps with a night? I and the other people commenting (you likely included as well) are not sleeping with him so it doesn't matter one way or the other. He's eye candy and that's all that should matter.
NothingButTheTruth's picture

@NothingButTheTruth re:7:11

@NothingButTheTruth re:7:11 am - Jul 1, '11 -- "You just wasted your time with that." <--- No she didn't! Speak for yourself! And it DOES matter "who he's sleeping with" (alluding to the sexuality question)! It's part of the fantasy. I DID NOT say, hint-at, nor suggest we question his sexuality. I'm sure THOSE folks are just serious malcontents and haters; but "WE", the "discretionary spending-consumer", are allowed our likes and/or dislikes; it's OUR right(s) as consumers! ..That said.. Dude looks good and is a sharp dresser. I'm happy to see black men portrayed in such a light..!! ...'Kinda SICK (and embarrassed) of seeing those saggy jeans and baseball caps turned sideways/backwards..!!!! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

Exactly, Ma'am...it's a

Exactly, Ma'am...it's a fantasy. Therefore, one's comment(s) are NOT doing to deter you in anyway from conjuring up whatever personal fantasy you may have (Unless you're particularly weak minded or easily influenced). But I would say you as the "discretionary spending customer" should be a lilttle more skeptical of others' baseless opinions anyway. There is no need to defend his sexuality. In regular terms..."Chile please" As always...I give you "NothingButTheTruth"
NothingButTheTruth's picture


(Meh.. Condescension..) @Nothingbuttheturth re:9:11 am --- "be a lilttle more skeptical of others' baseless opinions anyway" An "opinion" can't be "baseless". You're NOT stating fact, you're only voicing....an "opinion". "There is no need to defend his sexuality" AGREED..!! DUDE IS A SHARP, CLASSY DRESSER! I'm NOT sure how his "sexuality" got figured into the equation! (guess SOME are "sniping from the sidelines," and are just "blood-soaked misandrists..!!") ..That said, when we see "Halle-scary bitter-Berry" parading about on her, 'then-called-paparazzi' Photo Ops with her white baby daddy, who is a "model" (let's NOT "morality filter" that industry, I'm sure Halle would NOT approve) not a word is then whispered in doubt nor question! But for some sick, twisted ill-fitting reason, a black man isn't allowed to enjoy HIS wealth! And have no doubt/make NO mistake, Kerry Rhodes IS A YOUNG MULTI-MILLIONAIRE! (JMHO, he'd have made more of an..."impact", and then been more "believable" if he'd had used "A Reagan Gomez-Preston" She LOVES her men of color(married one she did), we CAN'T say the same 'bout Sharon Leal, now can we? NEGATORY, My Dear Watson..) X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

Now you're off on a complete

Now you're off on a complete tangent... I'm done with you. I've lowered my standards enough.
NothingButTheTruth's picture


the captain's picture

I cannot believe Sharon is

I cannot believe Sharon is almost 40, she doesn't look a day over 25 in these pics. Stunning! Overall, a great spread.
Mabel's picture

They both look really good

They both look really good together in these pics. Love me some Kerry Rhodes too!
Anonymous's picture

He's really cute. If he ends

He's really cute. If he ends up with a white woman I'm going to scream!
Anonymous's picture

I like this spread. He is

I like this spread. He is FIONE and she seems like a nice chic.
legend99's picture


AMBRIELLE's picture


LOVE ME SOME KERRY RHODES...just YUMMY! Sharon is very pretty toO...NICE PICS.
KimCake's picture

Really like them both in this

Really like them both in this spread. Kerry is a very attractive guy and he's done a lot here in Arizona for the community. Congrats Kerry!
Cin's picture

Black women SWEAR that every

Black women SWEAR that every man is gay and a whore. SMH
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most them are and on the DL!

most them are and on the DL! That how i treat niggas! mutha fcks are homo's these days! protect you all sons! And you stupid fckn broads need to look for signs when niggas asking u to play with they ass and fckn them with strap ons and shit!
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Most of them are? So you've

Most of them are? So you've met most of the black men in the United States? Or better yet, in the world? Girl, BYE! If those are the types of men you attract - the ones who ask you to play with their asses and perform anal sex on them - maybe you need to take a closer look at yourself!
LNP's picture

These are some really nice

These are some really nice pictures! Kerry is so cute to me.
Jaelle's picture

Black Americans are so

Black Americans are so exhausting!! I do not know of other black women who are so suspicious of you lot! If the man is not gay he is corny (Nick Cannon) or a loser (%0). What exactly do you want? You then scream fire when they go off with women of other races. You are all very very very annoying!
Errors galore....'s picture

Before you judge other

Before you judge other people, dumb ASS, you need to learn how to write in a way that is grammatically correct and learn how to speak also. Because 'know-it-alls' like you really don't know ANYTHING, and you speak in the same ignorant way that you write. I am one intelligent and accomplished Black American woman who knows what she wants in a man. I have EVERY right to protect myself from diseases. So yes I will question a man who seems to be gay, that could put me at risk for STD's. I will not tolerate a man that I am not compatible with just to say I have one; that's not calling him corny its not settling. People like YOU are corny and annoying because you talk nonsense and BULLSHIT about what you don't know. If you don't like black American women--which I think is a mask for the fact that you don't understand us, then stay off of our websites. This very site was established by an intelligent black woman, yet you call us annoying. Your narrow-minded ass has SOME nerve!
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Well said! BRAVO!

Well said! BRAVO!
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Well well, look what we have

Well well, look what we have here - a supposed educated woman, who knows nothing but name calling. Well let me stoop to your level, because something tells me if I go into 'intelligent mode', I will lose you. First of all, the question was what do you want? Wait...I forgot to throw in a 'dumbass' in there...but in keeping with the spirit I shall go on to address your rant, dumbass (hahahah it sounds melodic already) Ok on to more serious issues aka your emotional rant. Your vehement and unwarranted push back speaks volumes on the fact that YOU were perhaps lured in by a DL man. Surely any woman who claims to be intelligent will know that just because one DL man misled them, that does not mean all men are neither on the DL nor will they cheat - just by virtue of being a man. You rant is neither here nor there because I did not say that women should not question their actions when endevouring to to venture out with a man or indeed another woman. I simply said what do you want?!? In your behest to tell us of your hurt, you totally lost all sense of reason and dispayed that you were not an accomplished black woman. If you were, you could have at least attended one logic class. You certainly would have learnt about fallacies. I am prepared to admit my error is saying "Black American women....", I should have said "Most Black American woman..." and that would have eliminated the intelligent black women of America. Ok back to the issue at hand, now as for thinking you are protecting yourself from a disease by slandering another being is a DUMBASS move. You really believe that only gay men carry diseases? You are freaking out of touch with reality and this is where I will call you an asshole for even attempting to undermine my smarts while you shake your weak little wrist protesting YOUR RIGHT TO CALL THIS MAN THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW FROM A POUND OF RICE "GAY". Ha!!! You have got to be kidding me! Diseases are transmitted by ANYONE! Even birds know that! If you are an intelligent woman and you have not grasped this, then you are a lost cause! For the last time, because something tells me one should repeat stuff with you - my point was STOP calling people out as gay - especially if you do not know that to be true. That is just being a dumbass, DUMBASS. As for the rest of your rant, what does Natasha blogging about some gossip have to do with smarts? Even Sandra Rose does it, even I do it. It's not rocket science. Sorry PS If there are errors, garmmatical or otherwise, deal with them
Errors galore...'s picture

@Errors Galore: You are as

@Errors Galore: You are as ignorant as they come. Reading your ridiculous comments only justifies your stupidity. The only one ranting nonsense is you. A desperate attempt to save face from Chocolate Diva, who read you very well. You should have just left it at that. Instead, your slurring reply proved you to be far less educated and intelligent than she. You sounds like a stupid teenage girl who actually believes what she's writing is intelligent. You are clearly the Dumb Ass for even responding in this manner. Furthermore, your rant made no sense whatsoever and danced all around the issue and what Chacolate Diva actually said. I agree with her...... And people like you piss me off by insulting our Black Women. Like you're so damn smart! FYI and FACT..... Black American Women are the most POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL Black Women on the planet. Oprah, Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Tyra Banks, Serena Williams, Beyonce, and the list goes on. These so called annoying Black Women are the most celebrated on Earth and their successes can only be dreamed about by Non-American Black Women. My recommendation is...... Stay in the boring ass UK, or wherever you're from. Stay off our web-sites insulting us Black Americans, yet wanting to be like us. I don't mind name calling when people ask for it. One American Black Man's perspective.
Umari's picture

if they are that good (black

if they are that good (black american women), why are MOST OF YOU escaping from them to put rings on non black american women fingers??? At least the others blacks communities men wife their own kind.DO YOU????
Anonymous's picture

if they are that good (black

if they are that good (black american women), why are MOST OF YOU escaping from them to put rings on non black american women fingers???
Anonymous's picture

I'm a black amercican and I

I'm a black amercican and I agree with you.
Anonymous's picture

Really beautiful and smooth

Really beautiful and smooth spread! Congrats on the Hall of Fame honor to Mr. Rhodes...he is a sweet guy.
SexyG's picture

Nice pics and they do look

Nice pics and they do look good together.....But on a serious note, why are black men often disrespected and called gay or suspect on all black rumor websites when their is no evidence or true facts. PLEASE STFU and get a life!
Moni's picture

well isnt he handsome... she

well isnt he handsome... she looks great as well.
ooooimTELLIN's picture

All sorts of fine!

All sorts of fine!
Sticky's picture

Kerry triggers my gaydar as

Kerry triggers my gaydar as well. I think he was dating Tyler Perry if I'm not mistaken. He's super sweet.
Cynthia Michelle's picture

tyler perry? lol cmon why

tyler perry? lol cmon why does when a very good looking man looks well hes gay! grow up!
Anonymous's picture

I agree... I triggered my

I agree... I triggered my gaydar too
Anonymous's picture

he's bi. My cousin (who is an

he's bi. My cousin (who is an NFL commentator) told me a couple years back. He's a cutie tho....Oh wells!
beautifulstranger's picture

Oh lorsh is every man that

Oh lorsh is every man that looks good on Gay-watch??? And so what if he is? Not our business. Nice photo shoot.
Anjon's picture

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